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Risk factors for children`s sight

Traumas of eyes

It is the most serious risk factor. According to statistics almost 50 percent of traumas at children are connected with playing sports and ball games. 45 percent from them occur in age group is more younger 14 years. The majority of these cases could be warned, if parents did not feel sorry money for protection of eyes.


Influence of polar night and an ultra-violet irradiation of polar day

Change of a light rhythm and deficiency of light should affect a children`s organism. The child all time strains eyes. Therefore do not feel sorry the electric power at home. Change weak bulbs on " hundred parts ". Also feed kids for preventive maintenance by products useful to eyes: cottage cheese, kefir, boiled fish, beef and beef tongue, a turkey, krolchatinoj, carrot and cabbage. Give it a bilberry, a cowberry. And necessarily greens - parsley, fennel polyvitamins are useful To eyes with microcells, preparations of calcium calcium with vitamin D, with phosphorus.

Besides, health of eyes is influenced fatally by the sun rays containing an ultraviolet. The sun at us, in the north - here is especially dangerous, during polar day, it is brighter. Except direct beams, is also reflected (for example, from snow which lies on hills and in the summer). Eyes of the child are yet definitively developed and consequently are more sensitive. They are less steady against an adverse effect of sun rays.   for comparison: in an eye of the child, whereas 75 percent of a solar ultraviolet get into an eye of the adult - only 10. Therefore for sunny days it is necessary for northerners to get goggles. And necessarily such which do not pass an ultraviolet (this nuance it is possible to find out, having asked for the seller the summary on the goods. - a bus) . Points are especially necessary to kids as they of more time spend in the street. And the transparent crystalline lens of an eye of the child (about 10 years are elderly) passes in 6 - 5 times more UF - radiations in comparison with the adult person.



the Symptoms specifying in possible deterioration of sight:

At the child eyelids redden, become covered by crusts or swell, eyes look bright (inflamed). The kid:

- often blinks;
- closes or covers one eye with a hand;
- inclines forward a head or in any party;
- " stumbles " at reading;
- becomes unduly excited at fulfilment of the actions demanding pressure of sight;
- it can not be focused on objects;
- prefers to look at subjects askance, frowning or shchurjas;
- after hard work performance speaks: " I have a headache " " Me toshnit " " to me it is bad " " at me the head " is turned; " at me itch eyes " (are scratched); " at me burns down in eyes " " all around, as in a fog " " all forks ".


Consequences of the weakened sight:

- undue fatigability;
- the child starts to lag behind in study;
- he tests psychological pressure;
- depression and unwillingness to study can develop;
- the child becomes aggressive;
- there can be a syndrome of chronic weariness.


What to do?

give to eyes rest More often. If at the child good sight, it has to do a break in employment every 40 minutes. If already weak short-sightedness - through everyone 30. 10 - 15 minutes of rest are not sitting in front of the TV, rest is when you run, jump, look out of the window, do gymnastics for eyes. Here what gymnastics - game recommend to do by the pupil of elementary school (under supervision of teachers or with participation of parents):

1. Eyes are closed. Circular motions of both hands of 10 seconds to mass eyeballs.

2. At motionless position of a head to look upwards, downwards, to the left, to the right, to make rotary motions eyes clockwise and against within 10 seconds.

3. Some times strong to blink, then widely to open eyes and more often to blink 10 seconds.

4. to Turn eyes in the parties 2 - 3 times, then to close them for 10 seconds.


Also do not forget to drive twice a year the kid to the ophthalmologist.

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