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In business about failure on a submarine “ the Seal “ the justificatory verdict

since heavy state of emergency on submarine tests " is taken out Three years; the Seal “ it has appeared insufficiently to establish 20 persons of a delivery command guilty of  destruction.

this week in Pacific military court the sentence should be pronounced, and is already clear that it will be justificatory, concerning the commander of a nuclear-powered submarine Dmitry Lavrenteva and foreman Dmitry Grobova who were involved as the accused.

past Thursday the board of jurymen following the results of four-monthly hearings has taken out a verdict: are not guilty. Inspectors, public prosecutors and experts participating in business, probably, have appeared are not so convincing, as lawyers and representatives of public protection of defendants.

Here it is necessary to notice that sights of professionals at the reasons of tragical state of emergency considerably disperse. We will remind: on November, 8th, 2008 during nuclear-powered submarine trial runs “ Seal “ in sea of Japan was without a command (and the visible reasons) the special system pozharotushenija - the so-called SUCKER (boat it is volume - chemical) is involved. Without the emergency notification relying in such cases (revun and vocal commands on all ship) in submarine compartments poisonous gas - ognegasitel began to move automatically. During that moment onboard there were 208 persons - regular crew and factory experts. Twenty of them, without having had time to use individual defence means, were lost. 21 more members of team hospitalised with poisonings of various weight.

the Military Office of Public Prosecutor of Pacific fleet holding a consequence on this business, has brought accusation to the commander of a nuclear-powered submarine to Lavrentevu and trjumnomu to machinist Grobovu.

According to the logic of a consequence, before a boat exit on tests the commander has not provided properly training of members of the crew to work with the new equipment and to actions in emergencies. And on trjumnogo foreman Dmitry Grobova have laid direct blame for happened - ostensibly it, being on watch, has pressed those buttons that have put in action the poisonous SUCKER. During proceeding both figurants declared the full innocence, and Dmitry Grobov has flatly refused recognition of the fault earlier made and signed by it.

on September, 29th judicial debate has been finished, and already for the next day the board of jurymen has justified defendants. Public prosecutor Sergey Kolomiets has there and then let know that with a verdict does not agree and will appeal against against such judgement. Earlier representatives of military Office of Public Prosecutor repeatedly declared pressure upon jurymen which in all ways, including using mass-media, the protection party rendered. Lawyers and their assistants from the Union of submariners of Pacific fleet and action explained the position to that public prosecutors “ not there search guilty “.

And the chairman of the Vladivostok sea meeting vitse - an admiral in resignation Boris Prihodko in RIA interview - News has reminded and about that Dmitry Lavrentev, being since 2008 under a consequence, continued to order the submarine. And therefore, concludes vitse - an admiral, it is not necessary to follow vicious practice: if the commander during failure perishes - it posthumously award, has survived - prosecute.

In the meantime

this autumn of a nuclear-powered submarine “ the Seal “ officially accepted in structure of the Navy of Russia, it will be transferred in long-term rent of India. Now in the Far East come to the end priemo - transfer procedures. Allegedly, questions to technical readiness “ Seals “ at the Indian party is not present.