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In October it was executed sixty years to the director of Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION Victor Vasilevichu Rudyh

V.V.Rudyh and I.S.Gurbanov, the chief of machine shop BGES with 1962 for 1991

the Boy from taiga settlement Zajarsk, since the childhood dreaming to work on Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. To this dream Victor Rudyh`s all life has been subordinated: And study at the Moscow power institute, both an operating time of theoretical knowledge and teaching electrical engineers and relay protection at polytechnical institute on Black continent, and reception of practical skills on desired BGES.

For thirty years of work at station Victor Rudyh has studied it up and down, being at first the senior master, then the deputy chief of shop, the foreman, then the chief engineer and the director. By its recognition, the ninetieth were the difficult years dashing, when it was necessary to rescue power and not to lose highly-skilled personnel, to be engaged in barter transactions. " the one who has managed to survive then, already is afraid of nothing " - Victor Vasilevich is assured.
tent Bratsk

When - that the Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION was represented to it by something huge and incomprehensible, unknown force, which as the most powerful magnet, drew to itself all thoughts and desires of hundreds and thousand people.

- to Get on building of Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION was the big good luck, - Victor Vasilevich remembers. - in settlement Green which has left under water after overlapping of Angara, builders of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION lived in the big soldier`s tents - in one tent on twenty persons! And the climate in these parts then was very severe: in October constant snow already dropped out, in November frosts could reach thirty degrees, in December reached to a minus of fifty!

And at the same time builders of Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION as though did not notice neither bitter colds, nor household disorder... After all they with huge enthusiasm built the greatest in the world of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION and were happy from the participation to such grandiose building! Then on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION romanticists and enthusiasts have come. They could stick days, knowing that their children and grandsons will necessarily live better!
instead of wide streets in settlement of Hydrobuilders glades have been cut through. But already with might and main worked as thermal power station - 7, providing with heat the first stone houses of builders of Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.

Strojotrjad of the Moscow power faculty, the city of Lensk

And Victor Rudyh then studied at the twentieth school of under construction Bratsk and very well understood that lives in the centre of building of world value. When to it it was executed fifteen, to Bratsk have arrived Fidel and Raul Castro. The young Cuban leader and his brother were full of energy, their persons shone happiness: after all they the eyes have seen a great miracle
the USSR - Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. In far Siberia they were met by thousand bratchan, and even speech did not go about any fear for a personal security of Cubans. The meeting with Castro has been appointed at stadium " Work ".

- I then have managed to shake hands personally with Raul Castro because well studied, was the Komsomol leader, - Victor Rudyh remembers that indelible meeting. - Both Raul, and Fidel were young, fervent, gallant children. Both have been dressed in the spotty military form, in jackets on fur (at us it it was coldish after Cuba) and in high army boots.

They have easily come to us to school next day and through the translator told, what great value the Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION has for the country, during what remarkable time we live...

the Teacher of Africans

to carry out the dream, Victor after leaving school has entered Irkutsk polytechnical, and was then translated in the Moscow power institute, in 1972 successfully it has ended and the USSR on special courses on profound learning of foreign language has been directed as one of the best graduates in Minvuz.

the French language was useful to Victor Rudyh exactly a year later when it together with wife Alla (the schoolmate, and then and the classmate), have sent in a city of Conakry of Guinean National Republic. Young experts - power have providently left the one-year-old son to the grandmother, and have correctly made.

- In Guinea it was very difficult, - Victor Vasilevich tells . - For us, Europeans, illnesses with which the African republic teemed were dangerous. And the climate was heavy - same equator. Well, and I any more do not speak about teaching. Were with great difficulty given to Guineans of the electrical engineer and relay protection, but all of them mastered these sciences and became quite good experts. I taught at once at three faculties: mechanical, building and electrotechnical.

But even there, in far Africa, Victor Rudyh did not stop thinking about Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. It would Seem, the trade is, as the expert it is claimed even outside of the country, but one thought, one dream has sat down at a head: home!

Unique station

Three years of teaching have not passed in Conakry completely. There, in Africa, Victor Vasilevich has managed to understand that the far Siberian city of Bratsk means for it. Together with the wife and the son in 1976 - m they have come back home and have found here grandiose changes. The brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION already then was considered as a support of development of the Siberian power.

the Slogan " the Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION is built by all country! " Victor and Alla have seen the eyes: members of the Komsomol continued to gather in Bratsk from all Soviet Union. But on Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION there were rigid requirements: highly-skilled personnel was necessary only.

