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" pos - crediting will be transformed "

Maps - crediting " attacks heels " to traditional categories of credit. Soovetstvenno, the market structure changes, there are new products and the existing change. According to the expert of the bank market of Natalia Terenko, commodity crediting will be on - former popular. The future of this segment is provided at the expense of inevitable transformation pos - crediting, taking into account modern requirements of the client.
in Russia 2011 has shown fantastic results regarding card crediting. Such category of credit provides a high competition to other types of service in the credit market. Your forecasts of development of the market of crediting as a whole? A leah really card credits, together with traditional credits cash, can press classical commodity crediting in points of sales?

- First of all, I will tell that in the Russian market pos - crediting, that is commodity crediting, is very developed, there are many successful players. But it will be easier to me to tell about development of this segment on an example of Houm the Bank Credit, having excluded mortgage lending and loans on acquisition of cars. The volume of given credits in the market pos - crediting makes nearby 29 - 30 %. Nearby 10 - 12 % make credit cards, the rest - cash credits which are given in branches and microoffices.

It is necessary to notice, we and ask ourselves a question on prospects classical pos - crediting. In last two - three years it is especially actual. A leah is risk, what we completely will pass to credits cash, including in the form of their charge on a map? Constantly we analyze the work, we trace dynamics. It is obvious that there is a process of redistribution of a contained credit portfolio. The share of cash increases, and in 2011 for the first time shares pos - crediting and credits cash were made even in Houm the Credit Bank. I will directly tell, credit cards attack heels to other kinds of crediting, and to people they at times it is much more interesting: they can use at once or to postpone for a necessity case, at them is grejs - the period and other advantages. As a matter of fact, this piece of plastic provides financial " a pillow " to many people. Especially, there is a possibility to cut expenses at the expense of system ekvajringa. So, Houm the Credit the Bank is included into Incorporated settlement system which allows clients of bank to get rid of commission payments at use " strangers " terminals and not to carry a pack of cash with itself.

Speaking about maps, I will notice that here various variants of crediting. Certainly, it is used overdraft more often, but after all there is still a possibility of delivery of the credit cash through a map which then the client can use as debit. There are nominal, and also maps nounejm at everyone the prominent features, and clients begin to enjoy.

the market structure how much will change further?

- In our opinion, I mean experts of Houm the Bank Credit, credit cards will precisely occupy third of market, they will press commodity credits. And the share of the last will decrease not at the expense of their reduction, and at the expense of growth of maps - crediting. That is, in a quantitative sense pos - crediting remains at former level.

what basic groups of the goods which get on system pos - crediting? These indicators last years, including in the Far East how much change?

- the Traditional goods got under the scheme pos - crediting, it: Home appliances, mobile communications mediums and the computer technics; furniture and building materials, plastic windows; clothes (traditionally it is fur and a skin); jewels. Such directions pos - crediting as training, tourism and acquisition of air tickets recently began to develop. In the Far East similar structure of the market. Here again we is active enough, from the very beginning began to master nonconventional for region sektory crediting: on purchase of furniture, building materials and clothes. It is interesting that in the Far East most of all furs on credit get in cities with severe climatic necessity - in Yakutsk and Magadan it is very claimed.

in what features and advantage of classical system pos - crediting? On what three whales it keeps?

- the Most important thing are our partners. It is necessary, that it was convenient to us to co-operate (comfortably, favourably) that the trust from both parties was formed. It is no secret that managers in shops work with two, three banks. They are guided by the client, helping it to choose the best conditions. Banks offer different programs, use unequal systems of an estimation. And as a result it is necessary, that the considerable share of crediting had on our bank.

the second base condition is a security of business. Certainly, if the client is not checked up by our employees or the partner if the credit is sold by its managers negative consequences will be both for bank business, and for its respectable clients. Therefore we have developed difficult system of an estimation, it one of the best. Constantly we carry out training of employees of bank and the organisations - partners. As a matter of fact, all of them psychologists also can already estimate the client at an interview stage. More detailed check on " further joins; To black lists " on a credit history (at us in bank, and also in Bureau of credit stories), the system works skoringovaja. The serious estimation of solvency of the client that will lower our risks should be spent and will allow it not to get to a debt hole.

the most brave sector are the goods with high degree of realisation. So, hardly someone will sell the built in furniture. And here jewels or the fashionable stamp of the mobile device with small discount - about 15 % - can realise easily. Therefore on vysokoriskovye the goods operate high interest rates under credits. Our clients have a choice what exactly to get on credit, under what program.

the third " a whale " classical pos - crediting is a command which works for us in bank. All will turn out, if there is a reliable, solid professional collective, from the credit expert on a shop to a top - the manager.

