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Valery Kichin: Tatyana Lioznova possessed death grip

It was already very much for a long time, where - that in 80 - h the last century. The union of cinematographers has sent small delegation of cinema-men to brotherly Uzbekistan. Two entered into it of steam of the popular actors, - three directors, including Tatyana Lioznova, and one critic - the journalist, that is I. At studio Uzbekfilm us accepted as dear visitors, fed plovom, carried in a local wonder - unique in the USSR a private semiunderground tavern, showed new films, there was their discussion.

There I also have got acquainted for the first time with Tatyana Mihajlovnoj - clever, laconic, charming, venomous, but behind all it felt surprisingly kind nature. I soon could be convinced of it.

Before flying away all of us have agreed to run on the local market - to buy the Uzbek food and something from souvenirs - pialy there any or clay burros with dragons. But the receiving party has firmly declared to us: any markets, it it is not necessary for you, at the Moscow airport of each of you gifts will wait.

Is not present so is not present. Lodge in the plane, have arrived to Moscow. We receive suitcases and with interest we wait, when on tapes the promised gifts will seem. As they say, a kickshaw - and it is pleasant.

the big package with a name of one of the well-known actresses Here creeps. Here another is, less, - on it a name of one of less well-known directors. All are pleasantly excited, though and hardly are offended by demonstrative social stratification of gifts. At last, the package with Tatyana Lioznovoj`s name has come average dimensions. I while is not present. Lioznovoj even it became interesting, and she was late personally to track, I will receive or I will not receive the gift. I wave a hand, I tell something in the sense that have gone already, there will be no package, not a star I actually that gifts to receive!

I Speak whenever possible cheerfully, but in a shower it is, of course, slightly insulting from such insidiousness: I after all also did not wait for gifts what rozhna to me have not allowed to run on the market!

When it became clear that the Uzbek our owners have distributed the gifts according to public weight of each visitor, and my weight on the Uzbek norms is almost equal to zero, here Tatyana Mihajlovna was indignant seriously. Already I should console and calm her. But she has not calmed down, while after long altercations and mutual kniksenov has not forced me to take from its package svertochek with red pialami. otbrykatsja it was not possible: director Lioznova possessed death grip, its glorified iron will bent and not such ninnies. And she has not reconciled, while I have not put pialy in the suitcase.

Such it had an aggravated sense of justice.

Here these already many years red pialy stand in a sideboard and remind of this case. And tea from them why - that turns out especially tasty.

Remarkable there was a person. And in big and small.  

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