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For the first time products of Eldzhernona Blekvuda

are in Russian published For the first time the collection of products of the well-known English writer, including stories and the world famous novel " is in Russian published; the Centaur which is remarkable that its plan has appeared at the author during travel on the south of Russia and caucasus.

Blekvudu has dropped out to live during an epoch when miracles of gaining in strength technical progress, yet have not lost the novelty. It wandered much, the blessing steamships and steam locomotives already allowed to overcome the big distances quickly. Comprehended fashionable at that time mystical doctrines. Worked as the reporter of the criminal chronicle - interviewed at sentenced to death. Was the scout - the illegal immigrant during the First World War and the hero of the first aether of English television in 1936.

Kniga Blekvuda left in a series Grimuar in which publishing house an Enigma Has already let out a number of products of carefully selected cult authors, such as Gustav Majrink, Brem the Stoker, Howard Lavkraft, Zhoris Gjuismans. Each volume of a series is supplied by comments and explanatory articles. So, for example, under one cover with Drakuloj the Stoker have appeared both modern researches, and historical evidences of the Russian diplomat and even a poem Austrian minnezingera Michael Behajma, the contemporary cruel gospodarja Walachia.

series Registration - too important article. All illustrations, bukvitsy, vignettes, endings and prompts in a collection Grimuar the original. Them draws - a feather and ink! - graphic artist Dmitry Vorontsov.