- The matter is that the electrotechnical industry of the USSR together with building and start of Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION has made enormous leap forward, - Victor Vasilevich remembers. - the most unique equipment Here has been established, analogues to which were not anywhere in the world. The Leningrad metal works let out for Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION of the turbine and transformers, switches and other equipment. A lot of the electrotechnical equipment for station factories of Novosibirsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye delivered.

the First teacher and the first award

Usually masters become young graduates of high schools in twenty one, twenty two years. But Victor Rudyh became the master on Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION in twenty eight - after study in Moscow and teaching in Guinea it again had to begin all with zero. But knowingly speak in the people: " the Destiny and behind an oven will find ". The young expert was noticed by skilled engineer Ilya Semyonovich Gurbanov and took it to itself, in machine shop, on a post of the senior master.

- My trainer and my teacher Ilya Semyonovich was very competent person - it has arrived from the Kharkov turbine factory where worked as the design engineer. Has passed all war. On age it to me in fathers suited and taught, how the father: " Vitja, remember! Parents and the heads are from God!

What they - good or bad have got, not to you to judge, it is given you. And you are obliged to remember it ". But the most important thing to that he has taught me, - to be the person of the command. To work so that as another together with you it was easy. Having lived so much years, I have understood that it is one of high lights in life.

When Victor Rudyh worked as the senior master, on Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION unique experiment began. Knowledge and technologies of space under the program of the government of the country began to take root into the industry. So, the Samara space institute of a name of Sergey Korolyova has suggested to work over a narrow problem of all hydroelectric power stations: to try to replace babbitovye segments podpjatnika on elastic metalloplastmassovye. This work at institute was conducted by Cand.Tech.Sci., the chief of the fifteenth laboratory Yury Bajborodov.

- Yury Ivanovich has suggested to conduct all tests new metalloplastmassovyh segments on Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. It was new, anywhere vidannoe the enterprise. The matter is that 98 % of failures on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION have been connected with destruction babbitovyh segments. Babbit as the material, simply did not maintain such loading. It was naplavlen on a segment podpjatnika which, in turn, maintained loading in 1400 tons - the lump of the rotating hydrogenerator and water was that. I was engaged in this experiment on Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, and in 1979 we have received the State award of the USSR.

Then the award was received by the director of Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION Ivan Fedorovich Ustinov, and Victor Rudyh managed medal VDNH and five hundred roubles - considerable for those times money.

the Fifth director

Optimism to the fifth director of Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION not to occupy. If in 90 - h years at " Irkutskenergo " there were millions dollars on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION reconstruction now Victor Vasilevich especially with optimism looks ahead: possibilities became much more.

At station constantly there is a reconstruction, one of large investment projects " is realised; Irkutskenergo ": by today three driving wheels of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION are already replaced, and in ten years (Victor Rudyh is assured of it on 100 %) absolutely new station will be put in operation!

- I consider that we have accepted that skeleton of station, whose knowledge and experience and we pass another, has developed at the first director Konstantin Andreeviche Knyazev. Ivan Stepanovich Gluhov, the chief of turbine shop - Ilya Semyonovich Gurbanov, the chief of electroshop - Sergey Evgenevich Vorobyov, the chief of hydroshop - Victor Afanasevich Nesterenko was the chief engineer at it.

they have created that Brotherly HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION which we have now. I with them worked, and they us, young, learnt, imparted to us the knowledge and traditions. We here lived days. It was necessary to experience that time for itself... Therefore now us any world economic problems not to frighten. We - will survive!


Oleg Prichko, radical shelehovchanin, was born on Friday 13 - go 1963. Despite it always with sympathy is among 13 and considers that this day there are basically pleasant events. Activity in power of the beginnings in 1982 on thermal power station - 5, then still REU " Irkutskenergo ". In executive management works since 2002, in management on work with a debt receivable.

Oleg Prichko

Before recent purpose headed management of wholesale trade of the electric power. Now Oleg Nikolaevich finishes studying of the theory of administrative art on system MBA.

In September Oleg Prichko has started responsibilities as the sales manager of power resources of Open Society " Irkutskenergo ". In its submission the organisations which are engaged in sale warm - and the electric power: firm " Power sale " " Electrosale " IESbK, ATSK, IGTSK, management of wholesale trade of the electric power and management on work with a debt receivable.

