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president Vladimir Putin have come Yesterday has met members of fractions of the State Duma and the special correspondent " has listened to them, as usual, extremely topical offers, among which; " Andrey KOLESNIKOV has noted, for example, tax exemption on the earth, if it at the unique owner of no more than eight hundred parts, and creation of the centre of political dialogue instead of existing when - that Houses of political education. Representatives of some fractions also ascertained senselessness of the new political parties law and inadmissibility of expansion of already expanded Moscow. But thus questions which have been see you recognised by key, and #150 have not been mentioned absolutely not; obviously, over it its organizers have well worked.
Vladimir Putin at a meeting in the Kremlin which was late at two o`clock from - for submitted to the king of Spain of a dessert, and also from - for gloomy events in Kazan (the material see the same page; About an event there the president long spoke on the phone with authorities Tatarii), recognised a situation in Russia not ideal.

though, apparently, Vladimir Putin does not carry this reason to last, just ended session of the State Duma. It was pleasant to the president decisions and " about liberalisation of creation of political parties " and about " a new way of formation of Advice of federation " and about " a new method of reduction to the power of governors " that is all decisions which were initiated by him, Vladimir Putin.

those who in something doubts, Vladimir Putin has assured:

All becomes correctly.

it is obvious, all was reflected in persons of some leaders of fractions - taki feeling of easy bewilderment, differently mister Putin would not explain:

It is necessary to understand, we live in what country.

and that it have understood definitively, has once again repeated:

Everything that we do, absolutely correctly.

and really. Who would doubt, that in the Representation office of the Kremlin would not sit yesterday at this table.

however, they could pretend that doubt, and, apparently, they more than have enough of it, that is the prospect to be kept behind an oval table of the Representation office costs for all of them other prospects, including political. The president has warned, probably, meaning discussion which was the day before in the government, about that all pre-election social promises will be executed:

I Ask you not to run at development of the new budget into any populism, he has warned.

it is visible, it is allowed only to him.

to promise and distribute, it has continued, it not the best for the country. it is important, that it has not led to its disorder.

Vladimir Putin long-sufferingly, appear, convinced of it itself. It has appeared, seemingly, not too difficultly as presidential and parliamentary elections have ended.

as usual, Vladimir Putin has resulted fresh examples of heavy and constantly aggravated position in the western countries:

In Spain have just declared that will not pay Christmas bonus to workers... In Italy unemployment has increased in 2 - 2,5 times...

the speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin has declared that all four fractions in last session worked professionally. Sergey Naryshkin resulted lulling voice in a status of easy euphoria not only leaders of fractions, but also journalists. Meanwhile listened to it, at first sight, more or less attentively probably, by inertia after performance of mister Putin. The head of fraction " an United Russia " Andrey Vorobev spoke about a situation in the city of Krymske much and reported about work of the Krasnodar cell of party (probably, that which, speaks, considered as the debt to attach stickers with a logo " an United Russia " hardly probable not on all humanitarian help to victims). Andrey Vorobev has promised the help and from federal level: probably, fraction " will bring the feasible contribution to preparation of the legislative initiative concerning indemnification for the lost cars ".

the Leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov concerning which activity at this meeting there were very vigorous forecasts, on the contrary, was, especially first, is silent and even is affable. It has called to account all guilty of tragedy in Krymske (eventually members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation among officials are not present. And. K ) also has noticed that the new budget at last - that is formed how he called many years: Education, public health services, culture and high technologies (truth, has not told, what price for oil and gas will allow to execute this budget) will be priorities.

And the main thing, at it again is a red folder with offers which Gennady Zyuganov at such meetings immutably passes Vladimir Putin. Without this folder such meetings already incomplete, as well as folders without these meetings.

as a positive example of the activity Gennady Zyuganov has resulted a certain cattle-breeding complex, which to it with companions " it was possible to defend in struggle against gangsters " and now the complex represents a multirunning economy from 125 thousand goals.

an overcoming the crisis, " which leans " first of all on Gennady Zyuganov, creation " is; the national enterprises ":

Then people will work not on the oligarch, not on upyrja which all under itself rows, and on itself.

That is upyrem in this situation there is any who rows under itself, that is any representative " the national enterprise ".

the Political parties law Gennady Zyuganov recognised as disorganised political system:

Under such threshold where even 500 persons to collect? he has angrily told. each person under control! On such quantity of people it is easier to press one by one! Also will press!

unexpectedly Gennady Zyuganov recognised that it has suffered for slander when has told that " the crime gets the best ". The crime against this statement, probably, did not mind, and here over whom it has gained was top, probably, have appeared against, and Gennady Zyuganov through court has paid 450 thousand rbl. and then 400 thousand rbl. more

the Pig-breeding complex will help to pay you them, its president has calmed.

for slander, Gennady Zyuganov, and #150 has continued; Nearly 5 million (roubles. " " ) now take. And before you a copy which have already fined for it.

it is obvious, pig-breeding terms have cut him to the quick as those sows koljushche - cutting subjects on its indicative farm.

you not a copy, its Vladimir Putin has again calmed. you our companion.

Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma and the secretary gensoveta " an United Russia " Sergey Neverov sitting at a table, has mistrustfully smiled, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky even was in a pointed manner removed from Gennady Zyuganov near to whom sat as if has caught a certain smell.

mister Putin has declared that article for slander is necessary, as from slander suffer affliction all (that is and he), and most of all representatives of show - business, " in which relation there are such things that... ".

For the first time Vladimir Putin publicly so has actively stood up for the show rights - business. Hardly he thus meant, for example, group Pussy Riot.

About the political parties law... the president has added. I too had doubts, a leah it is necessary to crush. But it is necessary to give the chance not to run to people on the areas, and to form legal political force.

it has not explained what to do to people who want to run on the areas, instead of to form legal political force.

apropos all the same cattle-breeding farm mister Putin has noticed that its development just and means that the economic policy of the government of last time yields positive result.

the leader of fraction " Fair Russia " Sergey Mironov has begun the performance with gratitude to the president that that has accepted other member of fraction " Fair Russia " Concerning its offers in housing sphere, and itself, in turn, has suggested to release 40 - a million part of the population of Russia from land tax payment, if a site in possession unique and no more than eight hundred parts.

that is an appeal of mister Putin not to be engaged in populism, especially at drawing up of the new budget, mister Mironov has ignored: and really, parliamentary elections behind, but ahead both municipal, and governor`s.

by the way, about the filter on governor`s elections at a meeting it has not been told words though many experts foretold that it will be the main subject of a meeting.

it is obvious, over this question with leaders of fractions its organizers still have see you worked, after all the meeting should become as much as possible constructive.

from one of such constructive ideas Sergey Mironov but also has acted: he has remembered that " in Soviet period there were political education houses " Also has urged to create on their type the centres of political dialogue.

and that the meeting of the deputy with voters in the street is frequently unproductive, mister Mironov has explained. it is necessary to give them a normal debatable platform with a round table! Gajd - park it is, of course, good. But at us not England! Not such weather to gather in the street all-the-year-round!

the meeting inevitably accepted more and more constructive character.

but here the leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has, of course, acted, and all has ruined.

Khe... Vladimir Zhirinovsky has cleared the throat, and it became clear that it for a long time.

At first the leader of LDPR was voiced about idea of replacement of the vacant mandate:

the Deputy, for example, is ill the whole year... In usual collective it eventually passes to physical inability and it dismiss. And the deputy cannot be dismissed!

That is the deputy has a protection and against physical inability.

in the same way, mister Zhirinovsky, as at the deputy - women and #150 has let know; protection against pregnancy. That is the infallible remedy, is better than any contraceptive, parliamentary immunity.

after that Vladimir Zhirinovsky has passed to the political parties law:

Well here there are, for example, hundred parties. What, in the TV to give to them on one minute?. Who will understand? Hundred posters?. And how to understand, what tell these hundred parties? After all speak same. Give then on a broader scale propagation of parties will be cleaned from election campaigns, and that by us four together (it has looked round colleagues from other parties sitting at a table. And. K ) we act, and not all understand that, about what we speak!. Perhaps to lift number of parties to 5 thousand?. Or let look only the list of parties and solve!. And as they (voters. " " ) so much parties will push into an urn for voting?.

on one of these questions Vladimir Zhirinovsky did not have a satisfactory answer and could not be.

and why not to exist to uniform day of voting?! mister Zhirinovsky sitting at a table has even more rebelled. than it is not pleasant? So much elections! We to Moscow from - for these elections which will occur every Sunday, on a broader scale can not return! (Well it only dream. And. K )

After a while Vladimir Zhirinovsky already spoke about expansion of Moscow and admitted that till now does not know, where there is, for example, a parliamentary library.

yes near to you! its Gennady Zyuganov has tried to stop. on an attic!

ah, on an attic! mister Zhirinovsky has got furious, but has suddenly stopped, as if a lightning, amazed with this thought.

But silence proceeded some instants, which to it has sufficed to gather. Here from its attentive look have not taken cover not only girls from Pussy Riot, which " a duck thrust between feet! " but also " similar to them " art workers who have supported in their letter " this touch on Russian Orthodox Church ".

But the uvlechennej Vladimir Zhirinovsky spoke, the more I noticed any more not very carefully stifled yawns behind a table it, seemingly, simply ceased to understand. Vladimir Zhirinovsky has easily overcome a threshold of perception of human sounds.

with an easy half-smile the same mister Neverov looked at it only all.

smiles and yawns, however, have disappeared, when Vladimir Zhirinovsky has turned at first to Sergey Mironov and has informed it that if the leader of fraction " Fair Russia " will start " those any passers-by " " They and you will quickly trample that, and will go further! ".

and having turned to Gennady Zyuganov, has added that very many will quickly tell: " What for to us Zyuganov when we have young Udaltsov?! "

Thus, Vladimir Zhirinovsky categorically did not like idea of development of the centres of political dialogue. Eventually, it can suffer from creation of such centres and itself.

mister Zhirinovsky, of course, beat colleagues unmistakably under most dyh, leaders of fractions podavlenno were silent. Such variant of succession of events for themselves they till now, probably, at all did not assume.

as, seemingly, and Vladimir Putin.