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From fresh mail
the General donor  0; welfare fund " Ural Mountains " (Bashkiria), all prices more low on 50 thousand rbl., a detail on rusfond. ru


Ljuda Kolesnikov, 2 years, a children`s cerebral paralysis, course treatment will rescue. 80 thousand rbl.

Attention! The price of treatment 130 thousand rbl. the Group of companies " Renova " has brought 50 thousand rbl. there is no 80 thousand rbl.

Before half a year the daughter developed as everything, only weight typed slowly. We have become agitated, when Ljuda began to try to sit down, and it was impossible to it. Doctors have told, it lags behind in intellectual and physical development. Inspection has shown an atrophy of frontal and temporal shares of a brain. It was a shock. Experts of Institute of medical technologies (IMT) undertook to treat a daughter, but treatment this long and expensive, not under our finance. At the husband on work (it the assistant to the machinist) have raised money for two courses IMT. Ljuda already sits and goes, keeping on a hand. Also has started talking, and after a flu has again become silent. In hands holds nothing. Help to continue, please, treatment in IMT! Ilmira Kolesnikov, Transbaikalian edge.

the Neurologist of Institute of medical technologies Olga Rymareva (Moscow): " it is impossible to interrupt Therapy! We will teach Ljudu to go and speak, we will finish it to training level ".


Rodion Hamidullin, 3 years, a diabetes of I type, are necessary insulinovaja a pomp and expendable materials. 149 676 rbl.

Here already half a year Rodion constantly on pricks. We put five injections in the afternoon, we measure level of sugar at night and in case of need too we prick insulin. Sugar level skips: that above norm vpjatero falls so low that threatens the son of a clod. To put a medicine light dose krohe it is heavy, and syringes - that such are not present, but if a dose incorrect also indemnifications will not be. We dream of a pomp. It is adjusted according to features of an organism and a diabetes current, regularly enters insulin, as it is required for successful treatment. Help to buy this wonderful device! At us two children. We live for the small salary of the husband. Olga Hamidullina, the Novgorod region.

the Doctor - endokrinolog children`s polyclinic N1 Victoria Andreeva (Novgorod): " the Current of a diabetes at the kid heavy to stabilise sugar level it is not possible. The pomp Is required insulinovaja, it will help to compensate a diabetes ".


Tasja Kubasova, 9 months, imperfect osteogenez, the osteoporosis, is required treatment. 160 thousand rbl.

Attention! The price of treatment 230 thousand rbl. Company LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics (Russia) has brought 70 thousand rbl. there is no 160 thousand rbl.

the Daughter was born with the broken leg. Have looked and crisis grows together, it is received in bowels! And more have found accrete crises of an edge and a forearm. Our rural physicians have been puzzled: what for illness? We were afraid to touch the babe. Were nervous, six-year Vanjushku to the sister did not admit, of all being afraid, and it was badly reflected in its nervous system. We have found the medical centre where treat fragile children. For the first course paid in all village, benefactors have then helped. tasja holds a head, sits. But money for treatment to us not to find any more. I the unemployed, the grant on care of the child till one and a half years 4,6 thousand rbl. the Husband the joiner on a power-saw bench for 5 thousand rbl. As a result of a trauma it has lost fingers on a hand, but physical inability does not make out not to lose work. Help! Elena Kubasova, the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

Managing branch of pediatrics of the European medical centre Natalia Belova (Moscow): " After pathological crises of edges, bones of hands and feet of Taisii treatment pamidronatom to six courses in a year " is necessary;.


Maxim Serdjukov, 3 months, congenital bilateral kosolapost, urgently are required treatment. 70 thousand rbl.

Our son was born with a pathology, at it the bone form kosolaposti. Treatment have begun for the seventh day of life. In hospital to me have shown how to knead and bandage stops. On some times a day I massed and bandaged tiny legs, but they were not straightened. Having learnt about a modern and reliable method of treatment on Ponseti, we have contacted Yaroslavl where it have mastered, and have received a call. But treatment expensive, and we have become puzzled. Established by decree yet did not pay, and I worked as the manager in the children`s centre of early development with the salary hardly above the minimum payment. The husband only since April, 1st was arranged with the mechanic with time wage. We live in 14 - a metre room of apartment with podseleniem under the contract of social hiring. The credit will not give, there is nothing to sell. It is necessary to hope for your kindness. Uljana Serdjukova, the Astrakhan region.

the Assistant to the head physician of hospital of a name N. V.Soloveva Yury Filimendikov (Yaroslavl): " If we will immediately start treatment by a method of Ponseti, garantirovanno and we will for ever relieve Maxim from kosolaposti ".


Ksjusha Novikova, 1 year, a congenital heart disease, operation will rescue endovaskuljarnaja. 139 100 rbl.

In four months at Ksjushi have found noise in heart. And in half a year the doctor has told: " It is necessary to operate, yet late ". We have got a fright. Without losing time, have contacted Tomsk kardiotsentrom and have arrived on inspection. There is a possibility to do without polostnoj surgeries and to close defect in heart of a daughter through a puncture in a femoral artery! But Ministry of Health will not pay such operation, and for us its cost is too great. We live for the salary of the husband (it the worker, serves tanks on the railway). The overload of the right departments of heart has already begun. And Ksjusha at that age when all is interesting, on a place does not sit seconds, but quickly is tired, even from feeding, badly sleeps and even more often is ill. Please, respond, help! Elena Novikova, Jamalo - Nenets joint-stock company.

the Senior research assistant of Tomsk scientific research institute of cardiology Evgenie Krivoshchekov: " mezhpredserdnoj partitions we will close Defect endovaskuljarno okkljuderom. Ksjusha will easily transfer such operation and can maintain all age loadings ".

Requisites for the help are in fund. Electronic offerings (details on rusfond are possible. ru).

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