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the Nizhniy Novgorod market of broadband access (SHPD) in the Internet has entered a stage of sharp competitive struggle that inevitably leads to redistribution of shares between its participants. Under forecasts of experts, the next one and a half year fierce struggle for clients will proceed, however from a category of a price competition it completely will pass in sphere of connection of additional services and to segmentation of tariffs.
According to estimations IKS - Consulting, following the results of 2011 market SHPD volume in the Nizhniy Novgorod region in sector of physical persons has grown on 22 % in comparison with 2010 and has made 1,8 mlrd rbl. On the same of 22 % the user`s base of operators which totals now 520 thousand users has grown also. " Develop such rates the market at a formation stage can only, - leading analyst Comnews - research Marina Korobkova makes comments on a situation. - And at the given stage for the market the extensive way of development - at the expense of expansion of networks and increase in connections " is characteristic;. Words of the expert illustrate indicators " Vympelcom " (a brand " a Biline ") . In 2011 the user`s base of the operator has grown on 85 % in relation to 2010 at the expense of constant expansion of geographical presence. " last year the cover zone of network SHPD has increased almost by 40 % in Nizhni Novgorod, Dzerzhinsk and Sarov " - have told in the company. According to madam Korobkovoj while level of penetration of the Internet in the Nizhniy Novgorod region makes only 39 % and to operators is where to move. However when the monthly audience of the Internet in region will increase at least to similar indicators of Nizhni Novgorod (now level of penetration of the Internet in capital Privolzhja is estimated by experts at level of 63 %), operators should add to the arsenal new technologies in struggle for the subscriber.

by the way, the tendency to decrease in monthly rate of a gain of user`s base in region is already fixed by analysts. If earlier the number of clients at operators from a month by a month grew on 10-20 % now on the average this indicator increases only by 1-5 %. So, monthly client base of the Nizhniy Novgorod branch of Open Society " Rostelecom " according to the experts, grows on 1 %, " Ayr - a Telecom " - on 4 %, MTS - on 3-5 %. " the User`s base of "Rostelecom" now grows more slowly, than the market as a whole that gradually leads to decrease in a share of the operator in sphere of granting of services of connection to SHPD " - analyst IKS - Consulting Michael Bodjagin specifies. In spite of the fact that the Nizhniy Novgorod branch " Rostelecom " on which share, according to IKS - Consulting, 52 % of the market are necessary, on - former remains the largest player in region, since 2009 it has already conceded 23 % of the share to other players (in 2009 to the Nizhniy Novgorod branch " Rostelecom " according to experts, 75 % of the regional market) belonged. But since 2009 on 16,5 % the share " has grown; Ayr - a Telecom " - now the operator posesses 28 % of the market. Operators of the big three, in turn, have added slightly: a gain " Vympelcom " (a brand " a Biline ") MTS - 2 % (a market share - 7 %) (the central branch " is estimated in 1,5 % (now its share makes 8 %); the Megaphone " while renders fixed-line telephony services only to corporate clients). The remained share is divided among themselves by small operators.

the competition in the market is aggravated also by ward of new players. So, in 2009 on the retail market of the Nizhniy Novgorod region there was company TTK. Since that moment, according to the head of the block " Access " TTK - Nizhni Novgorod Vladimir Zajtseva­, the user`s base of the company has reached 40,5 thousand subscribers. According to TTK, today it grows on 5 % a month that corresponds to rates of increase of the market. Thus at federal level the management of the provider puts a problem by 2015 to occupy 15 % of Nizhniy Novgorod market SHPD.

