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Kondratovo - bathed

the Largest developer of the Samara region " Victor and To " has found a platform under the first project in Prikamye. To build large Broadcasting Company with an aquapark and hostel the company intend on 62 hectares in village Kondratovo on the earths plemzavoda " Verhnemullinsky ". However while plans of the Samara businessmen are disturbed by judicial suit with Rosimushchestvom for this site. The regional authorities count that the scale project will give an impulse for territory development, and experts doubt that the chosen direction possesses the traffic necessary for so large object.
the Samara developer of commercial real estate GK " Victor and To " has found a site for the first scale project in the Perm edge. It is a question of a platform more than 62 hectares in village Kondratovo (the Perm area). At once some sources familiar with a situation, have informed „“ that in this territory the Samara company intends to construct Broadcasting Company. By data „“, the complex will include a grocery hypermarket, DIY, the sport goods, home appliances and electronics shop, a cinema hall, a public catering, an aquapark and hostel. Yesterday in " Victor and To " have confirmed „“ presence of projects in Perm, however to open details did not become, having referred to prematurity of such announcements.

as has found out „“, still on September, 29th, 2011 the Samara Open Company " the Service power company " (SEK), entering in " Victor and To " has got 100 % of Open Company " KOMERiK " (rents a platform in Kondratovo at FGUP " Plemzavod "Verhnemullinsky" ") . According to the data " SPARK - Interfax " 20 % SEK till February of this year belonged to Open Company " Victor and To TSUK " now proprietors are two physical persons - Sergey Rudenko (92 %) and Oleg Berg (8 %). By data " SPARK - Interfax " former owners " KOMERiK " were certain Zhumshit Aslans and Darya Lebedev. Under the information „“, they could operate in interests of former managing director FGUP " Plemzavod "Verhnemullinsky" " Lyudmilas Syrvachevoj. To contact it yesterday it was not possible: its mobile phone has been switched off.

to start realisation of plans to the developer stirs judicial dispute with terupravleniem Rosimushchestva on the Perm edge which was converted into regional arbitration in November of last year with the requirement to recognise absent at Open Company " KOMERiK " the rights of rent of the earths of agricultural purpose by the area of 62 hectares in village Kondratovo. According to Rosimushchestva, this site in 2006 could not be conceded managing directors " Verhnemullinsky " in rent to the third party - Open Company " KOMERiK " as on it there is a real estate belonging to the state, - meliorative system. The interlocutor in Rosimushchestve has told „“ that if on this site to construct Broadcasting Company it will break work of all meliorative system of state farm, and it occupies the space of 11 thousand in hectare.

we will remind, about plans of the Samara developer it became known to enter the Perm market in the beginning of last year, when Open Company " Victor and To " has carried on negotiations from Open Society " Agency of assistance to investments of the Perm edge " (the founder and which unique owner the regional government) is. Then building on the city territories of Broadcasting Company, an aquapark and the congress - a hall has been announced. As marked eks - the general director of agency Oleg Shatov, " samartsy are interested in realisation of investment projects in territory of the Perm edge, they are going to construct two objects the area 100 - 150 thousand in sq. m and 160 thousand in sq. m ". For realisation of the project of Broadcasting Company with an aquapark " Victor and To " it was ready to buy Open Company UK platform " eks " (benefitsiarom which the former governor of Prikamye Oleg Chirkunov) in the Kamsky valley on Speshilova, 94 where the Perm company also considers the civil-engineering design of Broadcasting Company with an aquapark is. However developers did not manage to agree about the price.

a group of companies " Victor and To " - the largest developer of the Samara region in the market of commercial real estate. It is based in 1996. In the property and management is more than 400 thousand in sq. m of commercial real estate of a different profile. Among the realised projects - Broadcasting Company " Moscow " (154 thousand in sq. m, are included into its structure an aquapark), TK " Megacity " (52,4 thousand sq. Broadcasting Company " Kosmoport " (125 thousand sq.), the logistical centre of a class And (95,4 thousand sq.). The largest tenants of platforms are the Russian networks Υ5, " M.Video " " the Sport master " and also foreign networks MediaMarkεt, Auchan, Leroy Merlin. Strategy of development of the company provides expansion of operating objects and realisation of new projects in Samara and other cities. The purpose the developer puts mark achievement in 1 million in sq. m of qualitative floor spaces in the property and management within the next five years.

according to the head of the Perm area Alexander Kuznetsova, Broadcasting Company in Kondratovo is a powerful project both under investments, and from the point of view of an infrastructure. " though a platform with the complexities: there there are not written off communications which are not used for a long time. But if Broadcasting Company project is realised, it will give an impulse to area development, after all the company involves very large operators. For territory is both growth of tax revenues, and new workplaces. We even have preliminary arrangements on an infrastructure with " MRSK Ural Mountains " about substation building on this direction. Plans were and earlier, but without such heavy user in it there is no necessity " - the interlocutor „“ adds.

the Director of Open Company UK " eks " Elena Zhdanova considers that the aquapark is necessary to a city, however on a direction towards Kondratovo there is no big traffic. " we never considered platforms in that direction, including under large-scale projects. For us, as well as many other companies, the Kamsky valley, East detour, departure from a city are interesting from Heroes of Hasana, loop roads round a city. That is those directions where there is a good transport availability (except for Heroes of Hasana) and the high traffic. From party Kondratovo there are no large inhabited files which in many respects would form this traffic, it is not most sated highway " - the madam of Zhdanov explains. She notices that aquapark presence essentially udorozhaet the project: " the Area of our object is planned for Speshilova in 25 thousand in sq. m, expenses for it are estimated in 1 - 1,5 mlrd the rbl. Besides, is necessary to any aquapark the professional operator, and basically it is not enough of them ".

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