On own example you have already told about at the expense of what additional risks of financial structures as the estimation system works are minimised. And what programs are offered clients, what the unique gives them pos - crediting?

- the Most popular program is the instalments given on concrete kinds of the goods, at the expense of the partner agreement of bank with a trading network or vendorom (manufacturer), providing discounts. Clients can be assured that in that case they receive the goods in pure instalments for the term from 10 till 24 months. There are also such variants as the forgiven payment - under condition of performance of payments in time last payment bank " forgives " very low interest rate as a result turns out. As I already spoke, there is such offer as the credit cash on a map. It is interesting both to clients, and the Central Bank which urges to increase a share of non-cash payments.

Speak to be at a stop, it is necessary to develop. At what observance of conditions pos - crediting will save the share in the market? A leah this product is ready to be transformed, including considering such changes as rapid growth of maps - crediting?

- certainly, it is necessary to move forward, and clients became competent, legible: they any more will not be, as in 2005, to take from someone the credit from almost 90 % - ache the rate. It is necessary to offer interesting decisions. And we very seriously plan to change the grocery number.

now we develop to - brendingovye maps, it, on the one hand, - a credit card, with another - possibility to save up points to receive discounts in various trading organisations and institutions.

there will be also such offer as delivery of cash sales in points in the size, exceeded cost of the desirable goods. For example, the refrigerator has attracted - the client takes means and for the given goods, and for repair in kitchen. Plus under this credit will operate grejs - the period.

the most important thing, we move towards simplification. After all that involves people - simplicity! As shows experiment, both in cash, and in pos - crediting basically are popular 3 - 4 kinds of products. Therefore it is necessary to offer people such products which will as much as possible satisfy their requirements and will be simple in understanding, use.

your vision of specificity of the Far East market? A leah differs it, regarding crediting in points of sales, from the general situation in the Russian market? The most active territories, so-called points of growth in it?

- Feature of the market of the Far East that there is some backlog from the European regions, therefore is where to grow. So, at us penetration of credit cards almost twice more low, than in the west. The system ekvajringa is insufficiently extended: transactions cost much, there are inconvenient restrictions by quantity of removed means. Here it is necessary to work, that it was convenient to inhabitants of region to use bank sphere.

it is interesting that the most harmonious business at us in republic Sakha (Yakutia). Probably, owing to closeness of this subject. In it at Houm the Bank Credit one of the best offices on the country. A growth point, certainly, Primorski Krai where live more than 2 million persons - the most part of the population of the Far East is. In Khabarovsk we steadily enough work. Sakhalin though I know has very well proved to be that many federal banks are afraid to come there.

you are guided by what prospects of growth?

- I Can confidently tell that in sector of consumer crediting in the Far East we can do twice more. Also we will aspire to it. There is still a large quantity of potential partners. By the end of August we plan to increase number of bank objects in the Far East to 451. Now at us 61 branch (with cash desk) operates. Till the end of August will be 62 bank branches and more than 110 microoffices - in them it is possible to activate a map, and also to transfer extra means into account in other bank. We see efficiency of opening of such microoffices in settlements with quantity of inhabitants 3 - 5 thousand persons. First of all, in them delivery of credits by cash is carried out, and to the same point service pos - crediting in the nearest zone becomes attached.

it is clear that you give to the checked up clients favourable interest rates. Than you intend to involve the new?

- Even we offer the new client the credit with the normal rate, but under condition of longer consideration of the demand. One of possibilities to confirm a payment solvency is a deposit in Houm the Credit Bank.

why federal ritejlery consider unprofitable to come on the Far East with its open spaces and small density of population, and to retail banks it is profitable?

- an interesting question. Banks it is more courageous, certainly. But we already notice that large ritejlery show interest and to Far East territories - to Sakhalin, Kamchatka. Some of them - the same " the Euronetwork " - consider as the debt to be present at each region. A leah

is at you plans for interaction with the Asian banks located in the countries, adjoining on Russia in the Far East?

- we have defined the nearest zone of growth connected with the further perfection of system of service, a grocery ruler, scales of presence and sales volumes. The Asian banks are a special specificity. I do not think that in the near future it is necessary to develop partner programs with them for development of consumer crediting.

we will sum up our meeting. Apparently, the sector pos - crediting will adequately sustain a competition and to credits a cash, and with card credits, and with other services in this market?

new tendencies are formed in the bank market, including the segment pos - crediting changes. And I think, it will hold still for a long time the positions in the market, being transformed under needs of clients.