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25.06.10-11.07.10, Mazda-6. Throughout 10 years a part of holiday with the husband we devote to

On July, 3rd, 2009 it was decided on the first car travel. Kaluga - Murom. The navigator vigorously

Travel was planed long, however any active actions was not undertaken, only chatter with friends-

All kind time of days! the next description of automobile race Mogilyov-Millerovo-is inverse.

On a visit well, and houses... And was waited by the child left on parents at home and on Monday on

All Greetings! Here also decided at last - that a family to rest in Crimea. The machine at us VAZ 2

Long-awaited holiday and trip to Crimea. Crew - I and my family: the wife and the son on a mate

It was necessary in February on fast to drive to Slovenia. Well put there everyones, pieces of pape

St.-Petersburg - Tsivilsk (the Chuvash republic) 26.06.2010 1400 km. left at 9.15 with

Made poedku Odessa-Moscow-Odessa on car Mercedes GL 450. The machine on the Ukrainian numbers.

As got to Irkutsk this separate history and I live here more 20лет. But I was born Belarus Gomel

Set in it is time long-awaited holiday. August, 2010 somehow was not set, we left, knowing that we

Always went on our south - in Lazarevsky. In view of the big building in sochi and numerous repairs

Already during five we in holiday we eat to Crimea. The JA-driver, the wife-navigator and the child

Hou rasskakzat about the trip from Russia (Sverdlovsk region) In commonwealth countries....

The solution on a trip was received painfully long. All versions were considered and weighed, as

Drove the machine from Peter in Kyonigsberg Ford Fokus. Went out in the evening on Sunday towards

My house long me coaxed to go on sea by the machine. All right prevailed upon. Decided to go on the

I want to tell to you about small travel from Ufa to Sol-Iletsk (further S-I). Free days among a

In the summer of 2007 at the desire of the big brother decided to distillate home on the West japon

The house left at 22-00 01.08.10г on Sunday. Reached to Kirzhach and contracted on is left went on

So the summary record about a trip 3 years ago... Left in 6 mornings the Eagle. The Route lay

Умаг-Новиград-Пореч-Ровинь-Риека-Плитвицие озера-Карловац-Загреб-Риека-Пизин-Умаг From

Conceived a trip long before dispatch About the beginning planed to go pjaterom by one machin

Left on August, 8th in 5часов mornings Perm by 2 machines: 10 (my) and 14th (friends). The Point

Went on rest four together, at once decided that by the machine because is cheaper and on sea the

The Italian fairy tale there was no time, hands did not reach to tell about the trip to Italy

Softwares to PLACES of BATTLES 01 - Moscow - Kimovsk - Monastyrshchina - the Red hill -

Continuation of the description of a trip from Peter to Budapest. To whom is interesting search for

The second year decided with the wife and the son successively to make automobile race across

I continue the narration if it interested you on the previous route. it is a little about

Voobshchem went last week (11.09) to the Smolensk region, as they say vodka to drink yes in

" Decided to test "Tradzhika" on a long-haul route:

I go in krym annually there many relatives herself long there veins there are friends in

Many of us very much do not love winter. Do not love it because in the winter not too it is a lot

Polish vacation This note and the small photorecord I would like to continue a

Here 4 year I live in bratske, though itself from orenburga. Therefore already second time went

I will not describe any particular route though them some them are looked through in my narration.

I continue to describe the travelling impressions. To whom it is interesting, for pregoing

* To go to Ukraine began since 1984, at once as married. The wife comes from the Kiev region Pereja

Route. Vologda - Moscow - Bryansk - Sum state border - - Melitopol - Simferopol - Sevastopol -

And all so perfectly began... The Patience was decomposed perfectly well - we leave in Lower in the

At last found time to write a certain record about done, to be exact about proehannyh kilometres in

I with the wife and 2 children of 5 and 9 years left Saratov to Krasnodar at 6.00 oclock. Went on

Hello! Decided a family to go to Estonia to Tallinn for the weekend, from Peter nearby. Esteemed

To be passed across Europe prepared for a long time, but here and grew together. Went together with

Rjazan-Lipetsk-Voronezh-Rostov-Batajsk-Azov-Timoshevsk (nochevka1200km-19chasov)-Novorosijsk-Divnom

a trip Kaluga - Tuapse took off on November, 19th from Krasnodar for

In Crimea happened any more once. At first mum carried me there in the childhood, then very much it

About a trip I can tell that it was pleasant, contrary to plural otgovoram from outside