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Fresh transactions of the venture industry and news of the innovative companies, and also comments of experts and partners of the largest venture funds in the weekly program " the Kind venture ".
amp-hr.: today we learn how venture investors find the personal doctor, we will discuss last technological novelties of company Google and we will understand, for what investors take out businessmen to the sea. I suggest to begin with venture transactions. A professional social network for doctors " the Doctor on work " has involved investments at a rate of $1 million from venture fund Bright Capital Digital. I personally, except the Internet - the drugstores which services regularly enough I use, something will not remember successful project any, at least, on a joint of medicine and the Internet - technologies in a Runet. A leah really Runet - a startup in the field of medicine is such a perspective ambry for venture investors?

D. R: But, it seems to me, here there are absolutely different ambries. I here, for example, used different devices which are connected to the Internet, it is more for fitness, than directly for treatment. But I think, as treatment not far off. I think that it is possible to be converted to the primary source. We have a possibility to hear opinion of the investor of the project " the Doctor on work " and we can learn it from the investment director of fund Bright Capital Digital Gleb Kapluna. Gleb, are glad you to hear.

K: the Kind venture.

D. R: We have found out about your transaction with the company " the Doctor on work " it, unfortunately, has been announced just in day of an exit of our last program, therefore with small delay, but we want to discuss it on air. It is said that you have enclosed one million dollars in the company which, in general - that, is a clone of the western network for doctors. A leah so it?

K: Yes. Leah we have enclosed more $999 thousand Copy it, I do not know. It is possible then to consider any book as the Bible copy, and the Bible a Torah copy. In London there is an underground and in New York there is an underground. Basically, " the Doctor on work " - a network for professional doctors for the Russian market. If to take the western analogues, on Sermo. com 130 thousand doctors, and at " Doctors on work " 70 thousand doctors. Thus at " Doctors on work " an order of 20 thousand publications in a month.

D. R: And publications means on a site?

K: Yes, it is a professional social network. Doctors exchange the experience, write works, make comments. Accordingly, it is a site closed.

D. R: to Climb there and to look correspondence of doctors is not absolutely good idea?

K: It is impossible. Only if there is a diploma of the doctor, it is possible to receive an account.

D. R: As far as I understand, all - taki focus of fund Bright Capital Digital is not so much on the Russian projects, how much on global. It seems that all - taki investments in " the Doctor on work " is, probably, not the investments most typical for you?

K: Probably, yes, not the most typical investment, we basically have made the similar decision partly because " the Doctor on work " is the unconditional leader in the ambry in Russia. Yes, we are focused in the global markets. We them name the markets underestimated from the point of view of the venture capital, that is there where there is really requirement for money, requirement for our experience and a considerable quantity of technological projects. At us before the transaction with company Deal Angel, the American company, one of which founders and #150 also has been announced; the former Russian citizen. This mega - search of hotels has at the moment received good responses on a number of actions.

D. R: America like not that market where apparent defect of the venture capital is observed?

K: Looking as at it to look. At the moment we are focused on Israel, as on Europe. We have a constant representative in Spain, in Barcelona. Here in these markets really lack actually means.

D. R: you open the size of fund which invest in IT - projects?

K: Bright Capital Digital at us it is planned as 150 - million fund.

Amp-hr.: we on communication had an investment director of fund Bright Capital Digital Gleb Kaplun. " the Doctor on work " classical the Internet - by and large, is engaged in marketing, only in the field of medicine. And as you think, what ekzit is most probable for the project of electronic medicine as " the Doctor on work "?

D. R: Probably, straight off it is difficult to present to itself that it will be bought by someone from global players, all - taki the Russian market of medicine absolutely differs. Though, on the other hand, the same farmkompanii which hill the global markets, are present and at Russia. Here, probably, there will be someone from local players which will unite simply various verticals in the field of social networks.

Amp-hr.: to a word it is necessary to tell that analogue of the project " Doctors on work " Sermo. com is the most numerous online - service of doctors of the USA - has involved for six years of existence $41 million

D. R: Gleb mentioned it in the comment. And it seems to me that " the Doctor on work " has chances to leave on similar indicators, involving much smaller quantity of money. But let`s leave history with doctors, actually, for users of a social network " the Doctor on work " for doctors.

Amp-hr.: In the comment Gleb has mentioned one more investment of fund Bright Capital Digital, project Deal Angel. Something about it is known to you?

D. R: Yes, actually I, in general, like this project, as to the user because against a considerable quantity the Internet - services for travellers whom we see, including in the Russian market in which recently invested our Russian venture funds, Deal Angel is allocated with such druzheljubnostju, a leah that, to the user. And it gives the chance to you to find hotels, and speaks to you, how much this hotel has now caved in at the price concerning the, we will tell so, the usual or standard price. It is really possible to receive good hotel for small enough money, and all is based that you search using the map. You know places and simply stick into hotel. Gleb has told that service is developed by the Russian citizen living in the USA and sometimes coming to Russia, apparently, behind money.

