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Andrey Kolesnikov about Masha and Vane

In - the first, it was found out that " artek " exists. That " artek " where I when - that was. A leah I rose on a mount of Aju - Dag? Yes, rose. I met there a dawn. All group we rose on Aju - Dag about two hours which did not seem to me eternity.

and we have sent children in " artek ".

On a broader scale - that, of course, strashnovato was to send children (nine and eleven) in " artek ". Why - in the past, for example, it was not terrible to year to send that in their summer in English school. And after all Vanja lived there in a room with several Koreans... And here a maximum with several Ukrainians...

simply well after all you imagine this artekovskuju the validity, and it seems Soviet. However, to me there it was not terrible. I remember that wanted to return then in " artek " yes not here - that was. It is so much paper for recycling as that year, I never in life any more would not collect (for this paper for recycling and have given a prize: a trip in " artek ") . It is good that at the father on work then tons of the drawings spent for it have given up as a bad job any big project, and, became necessary to nobody, except me.

there left children with huge interest and me, for example, at the airport at all were not interested. With them there were tutors from " Children`s radio " to which they have registered in a journalism circle. And nothing could be done with it. I dissuaded them in the rigid form. I very much was afraid that they will like journalism. And I am not ready to see the children journalists. Everybody, but only not journalists. Yes I know that all so tell about the children. Everybody, but only not engineers... Everybody, but only not businessmen...

but they have not given in to my arrangements.

the father, Vanja, and #150 has told; well actually it is pleasant to you that you the journalist. Same it is visible.

And you know, I have minded, What it a little? It is necessary to earn money, for example.

it yes... Vanja has sighed. I need many money...

well here! I was delighted. and you know, what very few journalists receive many money?

I will receive much, it has calmed me.

Masha has called from " arteka " in the first put.

you will take away us from here? crying, she has asked me.

what, so it is bad? I have asked.

why - that I was ready to something such. It would be desirable even to tell: I and knew!

Here it is simply awful, the father! Masha sobbed.

give one after another, I have asked. what not so?

All! Here it is impossible to load phone. There is only one socket on the third floor, there turn, and it is necessary to sit next, while phone is loaded.

it is bad. Further.

to Ten girls from our group exactly half an hour allows to use a shower.

that is for three minutes on the girl... Yes, not so.

yes the first girl, Masha, and #150 has exclaimed; took a shower ten minutes! I simply was not in time! And leaders have selected our suitcases!

yes? I have sighed. also what the such?

and such that they have given out us any washed off form! It should be erased and ironed every day! And only in it to go!

and here it is good! I was delighted. at last - that you will learn to erase and iron.

and at you too so was? she has asked.

certainly! I even more was delighted. certainly!

And then what for you here have sent us? she has asked.

yes it will be pleasant to you, I convinced her. these are time difficulties... Give we will agree: if in three days you repeat to me that want home...

Yes - yes!. And?. she has ceased to cry.

I wanted to tell, of course, that I then will take away them. And what if in three days she will repeat? And after all now she, of course, only also waits for these words.

then we will return to this conversation, I have finished.

and - and, she has disappointedly had a little cry.

next day in the morning I was called by Vanja:

And you know, what parents have already taken away one boy?

it is good that you do not cry, Vanja, I have told. you the present guy.

I can begin to cry, he has told. One pionervozhatyj, not ours, and another, Ukrainian, named today other boy a donkey. It is normal?

I have called back to the tutor from " Children`s radio ". He has told that pionervozhatyj is already dismissed, but that he named the boy not a donkey and as - that is softer. A pony, a leah that?

about sockets. The tutor has offered that it is possible to load phones in a room where they are engaged in journalism, during these employment.

Masha called and said that the stomach very is ill it and that it with the girl-friend (about, I have noted it: " with the girl-friend "!) Itself after a supper went to a first-aid post, but there it has appeared nobody.

I have found the doctor of a first-aid post. He has told that the unusual meal and acclimatisation is guilty. Than them there feed, with melancholy I have thought.

the third day became solving.

the father, Masha, and #150 has called; you remember, what tomorrow we should return to one conversation?

I remember, I did not begin to recant.

but next day neither it, nor Vanja have not called. And every other day too. I then have, of course, called itself.

fathers, Masha, and #150 has shouted; I now cannot speak, we study a song...

so I also thought, with simplification I have sighed. So all also should be. Any unexpectedness. Have got used. Were involved. Start to rejoice.

Masha has called and has told that they went to a campaign on Aju - Dag, met a dawn and that it has seated to herself a knee on lifting, and in that place where already has seated earlier.

Is ill? I have asked.

yes it is nonsense! she has exclaimed. nonsense! And you met a dawn on Aju - Dage?!

Then at them have selected phones because at three persons phones were gone. Trespassed on the local... To call, as it was offered, the leader, it was not meaningful. I in the first put has learnt all their cheerful words.

there was a second week in " arteke " when Masha has suddenly called me. I have understood: again something not so.

Something happens? I have asked it.

yes is not present, all is very good here.

She was silent.

well then? I have asked again.

the father, She has told, and you not familiarly such feeling when simply you miss parents, and all? And so all is very good.

to me it is familiar. I miss parents. Sometimes so that there are, apparently, no forces. I so do not have not enough them. And to do nothing. Anything.