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Kousejru: the Locomotive has conceded Anderlehtu from - for unsuccessful games in defence

Last of the Russian clubs in Euro cups played capital the Locomotive . Railwaymen have on the home field lost to the main competitor on group L - Belgian Anderlehtu . After a match instructors of both clubs of a distance exhaustive comments to the Russian and Belgian journalists.

the First - the centre was included into a press the trainer of visitors - Ariel Jakobs - accompanied by two translators and a press - the attache the Locomotive .

- Today we were resisted by very strong contender, - it has begun. - nevertheless, I am very grateful to the football players that they could achieve so significant victory for us in this uneasy match. We have typed six points from six possible is a good reserve for an exit from group, but I am assured that The locomotive still will prevail and will impose struggle even for an exit from the first place.

without waiting, when Jakobs will finish speaking, the Belgian journalists begin the real interrogation. But it, apparently, delivers to the helmsman Anderlehta unique pleasure - in next twenty minutes he has in detail told about how the command prepared for a match with the Locomotive why from the right flank they waited for special threat, has compared Euro cups to the national championship and has told about main thing problems the martyr commands - Olivier Deshahta. Reporters set some questions in German, the press - atashe translated into French then there was a second transfer - in Russian.

When the hand came nearer to figure 11, to a press - the attache the Locomotive the unique phrase from the Russian journalists, sounding, as last request before execution has started to reach: Please, tell that it was last question! . There was an impression that Jakobs will speak at least till midnight.

At last, interrogation the Belgian colleagues has come to the end, and the helmsman has very soon entered into a hall railwaymen Jose Kousejru. Simultaneously with it a press - the centre has become empty approximately on third - the Belgian colleagues have, seemingly, exploited not only Jakobsa, but also from themselves at the same time, and have left a hall.

translation into German is necessary to Somebody? - on a question a press - the attache the Locomotive an affirmative reply has not sounded. On what Kousejru gloomy and upset with defeat, having turned to the translator, having smiled, has told: Today the working day at you is ended, I congratulate .

- When - that we should lose, - he has told, having switched to audience a press - the centre. - but I did not think that it will turn out how today. Yes, we have admitted many errors in defence, for as have paid. However we supervised a course of all game. It seems, we have agreed about game 11 on 11 - judges have been obliged to put a penalty and to delete the goalkeeper after a foul on Majkone, and also should include Sychev`s pure goal. 11 against 14 is a game in unequal structures. Yes, apparently, I have not mentioned two arbitrators who were behind collars …

Dmitry Sychev who left in a starting lineup and has missed at once of some scoring chances, Kousejru was protected very much from criticism of journalists throughout all by a press - conferences. The emotional Portuguese came back to this theme even when conversation at all did not concern games of the forward.

- Unless one Sychev today has lost? - The trainer has with astonishment looked at the reporter. - all command, instead of one Dima has lost. Have lost, because in two moments have unsuccessfully played in defence. Or, can, Sychev is guilty what Gilerme did not leave in time gate and has passed the second ball?

Further excited Kousejru named variety of the problems which have captured its command lately: In spite of the fact that I consider Anderleht an excellent command, ourselves have brought this defeat. The match course was affected also also by a trauma of Ozdoeva. If so the situation with Sychev (the trainer remembers again a theme with attacking) I will pay your attention is interesting to you: we play the following match to Makhachkala with Anzhi . We do not have even 72 hours on restoration. It contradicts all rules. Players do not maintain such loadings, and Kajsedo with Sychev stay now not in the best physical form - it has finished.