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The rope-walker hardly has not broken at transition through the Moskva River

Attempt to pass Moskva River on rope without insurance on height of 50 metres has undertaken on Thursday the well-known Swiss equilibrist Freddi Nok. Hundreds Muscovites and ten journalists have gathered in the cool evening on a mooring at the Andreevsky bridge to look at a unique trick performed by the well-known rope-walker who has subdued in this year seven tops of Germany, Austria and Switzerland within the limits of own project 7 records for 7 days . The Moscow extreme show has been dated for opening of V World festival of circus art.

Four times of Freddi Nok rose on a rope. During the first attempts it was possible to it to pass only 10 - 20 metres, then the circus actor came back back.

the Moscow weather, and also that organizers have appointed performance of the actor on very later and a night-time became the failure Reason.

Problem in that from - for a projector which is directed on me, I almost do not see a cable. Besides, above very strong wind. But the most important thing - a rope caves in under me – explained subsequently to journalists of Nok.

to Look Olesya Kurpjaevoj`s photo report

the Fourth attempt hardly has not ended with tragedy. A rope have pulled more strongly. Practically in full darkness the acrobat has made some steps, and the cable has broken. The rope-walker has rejected on a crane arrow, and the balance weight has got to the Swiss to the right temple. Noka have quickly removed from height, it has not received serious traumas.

Tricks of other participants of representation in park Bitter have ended more successfully. Sisters Sejranjan from America have shown number which is not done more by anybody in the world - have together climbed in a box in the size 61 on 61 centimetre.

It not unique exclusive number in our execution. Today to us it was very difficult, as at such low temperature we executed this trick for the first time - have told to journalists of sister Sejranjan.

V World festival of circus art this year is devoted memory of the prince of Monaco by Rene III who has based 37 years ago the most prestigious in the world the international circus festival in Monte - Karlo. From September, 30th till October, 2nd on Small sports arena in Luzniki the best numbers actors from Russia will present, the USA, China, to Italy, Finland, Germany, Ukraine and other countries.