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The film union brings an attention to the question on legitimacy Oscar committee

On Monday morning the Film union intends to spend a press - conference. Recent loud scandal round promotion on the award " became an occasion to it; Oscar a film the Citadel .

As it is known, in the ranks of most Oscar committee there was a split: its chairman, Oscar winner Vladimir Menshov has refused to sign the committee decision, and it was necessary to send the put forward film to Hollywood without its visa. The conflict has bared an important problem: nobody can explain plainly who and in compliance with what criteria has created this committee. Quite dear people, authoritative directors enter into it, but the secret of occurrence of committee from it is not becomes clearer. After our cinema which has happened some master have expressed conviction that created in such private forcible image Oscar The committee cannot represent the cinema public, it is illegitimate.

Director Andrey Konchalovsky in a number of interview and radio performances has declared that, in its opinion, the committee should include representatives of all cinema professional guilds, and also representatives of both Film academies Nika and the Gold eagle and both creative unions - the Film union and the Union of cinematographers. It was supported by many colleagues.

As the member of presidium of the Film union director Alexey Popogrebsky has informed in telephone conversation with an observer, on a press - conferences the Film union assumes to finish the offers on principles on which the organisation and activity Russian " further should be based to the general data; the Oscar commission . Among initiators of this action such masters, as Andrey Smirnov, Valery Todorovsky, Vitaly Mansky, Andrey Proshkin.

Having learnt about the conflict round promotion on Oscar the Russian film, the American film academy named happened unprecedented. Conflicts such outgrow our internal disputes and should affect reputation both the Russian cinema, and Russia. Therefore so it is important to result promotion procedure on the most prestigious award of the world in conformity with the law and common sense.