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Mountain faculty KF PetrGu - the carried out possibilities


the Murmansk area is one of the basic mining and processing regions of our country. The population of the cities of Apatity, Kirovsk, Kovdor, Monchegorsk, Polar, Nickel, Olenegorsk, settlements Revda, Lovozero and Afrikanda in the majority has a direct bearing on mining industry, working in various shops of Open Society " Apatite " Open Society " Kola gornometallurgicheskaja the company " Open Society " OLKON " Open Society " Lovozersky GOK " Open Society " Kovdorsky GOK " extracting and processing medno - nickel, iron, tantaloniobievye, apatitovye, apatito - nefelinovye and baddeleitovye ores.

the Long-term plan of development of mining industry of area provides also development of new kinds of minerals of deposits platinoidov Fedorovsky and Pansky tundra, apatito - nefelinovyh ores of a deposit of Oleny a stream and the titan - magnetitovyh ores of a deposit of Gremjaha Vyrmes.

Mammon of bowels of area hromitovymi ores of deposits of Sopcha and Big Vaaraka, rare-earth ores of the Wolf tundra, perovskitovymi ores of the Afrikandsky deposit show longer and successful prospect of mountain sector of area. It is necessary to note especially prospects of development of deposits of hydrocarbons of the Arctic shelf and their value for area and country economy as a whole.

the College of mines of the Kola centre of science of the Russian Academy of Sciences is engaged in the Analysis of prospects of development and operation of all these richest stocks of natural resources (KNTS the Russian Academy of Sciences), being leading academic institute of the country in the field of mining, possessing the highly skilled scientific potential which basis is made by 16 doctors and 27 candidates of science. Its activity is directed on working out and introduction of modern technologies and the equipment at mountain enterprises Severo - the Western region and the Russian Federation as a whole.

the Big plans of development of strategic resources of the country, certainly, should be supported with young qualified personnel. And the shots nurtured in local conditions, knowing firsthand about work of the mountain enterprises.

For this reason a management of College of mines KNTS of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Kola branch of Petrozavodsk state university (KF PetrGU) in 2004 the decision on the organisation in KF PetrGU Mountain faculty is accepted. The faculty structure included stands: Mining and enrichment - the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Millers N managing stand. N; physicists of mountain processes and geophysics - managing stand, d. So-called Professor Tereshchenko S. V; the Applied mechanics and the engineering drawing - managing stand, to. So-called, the senior lecturer Minin V. A. These stands provide preparation of engineers on five specialities: Underground mining of mineral deposits, Enrichment of the minerals, Open mountain works, Physical processes (mountain or oil and gas) manufactures and Geophysics.

Professorsko - the teaching structure of faculty is presented by highly skilled employees of Mountain and Geological institutes of the Kola centre of science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Twelve doctors and 20 candidates of science (by the way, not any faculty of capital high school incorporates such quantity of highly skilled experts) provide carrying out of employment on the disciplines considering profile specificity of the local mountain and geophysical enterprises.

Educational, it is material - the technical base of faculty is presented by a complex of the laboratories contributing in acquisition of practical skills on technological mineralogy, geomechanics, physical processes of mountain manufacture, to crushing and crushing processes, gravitational, electric, magnetic and flotatsionnym to enrichment methods, gravels - elektro - magnito - and seismic prospecting. At studying of disciplines of specialisations students have possibility to study mountain processes and their technological possibilities in laboratories of Mountain and Geological institutes KNTS of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Participation in the academic researches is reflected in the reports represented at student`s scientific conferences. In 2007 students of faculty have acted at X international conference which have passed to Apatity. Only the small list of these reports - " Working out of imitating model of flotation apatitonefelinovyh ores " " Working out of preventive shock-proof actions on the basis of modelling it is intense - the deformed status of a file of rocks " " Use of multipurpose hardware complex EMAK - 1 in a method of resistance " shows variety of interests of students.

an expert students of faculty spend All kinds in shops of the leading mountain companies of area, mastering modern technological processes.

the Faculty carries out training on internal and correspondence modes of study. For today at faculty it is trained under the internal form of 325 students and under the correspondence form of 280 students. Necessity of training of students on faculty specialities proves to be true prospects of expansion of a raw-material base and long-term plans of the operating enterprises.

At faculty there is a student advice which helps children both with study, and in the organisation and carrying out of student`s leisure. At faculty there are commands on basketball and tennis. The command which is taking part in games " is organised; What? Where? When? ".

graduates of faculty work at the mountain enterprises of Open Society " Apatite " Open Society " Kola GMK " Open Society " Kovdorsky GOK " and in the geological organisations of Open Society " Murmansk geologo - prospecting expedition " GUN " Sevmorneftegeofizika " Open Society " Sea Arctic prospecting expedition " Open Society " Arctic sea engineering - geological expeditions ". Today`s activity of graduates of mountain faculty KF PetrGu shows successful realisation of their own possibilities and instal confidence that mining industry of area and will be provided further by the qualified young experts.

the Dean of mountain faculty KF PetrGu, the professor, d. So-called S. V.Tereshchenko.

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