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After a road accident series in Bryansk operation " started; the Pedestrian

To preventive operation the Pedestrian which started in the Bryansk region after several road tragedies, the police intends to involve the population most part.

As informs regional UGIBDD, for 9 months 344 road accidents with participation of pedestrians are made - 46 persons were lost and 318 are injured. Especially sharply in comparison with last year the number brought down on " has grown; zebras - 58 incidents in which three persons were lost and 57 have got wounds. Only in October it is registered six arrivals.

In carrying out of the action which will last until further notice, employees of traffic police will draw duty in the strengthened variant, without days off. Additional forces are involved in operation, in two - three times the density of police squads is increased. Employees UMVD will draw duty in the most emergency places and during the most dangerous time. As a matter of fact, scale audit of all road economy will be spent, the information on which results will send to the authorities. Routes of patrol and posts will approach to schools and kindergartens. In educational institutions will pass thematic employment by traffic safety rules. Efficiency of preventive maintenance will be daily estimated by special working group. The police has urged all inhabitants of area to promote operation the Pedestrian and actions Safety rules - life rules .