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Communists have a ten candidates for premieres

We have officially offered for discussion to our opponents the list, naming 70 surnames of possible members of the government at our congress, but we will discuss concrete nominees only after December, 4th - the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov on a press - conferences in Moscow has declared yesterday.

a creation Theme shadow an oppositional office in Communist Party have lifted even before pre-election congress, but thus left are very careful in the statements for the one who could take command positions of the speaker of the State Duma and the prime minister. With the applicant for a post of the president all is clear, Gennady Zyuganov even officially admitted in the spring this intention, and here promotion of any other member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on similar positions forces many to remember times when the Duma was headed by Gennady Seleznev in party. Like communists would be and it is quite good at red The speaker, but in party instantly it began to be formed dvoetsentrie which in Communist Party of the Russian Federation after split in 2004 to be afraid more than fire. Therefore, as tortured Zyuganov on teledebates on Thursday evening or on Friday morning on a press - conferences, it skilfully maneuvered between questions: the ready prime minister, Ivan Melnikov Here sits, I can such name ten persons. But I the supporter of other approach, I consider that the country needs extremely the left-centrist government where there will be people with a wide experience, knowledge, wisdom, ability to strong-willed decisions of problems and they should understand that such the left moods and as much as possible to consider them (Ivan Melnikov - the first vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, whose positions in party name insufficiently strong a year three though vitse - the speaker or the first vice-president its these gossips have not deprived of a post, probably because it categorically denies suspicions in liderskih ambitions, - a comment) .

However, it not all ideas about red the cabinet. So, the deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Oleg Smolin, representing at conference the party program for pensioners (its essence consists in increase of pension payments and preservation of all social gains of the Soviet period) has added: We demand division minzdravsotsrazvitija on two ministries - public health services and social development .

next week communists are going to present the program on fight against corruption. We will remind that besides a pre-election platform at them on development of various branches and, judging by a management spirit, till December, 4th it is necessary to learn 12 more programs about all.