- Oleg Nikolaevich as whom you in a greater degree consider yourselves - energetikom, the economist or the head?
- As well as all who makes Open Society collective " Irkutskenergo " I - energetik, on a post - the head. In my understanding, any head should understand base questions of economy. Certainly, not at level of the professional economist.

- But you it is quite good and power understand, as I could be convinced of former interviews.
- To executive management I worked on ITETS - 5, therefore as a sign with production. Without it it would be difficult to me to work in a power supply system.
- you can tell, what you have created yourselves as the expert?
is not absolutely so, at each stage of work I had perfect teachers. I yours faithfully and their gratitude will name: in an operating time deputy director ITETS - 5 it is Leonid Sevostjanovich Aleksjuk, in executive management - Boris Matveevich Rozenrauh. And independence - it was shown in development of knowledge, in application of the received experience.

- Recently you have started responsibilities as the sales manager of power resources. Your life in connection with increase has how much changed?
- Considering that two mine previous work places were in saleovom the block and the last some years I replaced Boris Matveevicha Rozenrauha for the period of its absence, as a whole the understanding of a situation is.

deep comprehension of a full spectrum of duties needs still any time. The basic priorities in work are placed. Certainly, the level of responsibility has changed, the duties have extended. The schedule remained former, the relation to work - too. Probably, me has carried, my work always gave to me pleasure.

- In my opinion, at you very specific circle of questions - the markets, sales, quotations...
It is interesting and very important for the Company. Some years there is a branch reforming, interactions, business - processes change. It is the difficult, confused process, formation of new relations. Much is created from a blank leaf. Management of wholesale trade of power resources managed to cope successfully with tasks in view and to make for the Company essential profit. It creates a special drive.

- you have already planned the actions as the sales manager of power resources?
- Any radical reforms in the Company in the power marketing block I yet have not planned. The solid, productive command of adherents is created. Therefore I plan the evolutionary updatings called by necessity of preparation for expected changes external for the Company business - environments. Such, for example, as creation of sector of trade of capacity in management of wholesale trade.

- in work you have faced what new directions?
- Considering that I worked in division on work with a debt receivable, in management of wholesale trade of the electric power, these directions for me are clear completely.   Work in the retail market for me a direction let not absolutely new, but, certainly, demanding immersing in itself.

- What personnel changes you plan in firms subordinated to you and divisions?
- the First purposes already behind, there has passed natural rotation of shots in UOTE. Maxim Matveev, for example, became the head of department of wholesale trade. Main recesses it is not expected.

- What skill level of your subordinates?
- About a skill level tell those good results which managed to be reached. I do not want to seem self-confident, but in Open Society " Irkutskenergo " The most prepared command in the country. Those indicators which are reached today, correspond to the high level.

- That you consider as the main thing in the work?
- not to stop on the reached. If the head became absolutely quiet, it means that at it or all is too well debugged, or he simply does not know that occurs in its department. It is necessary to receive constantly new knowledge in connection with a changing situation in the market, in economy. And on it to adjust the subordinates.

If to search for new problems, which it is necessary to make the efforts to reach objects in view work will cease to be monotonous and measured, it becomes more interesting.

- Oleg Nikolaevich, than you are engaged out of work?
- Unfortunately, free time not too much. There is one long-term tradition: In last days off of April we come a permanent team under leadership of my father on the same place on Baikal during almost two tens years. My son has started to fish with ice in seven years. Now it the high-grade member of team, the hereditary fisherman. This year it has opened 13 - j a season fish lova.

- As to you it was possible to fisherman to seize good luck for a tail?
- With the father we as - that, for a long time truth, have arrived on fishing on Friday. And on Saturday during the lunchtime we have left back because fish did not enter into a luggage carrier of the car any more.

-   I know that you play to basketball team ID. Why basketball?
- I Try once a week by all means to get out in sports hall. Work at us such that a lot of time should be spent behind a desktop: at meetings, on work, in the car, in the plane. And it is wrong, it is necessary to move. Therefore to us has come to mind thought to diversify our life.

Have thought and have chosen basketball. There was a quite good command of workers of executive management, thermal networks. Yes all interested persons can join us. Game passes two times a week under the schedule. And two years ago I was fond of bowling. Has tried - it was pleasant, involved.

- Except the special literature that else read?
- If it is possible to find time, I re-read old things. Very much I love O.Genri. Basically at me the specialised literature.

