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Rospotrebnadzor has strengthened control over meat from the USA

In connection with revealing of cases of infection of the beef forcemeat made in the USA, intestinal stick E. Coli, Rospotrebnadzor strengthens control over import on territory of the Russian Federation of meat production from the USA. On it it is informed today on an official site of Rospotrebnadzora.

Under the official information of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USA, firm Tyson FreshMeatsInc. withdraws about 60 tons of the beef forcemeat made at the enterprise in the city of Emporija, the State of Kansas. The response is connected with possible infection of given production with intestinal stick E. Coli - informs department.

In connection with the given situation Rospotrebnadzorom gives instructions to territorial bodies about strengthening of control over the meat production arriving from the USA. Also within the limits of functioning of the Customs union the given information is brought to the notice competent bodies of Byelorussia and Republic Kazakhstan, with the request to take adequate measures on a hit non-admission on the market of dangerous production - it is told in the message of Rospotrebnadzora extended today.

Cases of disease by the intestinal stick, connected with the use of the beef forcemeat, have been revealed in the middle of September. The quantity of the diseased is not specified. According to health services of the State of Ohio, presence E. Coli in forcemeat it has been confirmed laboratory on September, 27th.