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Alexander Bastrykin has spent board on the future results

Yesterday on board of investigatory committee of Russia (SKR) in St.-Petersburg has been declared new functions which investigatory department can receive with support of deputies of the State Duma. Main from them control for operatively - razysknoj activity. And to supervise field services SKR wants at all stages of trial from excitation of so-called business of the operative account by them to the introduction into validity of a sentence of court.
on the board sitting in Mariinsk a palace, chairman SKR Alexander Bastrykin in the presence of the press has summed up work of divisions of department for six months of this year. Having informed that the criminality in Russia as a whole decreases, mister Bastrykin has noted its growth in the Novgorod region and on Chukotka. Thus in 26 regions the number of murders has increased. For example, in their Murmansk area became on 100 % more than last year. " The main task of investigating bodies in interaction with field services to achieve that people felt in perfect security " head SKR has told. Also has there and then cited the data, bearing that employees of department even in heavy conditions for them (each of them, for example, it should investigate more than three affairs simultaneously) as a whole cope with a problem.

for five months 2012 in manufacture of inspectors was almost 105 thousand criminal cases that on 17 thousand more than for the same period of last year. It is finished 42 thousand affairs, and practically all of them are directed to courts. Quality of a consequence has thus improved. " we have achieved decrease in quantity of the persons illegally involved in a criminal liability, the number justified by court " was essentially reduced also; mister Bastrykin has declared.

" Considerable progress is available " The head of department has noted, but then has warned the subordinates from " children`s errors ". " Frequently bills of particulars regarding the charge formulation do not correspond to the decision about attraction as the accused. In them frequently there is no list of proofs to which the process parties, and also the circumstances softening both aggravating punishment, and #150 refer; mister Bastrykin has declared. Finally the public prosecutor with court us tychut a nose in these elementary children`s errors! " as he said, for similar errors should bear responsibility not only inspectors, but also their heads.

in summary the head of department has put before the subordinates from tens priorities, among which the active reference in courts with petitions for election accused and to suspects of such preventive punishment, as house arrest and pledge.

After that journalists have asked from a hall, however, as it became known " " in the closed part of board offers which can essentially change work of investigatory department have sounded. In particular, the deputy of the State Duma from " an United Russia " Michael Starshinov " has suggested to think over expansion of separate powers " both inspectors, and their heads. He has suggested to vest the last with the right of acquaintance with affairs of the operative account of law enforcement bodies on which criminal cases subsequently are raised. " such approach, certainly, will allow to estimate sufficiency of the collected data for criminal case excitation, and also planning of remedial actions, to define the further prospect of investigation " the deputy has told. (We will notice that about necessity of similar control for recent interview " " Public prosecutor Yury Chajka spoke also, truth to vest with it it offered public prosecutors.) In turn, to the inspector as mister Starshinov considers, it is necessary to give the chance to get acquainted with all operatively - office documents of business of the operative account got on being at it in manufacture to criminal case.

simultaneously the inspector and its head should acquire the right to establish a date of performance of the commissions on criminal cases, to prolong this term and to supervise it " it, will certainly, favorably affect efficiency " and quality of investigation.

two more legislative offers, voiced on board, also have been connected with the field services accompanying investigation of criminal cases. This support should be carried out not only at a preliminary investigation stage, and up to the introduction of sentences on criminal cases in force. Besides, field services should " regularly " To direct to the inspector of data on a status of search suspected or accused on their affairs. All these innovations concern the law " About operatively - razysknoj activity ". In Criminally - the remedial code as it has been told on board, it is necessary to fix legislatively possibility of creation of investigation teams not only for investigation of crimes, and even for check of messages on them. Speech, of course, goes not about all dosledstvennyh checks, and about what " demand great volume of verifying actions and actions, and also manpower resources ". Deputy Starshinov has noticed that all these offers will be discussed still, and to realise them in the form of legislative initiatives it will be possible after the Duma vacation.

sources " " in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have noticed that the voiced initiatives Attempt of investigatory committee to receive control over divisions of the ministry and FSB, carrying out operatively - razysknuju activity (HORDES). The source has reminded that in due time Alexander Bastrykin supported investment of its department with functions of HORDES (it spoke interests of security service SKR without operative functions it was difficult to it to reveal the corrupted inspectors). Now control over HORDES, under the source version " " it is necessary for department within the limits of planned expansion of its functions. This year SKR from police investigation of tax affairs has been passed, together with affairs in department inspectors of law-enforcement bodies have passed also. Further it is supposed that the committee will receive in the manufacture other criminal cases from police, for example about swindle. It will create certain difficulties as the inspectors specialising on investigation of resonant affairs, have got used to work with highly skilled operative structure from employees of FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in department work. On new affairs by a rank below such detectives for the clear reasons will not suffice, and behind what will be accompanied new komitetskie by affairs, it is necessary to establish rigid control.

" it is too much power in one hands it is always bad, especially so far as concerns investigating bodies which now are not supervised even by Office of Public Prosecutor, Larissa Move has told the known lawyer. however, from the point of view of the decision of the problems, which law enforcement bodies create to the person on remand, probably, it becomes easier, after all to solve them will be necessary not with all services, and, speaking in images, " through one window " ".

" The inspector was and remains the commander in struggle against criminality, he develops strategy of this struggle and bears responsibility for the mistakes made during its. Therefore it should receive from field services materials in full, instead of those inquiries, which detectives give to it more likely for a tick, has told " " the expert of Advice of federation on the legal questions, the merited lawyer of Russia Issa Kostoev. While process goes in the opposite direction: the detective, using evidences, for example reports of interrogations and scene surveys, forms the operatively - razysknoe business. All it negatively affects results of investigation ". According to mister Kostoeva, " a sick subject " at the admission of inspectors to operative affairs there are agents. " But the inspector all - taki should know that the information is received not from zapressovannogo in the chamber of the alcoholic, and is valid from a source deserving trust " he has noted.