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Radio Culture leaves a popular aether

So, we say goodbye and to radio Culture : since October, 3rd its announcement is transferred to a range of VHF which became for a long time similarity of a communal grave - modern receivers do not hear it.

Culture in a popular aether has existed 7 years. the Russian newspaper in 2004 actively supported its creation and watched a birth radio what thinking person - as without air " is in any developed country and without which;.

With support of the press the commission on distribution of radio frequencies then has preferred the project Cultures to five its commercial competitors. In April 2004 - go general director GTRK Culture Alexander Ponomarev in interview has expressed confidence that radio Culture as the speaker of the first necessity, becomes All-Russia: The air possesses a high-quality binaural sound and can inform masterpieces musically - theatrical creativity to all corners of the country. Radio should not only reflect cultural processes in Russia, but also influence them, our interlocutor has been convinced, promising on air not only an art announcement, but also discussions, radio clubs. It was a question of radio theatre revival, about a reconstruction of the lost radio trades.

In some days, celebrating a birth of new radio, reminded: There was time when performances Big and MHATa, the Block poetry, Tchaikovsky music were the core a format our radio stations. Them gave alternately with propaganda transfers, but gave generously and kvalifitsirovanno: in the country there were magnificent masters of radio direction, there was a radio theatre, there were skills to transfer and listen to good music. But in 90 - h the classics from an aether has disappeared - to nouveau riches it seemed commercially unprofitable. The radio theatre has died. Tens commercial stations similar against each other drive a pop-music, at times qualitative, but more often shamefully worthless .

the Cultural information for very many people is not less actual and zahvatyvajushcha, than the information political, socially - economic or sports, - the editor-in-chief of that time " spoke; Cultures Anatoly Golubovsky. - Moreover as the sociologist, I know that the culture makes the main interest for the potential spectator or the listener even if it does not give itself(himself) in it the report .

Plans began to be realised. There were radio performances, musical programs of Artema Vargaftika, Timur Kibirov and Anatoly Makarova`s literary programs, poetic evenings of Alla Demidovoj, at the initiative of radio " used popularity; Culture has written down the radio version of the book My adult childhood Lyudmila Gurchenko. But frequency in scarce FM - a range was too a tidbit that upon it did not begin to attempt. Existence of such radio strongly annoyed someone - the culture in the opinion of many became a subject of inadmissible luxury.

And rapid development of a network of transmitters Cultures has stopped, then the radio station began to lose an announcement in country cities, in 2008 - m on its frequency in Petersburg without the prevention any information radio ran, and in the end of September 2011 - go it became known that radio Culture it is translated on VHF. On telephone inquiry in VGTRK to us have told that it the internal decision the companies also that comments to it will not be.

Thus, a long-term siege Cultures has come to the end with its actual defeat. Our question to management VGTRK is connected even not so much with this concrete radio station, how many with the humiliated position of culture in all state broadcasting structure: why the culture in a zone of attacks and whether will repeat all time, according to the logic of a tendency, destiny of a radio channel the channel television.

And a main point: why the destiny of culture in the country at all of us is solved by people, judging by their acts, culture not only alien, but also to it hostile is more often?