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The Yaroslavl oculists have developed the first-ever mobile laser complex

It is the first-ever mobile installation for sight correction, informs the government of Yaroslavl region. Developed jaroslavtsami the laser weighs only six kgs whereas its predecessor was heavier on 42 kgs. Accordingly, all new hardware complex - 85 kgs became easier. The nearest Japanese analogue weighs 750 kgs, American - 600.

Besides, working out has turned out extremely power effective: 300 watt against 5 watt habitual for such systems suffices device.

But the most important thing consists that it gives the chance more shchadjashche to carry out operations. In a new laser complex the unique technique is applied, allowing not to burn, and to evaporate the damaged fabric, receiving the purest result.

According to one of developers of installation of Alexander Tihova, for reception of ultra-violet energy not gas, as in the previous systems, and a crystal of an artificial pomegranate here is used. Very stable energy with its good distribution in a bunch as a result turns out. That is the new technology does characteristics of the device by stabler, and consequently - stabler and clinical result.

experts of the Yaroslavl clinic of laser microsurgery of an eye are engaged in Working out, introduction and manufacture of laser iatrotechnics since 1998. Then the project on creation of the first domestic eksimernogo the scanning laser for eye microsurgery has been started. Over it the institute of microsurgery of an eye of Svjatoslava Fedorova, the centre of physical instrument making of Institute of the general physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and jaroslavtsy worked. During this period in Russia such lasers simply did not exist.

Then there was exclusively a project - the laser Olympus - 2000 . Having understood that the Japanese system bought for 800 thousand of dollars, works at all so well as it has been written in fair brochures (with its help, for example, it was impossible to treat astigmatizm and gipermetropiju), the Yaroslavl ophthalmologists have decided to develop such system which it will treat all. Also have developed. In 2003 after all technical and clinical state tests jaroslavtsy have received the registration certificate of Ministry of Health and the conformity certificate, having proved that in the field of ophthalmology it is time to be respectful to domestic workings out.

the New device - the Olympus - 2000/ 213 - has earned more recently and now is in a mode of technical tests. According to the developers, the technology used here is applicable not only in ophthalmology, but also in gynecology, treatment lor - diseases, neurosurgery and even in aviation and electronic industry.

And according to the governor of region Sergey Vahrukova, manufacture of modern complexes for ophthalmologic operations can become   the centre of the competence within the limits of Yaroslavl klastera pharmaceutical industry and modern innovative medicine.