Amp-hr.: this week is rich not only venture news, but also events in the technological world. Now I suggest to leave on a short break after which we receive new particulars of how the added reality enters into our everyday life.

Amp-hr.: It seems that this week Google has decided to become the main newsmaker among the technological companies of the world. For last two weeks company Google has had time to let out the clever points Project Glass, new version Android and other novelties, competing with Apple and Facebook.

D. R: to me their new seven-inch tablet of all for $200 which too, probably, will make a competition iPad in many markets too was remembered.

Amp-hr.: at last, Gmail has bypassed Hotmail by quantity of users, becoming the largest e - a mail service in the world.

D. R: To tell the truth, I already think that it has bypassed it for a long time, as all people respecting as - that have passed for a long time on Gmail.

amp-hr.: what from all it us has interested bolshego all? Certainly, most strongly awakes imagination experimental working out of laboratory Google X - clever points Project Glass.


Project Glass - the project of the computerised points with the built in chamber which is developed by company Google. Points work with technology of the added reality and allow the user to look through a map, messages, to do calls, to remove video both to photograph, carry out vocal search and to make a number of other operations. Project Glass command which heads Babak Parviz, works in the confidential laboratory Google X located in California. The glasses sale to the limited group of developers will begin in 2013. Device cost, presumably, will make $1,5 thousand

Amp-hr.: last version Project Glass has been shown couple of days ago at starting conference Google I / O (Input / Output), with the assistance of show with parachutists and bicyclists. Points were represented personally by Sergey Brin that is unusual enough to company Google.

D. R: Brin, yes, probably, not the most public figure recently. Though it is now involved in various, deeply technological workings out Google. It in many respects stands up for that car which without the driver goes on streets of Northern California and copes automatic system of working out Google. Larri Pejdzh, soosnovatel and Sergey Brin`s the nearest colleague, too does not lag behind. Larri Pejdzh participates in board of trustees and also in the university vigorous activity singuljarnosti. Such new interesting university, too is in Northern California which tries to be engaged in technologies of the future where people who discuss gather and tell each other, and also that who studies at this university, about how our future will change in the nearest 10, 20 and even 50 years.

Amp-hr.: what role in all it is played by the Russian developers of company Google?

D. R: I think, we will call Bryan Bershadu, the director for working out Russian Google, and we will try to learn answers to these questions. Bryan, yours Project Glass will be a separate gadget, that is the finished product, or a platform for various, including foreign applications?

B. B.: the Project is in a status of going experiment. We do not know, how people will work our inventions. For the present early to answer a question, a leah there will be points a platform or the finished device. Now it is experimental technology to which we suppose very limited number of people. We work under the habitual scheme: we allow to small group to try technology and we study, as they with it are converted and for what use.

D. R: And in the products announced last days a tablet for $200, the points, new version Android a leah the Russian developers Google took part?

B. B.: Points yet a product, but only technology. It develop in Mauntin - Dju, but it co-operates with many other technologies created Google. In particular, search and a part funktsionala Chrome over which work, including, and in Russia is used. With a tablet the same, it works with set of services Google. We have engineers in Petersburg and Moscow which are engaged in a search engine, Chrome and services for Android. It is a network and the majority of workings out Google it is carried out at the international level. There is no one place in which all work would become.

D. R: And on a broader scale, how innovative kitchen Google is arranged? After all something is financed Google Ventures, any companies are bought, many workings out go in the company.

B. B.: Google prefers to develop independently. It is more than half of company engineers make, therefore at Google should be about 15 thousand engineers. Products which are created for ultimate users, as a rule, are developed only by own engineers of the company. There are cases when the concrete technology or the command which is of interest for Google, are simply bought. But usually passes a lot of time between purchase and reception of result from it. And it means that the work most part becomes inside our company. Excellent example Google Android is there was a purchase, made five or six years ago when small group of people have invited to us to help to understand, how to construct the best platform for mobile phones. Since then all work on project Android is carried out only most Google.

Amp-hr.: by and large, in the near future company Google Project Glass product is a direct competitor iPad, to laptops, the smart phones, yes to all devices with wireless access to a content.

D. R: I Think, what yes. Perhaps, even this project becomes some kind of a platform and will compete with Android. Most likely, it will be not simply software platform which, for example, became Android and which is now established on many millions smart phones which basically all are made by foreign manufacturers. And it becomes hardvernoj a platform from party Google. And, probably, it will be new step to company development.

Amp-hr.: anyway, probably, in the future we more never should pull out phone from a pocket to send SMS, to place a photo or to pay off for purchase in a supermarket. And for this purpose it will be enough simple to us to put on points.

D. R: We still remind that investigators who will guess three subjects which will be discussed in our following program, will receive the invitation to the special closed supper with partners and investment directors of venture funds, namely on session of the Russian venture club. News can write on on our page in Facebook. To 12 o`clock in the afternoon of the next Monday.

Amp-hr.: now we will interrupt again on a short pause after which we will talk about non-standard business - models modern business - incubators.

