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Agency in words

Today the State Duma will consider the bill toughening control over the noncommercial organisations (NKO) which are financed from - for a boundary in the first reading. Representatives NKO name the bill repressive, and the chairman of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva has declared that will not submit to the new law and to be called as the foreign agent. But unlike amendments to the law on meetings against which all oppositional fractions have solidary acted, defenders at NKO almost does not remain: will vote against the bill only " Fair Russia ".
Amendments will concern NKO which receive any " means " from - for a boundary and thus are engaged " political activity ". Attempts will fall Under this definition to influence decisions of state bodies, including a way " formations " public opinion. Such organisations should be converted in an attendance order into Ministry of Justice with the request to include them in register NKO, " carrying out functions of the foreign agent " and then to accompany all materials the corresponding signature. The reporting before Ministry of Justice also will be toughened. For refusal will represent the information the penalty to 1 million rbl. is put, and for malicious infringement of these norms term till three years can threaten (see " " from June, 29th). We will remind that in 2005 deputies have already executed wishes of president Putin to establish a barrier for " financings of wrongful political activity " from - for a boundary, having toughened the law about NKO, therefore the organisations and so should report to Ministry of Justice about arriving grants.

the bill about NKO is accepted more promptly, than the scandalous law on meetings (see " " from June, 9th). Amendments to the law about NKO have brought in the State Duma on June, 29th. " If the bill successfully passes the first reading I do not exclude that in this session (till July, 13th. " " ) it will be accepted completely " has declared " " the head of the Duma committee of affairs of public associations Yaroslav Nilov.

but if against the law on meetings all oppositional fractions against the law about NKO the fraction " is going to vote only struggled; Fair Russia ". " an United Russia " and LDPR the bill will support. Yesterday to toughen the law about NKO the largest oppositional fraction (92 deputies) and #150 has agreed also; the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. The first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov has explained that communists " historically and traditionally do not countenance, when the western finance is covered with the sheep skin ". A source " " In the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on a question, a leah is co-ordinated a position of fraction by that communists have agreed about preservation of inviolability of deputy Vladimir Bessonov (a question will be considered today, see " " from July, 5th), has assured: " Unfortunately, is not present ". As he said, here another " political calculation ": " the Decision is dictated by a phobia bolshej parts of deputies that against party will untie campaign and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation it will appear " for foreign agents " ".

to the law about NKO public discussion " has been devoted Amendments; the Open tribune ". Its speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin (" conducted; an United Russia ") .

the Ideological base was brought by the leader of the Duma United Russia party members Andrey Vorobev. " public organisations should not do there something under a table " he has told, having referred to the law of the USA from 1938 which works and now. He meant the Federal law on check in of the agents operating in interests of foreigners (FARA) which has been accepted on the eve of the Second World War. The United Russia party member has not seen anything bad and in definition " the foreign agent " (Earlier public chamber has specified that it has " negative konnotatsiju " and according to Dmitry Ushakov`s dictionary corresponds to a word " the spy ") . As mister Vorobev, " has declared; Ushakov lived during the Stalin period " and now there are also other word meanings " the agent ": the agent on real estate or the insurance agent. Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov spoke about the same yesterday absolutely on other platform also. On a press - conferences after negotiations with the German colleague Gido Vestervelle he has declared that " in this case not only the term, but also the concept of the one who such foreign agents among the non-governmental organisations and what their rights and duties, have bodily borrowed from the American legislation ".

Actually the difference with the American law is, has explained " " the director of the Russian branch of institute " the Right of public interests " Dmitry Shabelnikov. It consists that FARA regulates a special group of persons which operate under the commission or the order of foreign structures: " Unlike the American law the Russian bill connects acquisition NKO of the status of the foreign agent exclusively with the fact of reception by it financings, and has no value, on what, from any foreign source. A question on, a leah realises it thus the own purposes or carries out the commission of the principal, has for authors of the bill no any value ". Also the expert has noticed that last 20 years FARA in the USA is exposed to the rigid criticism.

however, on " to the Open tribune " supporters of toughening of the bill about NKO offered also other explanations in which the American experience was estimated not so positively. The general director of Institute of foreign policy researches and initiatives Veronica Krasheninnikov began to frighten the gathered subjects that " the gain of minds is military strategy of the USA ". And eks - the deputy from " an United Russia " Political scientist Sergey Markov has added that the law will allow not to admit " overthrows of the working president " and " colour revolution ".

" the Repressive law " it is necessary, that " to spread shpionomaniju " co-chairman RPR - Parnassus Boris Nemtsov responded them. As he said, " serious threat " has hung first of all over association " the Voice " which struggles with falsifications on elections, Amnesty International which protects the rights of prisoners, and also over anticorruption organisation Transparency International. " It is impossible to hang up shortcuts of foreign agents. Who will define, what organisation is engaged in political activity? " the leader of fraction spravorossov Sergey Mironov has declared. " any public organisation is converted to public opinion, aspires to spend the bill which can improve a situation in its sphere. Public organisations work there where the power does not consult with the functions " has declared the director " Voices " the Lily of Shibanova.

" Never, under no circumstances the Moscow Helsinki group will not be registered as the foreign agent " Lyudmila Alekseeva has declared chairman MHG. It has passed head of the Presidential Council of human rights to Michael Fedotovu the corresponding statement for Vladimir Putin. Mister Fedotov, in turn, has informed that the law on foreign agents, can, and is necessary, but as the agent should be considered " the person who operates on the instructions of the foreign state, on money of the foreign state, in interests of the foreign state ". Head SPCH has directed to the Duma the reference with the request to postpone bill consideration. And the Committee of civil initiatives (KGI) Alexey Kudrin has urged the State Duma to reject it. In KGI notice that it " Contradicts fixed in item 13 of the Constitution to a principle of political variety and cannot be realised in a democratic lawful state ". And the bill has estimated committee of mister Kudrin as hastily brought and hastily advanced.

similar requests sounded and before acceptance of the bill of meetings.