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Moscow has presented the best projects on restoration of historical monuments

the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has opened in the Arena the first specialised exhibition Denkmal - Moscow - 2011 . In general this largest European exhibition on restoration, preservation of monuments and sanitation of historical structures. Its constant venue - German Leipzig, a city in which it is located 15 thousand historical monuments and all of them in a fine condition. This time German colleagues have decided to pass on baton to the Russian capital and   the eyes to see, how in Moscow are protected   also objects of a cultural heritage are restored.

As the head of department of a cultural heritage of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky, arrived in   has told to journalists; Moscow the representative German delegation has first of all gone to examine historical and cultural objects. One have visited Marfo - the Mariinsky monastery which is now restored, others have asked to show to them   houses of the Soviet avant-guard - Dom Narkomfina, Ginzburg`s House. And oberburgomist Leipzig   Burkhard Ship`s boys has visited the Bolshoi theatre.

- I in delight! - he has told at exhibition opening. - It is felt, real masters of the business there worked. I think that in Russia it is a lot of gold hands and this exhibition gives the chance to us to get acquainted and adopt with them a certain experience. At us too to eat than share with   the Moscow colleagues. After all our masters not only are engaged in restoration of historical buildings, but also have learnt to give them new sounding. The city becomes attractive to tourists only when in it is   architecture in which clever decisions are applied.

Welcoming in Moscow the colleague,   Sergey Sobjanin has underlined that the capital applies for a long time already new technologies in the field of restoration.

Moscow on the one hand - an ancient city, with another - modern, - the mayor has underlined. - and, on the one hand, we need to keep the heritage, with another, - to give the chance to a city to develop. It is necessary   always to adhere to this golden mean .

Sergey Sobjanin has reminded that this year authorities of the capital in times have reduced building of new objects in the centre. And further this tendency will proceed. but twice we have increased volume   reconstruction and restorations of historical and cultural monuments - Sobjanin has underlined. Also has added that it is very happy with that to this work   business was connected also.