D. R: the season of holidays so time about the sea has come to talk Begins.

Amp-hr.: Ten companies in January, 2013 will sit down aboard the ship and will go in stodnevnoe travel on 14 countries of the world with stops in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Southern Africa. Such accelerator on water has received name Unreasonable at sea that in transfer means " imprudent in the sea ". Will prepare projects for work in these countries the invited mentors who too will go to this travel.

D. R: And according to project Unreasonable at sea, these mentors will be not somebody, and such people, as, for example, the founder of company WordPress Matt Mullenveg. On WordPress now works more than 13 % of sites all over the world. It will be also the vice-president on new products of company Google, and many other serious investors and businessmen. And in such very quite good company they will try to start ten startups of businessmen from every corner of the globe. And I so understand, mainly it there will be people who do projects from the big any humanitarian or socially significant component.

Amp-hr.: such stodnevnoe an imprisonment in the sea for businessmen with serious mentors, this such mentorstvo on steroids.

D. R: Yes, I think, it will be more abruptly, than weekly dinners which Graham practises in Y Combinator the Floor.

Amp-hr.: I think, it will solve a visa question for such young businessmen.

D. R: Just with visas there all is difficult enough, because people from the different countries, they should land in different ports and, actually, organizers do not guarantee that each person can descend in each port. Probably, some people in some ports will be urged to sit by the ship and to be content, maybe, with meetings with those who will come and will rise aboard.

Amp-hr.: I think, problems with an exit in the Internet are still possible. For developers after all it is very important. And how in the sea with the Internet?

D. R: There are, of course, technologies. At least, it will be always possible to communicate through mobile phonesnuju communication when you are not so far from coast that, of course, will be not always.

amp-hr.: interesting, and how to engage new employees in projects? On interview - that them in the sea you will not call.

D. R: such historical experts Here occur how, for example, to lock slaves in hold. Similar under the form, but a little bit another under the maintenance the history has been some time ago declared by Peter Tilem, it is the project about creation of a floating incubator in 12 miles from coast of California, that is in neutral waters.

Amp-hr.: It is planned that Peter Tilja`s floating incubator will receive onboard an order of thousand businessmen from all over the world to which in that case will not need to get the American visa, and one workplace will manage about $1200 a month.

D. R: Peter Til, excentric enough American investor and the businessman who is considered as the so-called leader on PayPal - to mafias. In the last program we already discussed one of its projects these are grants for students - half-educated persons.

Amp-hr.: look, coming back to its floating incubator, say that by the ship, besides office space, the gym, a zone for entertainments will be equipped, shops are opened. How you think, it is necessary to take what else motivators in attention that the enterprising people have not gone mad by this ship?

D. R: I think that here, almost direct visibility of the Silicon valley will be probably, most important motivator. You can live and work almost in reach from the biggest centre of new technologies of business in the world, and thus the American visa is not necessary to you. Probably, programmers from China, Russia, and other countries will want to be tightened more close to California. And, probably, even if they cannot so easily to go to a city venture investors during a pair of clocks can reach on the yacht this incubator and talk with such here startaperami which sit and work over the projects.

Amp-hr.: and a leah you believe in signs? There is a superstition that by the ship like as there should not be women.

D. R: I think, by this ship even if women and will appear they will obviously be in very good situation because, as a rule, among startaperov, especially among IT - businessmen, much more men. And consequently those girls who will risk to spend time on such vessel - an incubator, for certain, can find to itself in friends of the future millionaires.

Amp-hr.: that is, by the ship to the woman will than be engaged. A leah and a floating incubator can become a certain offshore zone, a leah it is possible to register the company in neutral waters? Give we will dream up.

D. R: it is possible to Dream long. I so understand that these questions stir both Peter Tilja, and its colleagues - organizers of the given incubator. Probably, they can choose successful enough jurisdiction that it was easy to customs to register the companies, and it would be convenient both for investors, and for businessmen who do there the projects.

Amp-hr.: at us it is close to Moscow exhausting is not present. However, can, nevertheless in Russia it would be possible to organise such floating incubator? You after all, for example, train businessmen, taking out them on the yacht within the limits of the program eXtrepreneurship.

D. R: Yes, we put to sea. And there I tell to students how on a broader scale to build the enterprise companies. Moreover, last time we did it on a sailing vessel " Krusenstern ". It was last summer. And we went, and have risen in the city of Stavanger in Norway. One of these days it became known that " Krusenstern " Cannot go to England on the Olympic Games as it was planned earlier because again there was a conflict to those who applies for the Russian state ownership when it appears in the countries, type of England or America. The sailing vessel faced it " Sedov " and here faces " Krusenstern ". Perhaps, to use these couple of weeks to collect there the command of businessmen which want to change the world and to walk on the countries Northern and the Western Europe.

Amp-hr.: and to all businessmen who will go to the sea, we wish " seven foots under kilem "!

D. R: with you were Tchebotaryov`s Anna.

Amp-hr.: and Dmitry Repin. The program " the Kind venture " leaves next Wednesday after nine evenings.