- Speak, if at the man the son is born, it becomes the father. If the daughter - the daddy. Oleg Nikolaevich, at you three adult children. You have experienced on yourselves cargo of cares of a large family?
- Actually when one child, with it is more difficult, than with three. In the big family all each other support, nurture, help. The oldest daughter was three years when was born younger when the son was born - to it was four and a half. Therefore it quite coped with a role of the nurse. Now Anja has finished the medical university fifth year, married, more recently itself became mum. The younger daughter now studies on the fourth year of linguistic university, to the son of 19 years, too the student.

- We want to congratulate you with coming 45 - letiem and replenishment in a family. We wish you from the face our management on public relations and work with state bodies of all successes, health, prosperity!

- Thanks. October on a broader scale for our family - month of feasts and anniversaries: since 2 numbers and practically every other day - birthdays. Some days ago, on October, 6th, the grand daughter of Olenek was born, on October, 11th to my father 70 years, 13 - go - birthday at me will be executed.

Vitaly Filippov:
"... Worked with full return to receive the maximum result "

the Director of thermal power station - 10 Vitaly Filippov in the 60 - summer anniversary tells about itself, about the life, which inseparably linked with history " Irkutskenergo ".

the Biography of the head of one of the oldest thermal stations of a power supply system is similar to history of hundreds boys 50 - h years: was born in miner`s settlement Cheremkhovo, vosmiletku has ended at local school, the senior classes - to Cheremkhovo where each time on foot on 6 km reached. Excellent studied, participated in all Olympic Games, the mathematics especially was pleasant.

- Vitaly Nikolaevich, than has been caused a choice of a trade power?
- Upon termination of school wanted to be the miner. But has come with the friend to Irkutsk polytechnical institute and in a selection committee has seen colourful posters of power faculty. We have submitted documents and have gone to study on energetikov. As I planned to arrive for mountain electromecanics, and it is close...

... Vitaly Nikolaevich on " studied; perfectly " received the raised grant. During week-end went home to Cheremkhovo, helped parents to conduct an economy. Worked in strojotrjade " in the summer; Energy ". The intense schedule of work and study has not prevented it to arrange private life.

the Future wife studied also in IPI, at faculty of the automated management systems. Four friends from one room of a hostel married four girlfriends from another. The fourth year married, and in day of last call the elder son - Igor was born.

- With what feelings you remember years of study at institute?
- Student`s life always I remember with special warmth and thrill. It is time to youth, hopes, selfless friendship. Alas, it flies by too quickly... After institute I as early as years ten on September, 1st very much would like to go for study.

In 1971 after the termination of institute Vitaly Nikolaevich was arranged with the scaffold worker on Is new - Irkutsk thermal power station, but was engaged in engineering work, a complete set of equipment N - ITETS. Then the main case only has started to be under construction, under its base dug foundation ditches. Has been then appointed by the engineer, and in three years - the deputy chief of technical department. In 1974 has left on training on thermal power station - 9, that " technicians to try ".

- those far years you already put before yourselves the concrete career purposes?
- Is not present, the career purposes were not, simply worked with full return to receive the maximum result.

- As far as we know, in 1975 to the change which chief you were, honour to start in operation the first power block N - ITETS has dropped out. What difficulties have arisen during start-up?
- the Station was under construction spetskontingentom - prisoners, the personnel has been typed at all levels without sufficient experience. Starting operations of the new equipment were at a loss many aspects, including poor-quality installation, poor-quality schemes. Terrible deficiency of heat in Irkutsk was imposed. Burnt down transformers, switching centres.

In 1976 I became the senior shiftman of station, and in 1978 - the deputy chief of shop of the centralised repair on the turbine equipment.

the First years of work of station were the heaviest. At standard number on a site of 90 persons worked only 35. In shop simply lived, the wife of a shirt for work carried. Then to my second son, Sergey, as early as a year was not.

I am very grateful to the director of station to Paul Fomichu Zhesko, nowadays the dead. He spoke: to be true energetikom, it is necessary to think first of all of how to save life of people. In - the second, about an equipment status. And in - the third to make decisions, without thinking of consequences for itself, without thinking of the award.

In 1983 I have been appointed by the assistant to the chief engineer on repair. At this time repair collective N - ITETS was formed.

- In this time what innovations have been introduced, transformations on N - ITETS are spent?
- Losses of steam and the basic condensate were reduced and finished to norm that is one of the best indicators in Russia. Conditional expenses on thermal and... To be true energetikom, it is necessary to think first of all of how to save life of people. In - the second, about an equipment status.

