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The Pentagon asks special services to estimate losses from larceny of trade secrets

the Ministry of Defence of the USA has asked 16 special services of the country to establish losses from the leak of trade secrets occurring from - for breakings of foreign computer hackers which, by some estimations, is estimated hundreds billions dollars a year, newspaper Washington Times informs. Experts in computers, as she said, consider that hackers operate under the aegis of China, abducting huge volumes of the information of the companies in the field of defence, power and other spheres. Thereby the technologies, called to create workplaces and to give money in one country, do it absolutely in other country. Washington Times results opinion of experts that larceny of trading secrets represents threat of national safety. First of all, as the newspaper writes, considerable losses make fakes of production of the American companies.

According to the Ministry of Trade of the USA of 2004, these fakes manage to manufacturers of the USA in 20 - 24 billion dollars annually. As example Washington Times names Trojan kiber - attack code-named the Night dragon which has been undertaken against ten companies of the USA in petrochemical and gas branches in working hours of time zone of China.

in May, 2009 president Barack Obama has declared that the intellectual property on trillion dollars is annually abducted in the USA. However, as marks Washington Times, there are sceptics who doubt possibility really to estimate this problem.