Experts also specify that in 2011 in the Nizhniy Novgorod market SHPD indicator ARPU (an average monthly gain of telecommunication company counting on one subscriber) for the first time has ceased to decrease. According to IKS - Consulting, for today this indicator makes 315 rbl. minus the VAT. According to analysts it means that price struggle for clients gradually fades into the background, giving way tripleplay (granting to users on one cable of broadband access simultaneously three services - high speed access to the Internet, a cable television and telecommunication). " Operators start to compete basically additional options in package offers, - the analyst of independent analytical agency "Investment cafe" Ilya Rachenkov speaks. - However the basic income item of providers in the Nizhniy Novgorod region while on - former there is a service of connection SHPD. The various paid content yet does not give the big profit in comparison with the basic service ". " In the future operators expect to delay on themselves a blanket of user`s base of television, - Marina Korobkova agrees. - All understand that young men from 15 till 35 years can be translated easy in the Internet to a digital television ". Words of experts are confirmed also with providers. " in attraction of new clients we do an emphasis on quality of services and service in a combination to package offers favourable and convenient for the client. Package offers contain in various tariff variants the basic services - the Internet, interactive TV, a telephony " - the chief of department on communications with mass-media of the Nizhniy Novgorod branch of Open Society " speaks; Rostelecom " Ilya Shemjakin. " The package offers which have provided profitability and convenience of using by a TV set - services, are the driver of growth of user`s base, - the commercial director of Joint-Stock Company „Ayr - a Telecom holding“ in Nizhni Novgorod Xenia Drachuk confirms a tendency. - „The House. ru“ has started their the first in Russia in October, 2010. Now more than 80 % of new subscribers of the company are connected to packages - „2 in 1“ or „3 in 1“ ". " a Biline " also offers package deals in which speed of the Internet can reach 10 - ti Mbit / with day and 25 - ti Mbit / with a night, thus they include the limitless tariff of a house telephony with free calls on city numbers and on numbers " a Biline " the Nizhniy Novgorod region and 80 - 100 TV channels, including three HD the channel.

Besides, operators even more often began to use various bonus programs and discounts which stimulate clients to connect more services and options for smaller money. So, " Rostelecom " and " Ayr - a Telecom " suggest to double current speed of access to a network for certain surcharge. Also the companies among additional services offer the licence software and programs " parental control " closing access for children to undesirable the Internet - to resources. MTS stakes on the packages including both fixed, and a mobile telecommunication service. " in October of last year of MTS became the operator first in the Nizhniy Novgorod region who has offered the Nizhniy Novgorod subscribers konvergentnye bonus programs. So, under the program „20 % come back“ the subscriber, paying fixed-line telephony services, receives discounts for mobile communication services. The program „MTS the Bonus“, in turn, allows to use saved up for using mobile services points for payment of the fixed Internet and a cable television " - have informed in a press - company service.

By MTS estimations, in the near future konvergentnye services, dopservisy and options become the basic drivers of growth of the Russian telecommunication market, including in a fixed-line telephony segment. Meanwhile the analyst Ilya Rachenkov assumes that operators will concentrate on improvement of quality of services and will carry out transition of subscribers to more technological and at the same time more expensive ways of connection to the Internet. " in 2011 "Rostelecom" has started to give a telecommunication service on technology GPON (allows to spend a fibre-optical cable in apartment and to give a pass-band to 1 Gbit/. To this example also other operators, most likely, will follow, - the expert assumes. - thus, the liberated infrastructure xDSL, most likely, will be used at connection of subscribers in small cities and settlements ". According to Marina Korobkovoj, for deduction and attraction of new clients operators can pass to accurate segmentation of tariff plans: " it is not excluded that operators will start to show consideration for the clients and to make individual tariffs when technically begins possible to study Internet audience in details. For example, there can be student fares, for those who almost all free time spends in sotssetjah, or those who uses only electronic mail … " - has explained the expert.

as a whole analysts predict that in following ones and a half - two years rates of increase of user`s base will be slowed down that is absolutely logical and normal for the market close to saturation. Under forecasts of madam Korobkovoj, in 2012 growth of number of clients in the Nizhniy Novgorod market SHPD can already be slowed down, and the total gain will make a maximum of 17 %.