And in - the third to make decisions, without thinking of consequences for itself, without thinking of the award.
electric energy have decreased and became the best in the Irkutsk power supply system. In times breakdown susceptibility was reduced.

head samples of the power equipment Have been established and mastered. Today N - ITETS - the most reliable station in " Irkutskenergo ". In due time it has nurtured many qualified experts for a power supply system.

- In 2006 you have headed thermal power station - 10. What was possible to change 2,5 years for the past? What problems remained?
- Years 15 - 20 years ago the work offer on thermal power station - 10 in any post would count for a destiny gift. But fifteen years of the minimum loadings have left traces on collective.

the Basic skeleton which bore loadings, has retired, the youth does not suffice either knowledge, or practical skills. Pride of a trade and meaning of the life power was lost. I have faced that thermal power station - 10 " cooked in own juice ". In " Irkutskenergo " considered that at loading execution in 8 billion in kw - ch in a year the thermal power station - 10 do not have problems. And their weight.

At execution of the minimum loadings nobody reflects on losses, expenses, the specific expense, an equipment status. The huge problem - absence of the line fault service which has left in DZO, and station remained without the curator, without the head of repair. The department on preparation and carrying out of repairs has been urgently created, posts of curators of repair in shops are entered, is adjusted 100 - percentage control of metal.

again typed collective of operation personnel has risen before a problem of absence of trainers. As a result not skilled machinist of the power unit has yielded million losses. It not only its fault, but including mine as the director who could not prepare, impart demanded skills of work in its deadlines.

Though, in my opinion, in the Company there is also a system problem in personnel training, catastrophically there is no preparation high quality, technical, the personnel. To operate the block it is much more difficult, than by plane as high-precision automatics here will not work, at us it leaves much to be desired. In this connection now on thermal power station - 10 the program of attraction of pensioners for individual preparation of machinists of power units, machinists of shop operates.

thermal power station Problems - 10 are connected with a problem of execution of the maximum loadings. In - the first, for thermal power station - 10 burning of not design coals is problematic. The program on which we will work on design coals before delivery of regime maps on a mix of not design coals is now confirmed. In - the second, debugging of top internal modes. And the sore point is a system zoloudalenija. On five coppers different types of emulsifiers which are incapable to work are established. The program of replacement of emulsifiers on former a scrubber is now imposed. I think, next year we will enter into a normal working channel.

- What there are long-term projects for thermal power station - 10?
- the railway Building, which start is planned on January, 1st, 2009. One more global project is a Small South. In 2009 for this program it is allocated by 200 million rbl. Besides, it is replacement vagonooprokidyvatelja, building of the administrative block toplivopodachi, building of garage for bulldozers. Well and, of course, preparation to 50 - letiju stations which we will note exactly in a year.

- Vitaly Nikolaevich, what you can tell about sports and socially - cultural life of collective of thermal power station - 10?
- has pleasantly been surprised by high level of teams of thermal power station - 10 on football, volleyball, tennis. I am proud of their sports successes and I try to support in all. At station the command of KVN which while has never defeated corporate games, but at it still all ahead is generated.

- What traditions of thermal power station - 10 you support?
- the Main tradition are dynasties, they have conclusive pluses. It and the big responsibility of children for work, but main is a familiarising with a trade power since the early childhood.

pride of the personnel that they work on thermal power station - 10, despite all hardship and difficulties Is traditional. As they time. Stable work of collective not far off, we very much are now demanded.

- As you consider, the prestige of a trade now is saved?
- Not in that stepeAs though I would like it. Though recently I had a hope ray that the Power from capital letter still will declare itself. Let pomalenku, but machinists already start to please, the personnel on duty.

I tell each time to the young expert coming on station: " At cataclysms in our country you can lose work, a trade which will be not claimed, but the chimney at you always will have a bread piece, advancement on a career ladder, there will be all ". The power is the special manufacture demanding from workers the big preparation and fidelity to the business.

- Tell about the family, children and grandsons...
- My hope and a support - wife Tatyana Valentinovna. When backs are reliable, it is possible effectively and with full return to work. It the perfect culinary specialist, the truck farmer, is not present such female work from which it would not consult. All house lies on it.

the Elder son, Igor, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of area in Irkutsk, the younger son, Sergey, is trained now at the management higher school. At me four grandsons.
1998 to year to Vitaly Nikolaevichu Filippovu the rank " is appropriated; Honourable energetik " in 2003 - " Honourable worker TEKa " in 2004 it is awarded by the Sign " Irkutskenergo " III degrees, in 2005 - the Certificate of honour of the mayor of Irkutsk.

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