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The decision of the Main state health officer of the Russian Federation from July, 12th, 2011 N 100 Moscow “ About statement GN 2. 2. 5. 2893 - 11 “ Maximum permissible levels (PDU) pollution of integuments by harmful substances “

It is registered in Ministry of Justice on September, 29th, 2011  
Registration N 21924

According to the Federal law from 30. 03. 1999 N 52 - FZ “ about sanitary - epidemiological well-being of the population “ (Meeting of the legislation of the Russian Federation, 1999, N 14, item 1650; 2002, N 1 (ch. I), item 2; 2003, N 2, item 167; N 27 (ch. I), item 2700; 2004, N 35, item 3607; 2005, N 19, item 1752; 2006, N 1, item 10; N 52 (ch. I), item 5498; 2007, N 1 (ch. I), item 21; N 1 (ch. I), item 29; N 27, item 3213; N 46, item 5554; N 49, item 6070; 2008, N 24, item 2801; N 29 (ch. I), item 3418; N 30 (ch. II), the item 3616; N 44, item 4984; N 52 (ch. I), item 6223; 2009, N 1, item 17; 2010, N 40, item 4969; 2011, N 1, item 6) and the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from 24. 07. 2000 N 554 “ About the Position statement about state sanitary - epidemiological service of the Russian Federation and Position about state sanitary - epidemiological rationing “ (Meeting of the legislation of the Russian Federation, 2000, N 31, item 3295; 2004, N 8, item 663; N 47, item 4666; 2005, N 39, item 3953) I decide :

to Confirm GN 2. 2. 5. 2893 - 11 “ Maximum permissible levels (PDU) pollution of integuments by harmful substances “ (appendix).


a comment red.: the decision is published in “ the Bulletin of statutory acts of federal enforcement authorities “ N 42, 17. 10. 2011.

the Appendix

Maximum permissible levels (PDU) pollution of integuments by harmful substances

  Hygienic specifications GN 2. 2. 5. 2893 - 11

I. General provisions and a scope

1. 1. Maximum permissible level (PDU) harmful substance on integuments - the hygienic specification used for control of the maintenance of harmful substances on all surface of a skin working (on occasion on a skin of hands), for working out and an estimation of efficiency of means of individual defence, and also preventive maintenance of an adverse effect of harmful substances on health of technological processes working by perfection, cars and the equipment.

PDU - quantity of harmful substance on a skin which at daily (except the days off) work during 8 ch and no more than 40 ch in a week, during the working experience should not cause diseases or deviations in a state of health, researches found out by modern methods, in the course of work or in the remote terms of life of the present and the subsequent generations. Influence of harmful substance at level PDU does not exclude infringement of a state of health at persons with hypersensibility.

1. 2. Names of substances are resulted in alphabetic order according to rules of the International union of theoretical and applied chemistry, IJUPAK (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC) and are provided by registration numbers Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) for simplification of identification of substances and search of the additional information on interesting substance in databases.

in the column “ PDU “ Sizes PDU - quantity of substance in milligrammes on 1 square centimetre of a surface of a skin (mg/ sm2) are resulted.

Along with sizes PDU the class of danger of substance is specified. On influence degree on a human body at receipt through a skin harmful substances are divided into four classes of danger: 1 - substances extremely dangerous, 2 - substances highly dangerous, 3 - substances moderately dangerous, 4 - substances maloopasnye.

substances Are noted, at work with which contact to a skin and respiratory organs should be excluded. For such substances of value PDU are not resulted, and the danger class is underlined only.

1. 3. PDU of some substances it is established in experiment for all surface of a skin and it is counted for 5 % of an integument that corresponds to a surface of a skin of brushes of hands of the person as in real working conditions of pollution of other sites of a skin working as these substances it is not revealed.

II. The list (PDU) pollution of integuments by harmful substances

the Note

*Βεωερςβΰ, at work with which should be completely excluded contact to a skin and respiratory organs at obligatory control of the maintenance in air of a working zone and on a skin the confirmed methods at level of a limit of detection not less than 0,001 mg/ μ3 and 0,001 mg/ sm2.
** PDU maintenances of harmful substances on a skin of hands working.
*** and - the substances, capable to cause allergic diseases under production conditions; To - carcinogens.