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In Cuba have resolved purchase and sale of cars

Soon for inhabitants of Cuba cars at last - that will turn from luxury to means of transportation. The island authorities have cancelled an interdiction for free purchase and sale of cars.

head of the state Raul Castro declared plans of carrying out of reform in April at the sixth congress of Communist party of Cuba. Since then simple inhabitants of the country looked forward it. After all till now freely it was possible to buy and sell only the cars which were in the country before revolution, that is till 1959. Doctors and other experts also could buy the cars made in the former countries of the socialist block, but could not sell them.

Now as the official newspaper of the Cuban Ministry of Justice writes, property cession of rights on vehicles by means of purchase or donation can be carried out without the special permission . This article of the law extends both on citizens of Cuba, and on foreigners with the right to time or constant residing to island. However, the size of a motor car park to non-residents of Cuba limited two cars. Cost of vehicles will be defined in Cuban pesos. Transactions will need to be assured at the notary.

However, first it is necessary to Cubans, basically, to be content with the second-hand goods. New car those who gets wages in convertible peso or currency for performance " can get only; the functions appointed the state, or in its interests . And that - only under the permission of the ministry of transport. It will be possible to receive it time in five years. Import the car to the country also sportsmen, doctors and the art workers working abroad - for example, in Venezuela can.

the Authorities hope that it will push some thousand compatriots to homecoming. On the other hand, to leave island, and it usually do about 38 thousand persons a year, too it will be easier. Now before emigration can sell or transfer the car relatives. In this case at first it will be necessary to hand over the car to the transport ministry. The new owner can receive the car only after payment of taxes.

to Take out vehicles from the country on - former it is impossible. So tourists can not worry: a symbol of Cuba, old American cars, one thousand times altered and turned to the present product of engineering art, anywhere from island will not get to. Unless for them will create a special museum.

Some Cubans interrogated by news agency France Press, did not hide the pleasure from - for interdiction removals. 40 - summer jeweller Anhel Garcia, the owner broken the Muscovite for a long time already dreams to sell it, and on the obtained money to buy something brand new. Now it had such possibility. Also the musician on pension of Lazaro Gonsales not less was delighted. He is going to buy to the Harmony at the sister living in Chile. Reform of the automobile market - one of three hundred Rauls Castros conceived by the government of measures for actualisations the Cuban economy and its conclusion from crisis. By the present moment to inhabitants of island have already allowed to lodge in hotels, to use mobile phones and freely to travel. Besides, variety of economic transformations - expansion of individual work and business, tax reform, reduction razdutyh states of state enterprises is spent. In the near future liberalisation of the market of purchase and sale of habitation is planned.