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In wild places of Moscow suburbs

Activity of builders has led to that all near Moscow suburbs without any decisions from above actually became the Big Moscow with many-storeyed building, supermarkets and stoppers. Those to whom the summer residence is necessary for rest from a city, choose places as it is possible further from MKAD. But to search for these places it is necessary most because the market of real estate habitual to townspeople in Moscow suburbs is not present till now.

Couple of years back the acquaintance has invited me to itself to a summer residence. I remembered road well though was last time in those edges about six years ago. A perfect place in area Nahabino, it is possible to reach across New Riga literally minutes for thirty. When I have approached on the Pavlovsk large village has not found out anything the acquaintance. Was not there neither fields, nor woods which pleased an eye and #150 earlier; developers have tried to roll up each dandelion which has got to them on a way in asphalt. Now there there are some elite settlements with smart cottages and townhouses for 12 - 25 million rbl., there is a supermarket. And my acquaintance thinks of sale of a favourite summer residence: instead of wood at it now it is a lot of neighbours from the former union republics erecting as she speaks, these ghettoes for millionaires, yes and settled in nearby settlements and villages. She intends to buy now the land in a good place where there is a wood, small river, in general far away from Moscow.

apparently, such summer residents it is a lot of. If to look at statistics of an independent ground portal zemer. ru, it will be found out that the prices grow basically on the ground areas in 60 - 90 km from Moscow. On the average on Moscow suburbs the earth hundred part in new settlements (the primary market) costs now, according to analysts zemer. ru, about 222 thousand rbl. And in villages and garden fellowships (the secondary market) 213 thousand rbl.

the Advantage of average indicators consists, at least, that on them it is possible to trace dynamics of the prices during the last years. As informs zemer. ru, average cost of a hundred part of the earth situated near Moscow in the beginning of 2009 made 278 thousand rbl. Then what even in some years after crisis of the price and were not restored. " the competition in this market has become aggravated for last year - two quantity of new settlements where sites are on sale, has grown in 2,5 times " the director for strategic development " marks; the Absolute management " Shishkin`s Anna.

to receive an objective picture of cost of the ground areas it appears difficult enough: expert estimations differ on tens percent. For example, under data zemer. ru, the average price of a hundred part of the earth for distance from 30 to 60 km from MKAD across New Riga makes hardly more 400 thousand rbl. Further in this direction (from 60 to 90 km from MKAD) a hundred part, in opinion zemer. ru, company Blackwood pulls on 166 thousand rbl. the Same hundred parts estimates accordingly in 667 thousand and 230 thousand rbl. That is expert estimation of cost of the earth in the same district raznitsja on 30 - 40 %. With the secondary market a situation so muffled: if to compare the profile statistics zemer. ru and offers of private land owners, it is found out that figures of independent analysts much more vesomee.

the Most simple example. On a site avito. ru 15 hundred parts under IZHS (individual housing construction) in 55 km from MKAD on the New Riga highway sell for 1,25 million rbl., that is ask 84 thousand rbl. for a hundred part. By estimations zemer. ru, the earth hundred part on this direction and on the same removal from MKAD costs hardly less 335 thousand rbl., that is almost is four times more expensive. My acquaintance suggested to buy a site in 12 hundred parts with the house of all-the-year-round residing in a good housing estate approximately in 55 km from MKAD across New Riga for 3 million rbl. It is possible to accept that half of this sum is necessary on the house, thus, the hundred part would manage to it in 125 thousand rbl.

It seems that the quantity of the organised cottage settlements in Moscow suburbs does not give in to calculation. In zemer. ru believe that settlements approximately 400. And the chief of the analytical centre of the company " Inkom - Real estate " Dmitry Taganov says that them 691. However, for the potential summer resident total of settlements in Moscow suburbs an indicator maloinformativnyj. Another matter an interactive map of Moscow suburbs with the settlements noted on it which is available on a site poselki. ru. And to receive representation about what directions are more expensive, and what more cheaply, it is possible having converted to company Blackwood data (see the table).

It is necessary to notice that in some questions of analytics show enviable solidarity unlike estimation of cost of the ground areas. First of all, in a common opinion, solvent demand for any directions with a quite good transport infrastructure is stably high. " if to speak about directions, optimum on a price and quality parity and the most perspective from the point of view of purchase of a site for country house building it is necessary to note Kashirsky highway (15 - 60 km from MKAD), the Leningrad and Pjatnitsky highway (25 - 60 km from MKAD), the New Riga highway (40 - 80 km from MKAD). And also the part of the Kiev highway which has been not included in structure of New Moscow (a vicinity of Aprelevki and Seljatino). Time in a way to MKAD in the specified zones makes from 20 till 50 minutes, and taking into account plans on improvement of quality of a transport network it is time can be reduced " the head of analytical centre OPIN Ekaterina Lobanova tells.

In plus the Pjatnitsky highway should write down that in December, 2012 authorities of the capital plan to open the metro station with the same name on crossing of a line with Mitinsky street, will appear there and an intercepting parking. Besides, as the assistant to the mayor concerning the town-planning policy and building of Marat Husnullin has informed in May of this year, and in December the basic works on reconstruction of the Warsaw, Kashirsky and Leningrad highway should come to the end. " such lines as the Yaroslavl, Shchelkovo, Gorki, Dmitrovsky highway, alas, a competition from this point of view for a long time do not maintain " Ekaterina Lobanova speaks.

analysts unequivocally find it difficult to estimate Prospects of the settlements which status has changed on July, 1st on Moscow. Last initiatives of capital officials (to expand to eight - ten strips the Kaluga highway to check up legality of building of cottages in the territories attached to Moscow to simplify procedure of withdrawal of the earths) in case of their realisation can strongly affect a conjuncture. " on the one hand, settlements have a prestigious capital status, with another inevitable consequences of an urbanization: the neighbourhood with inhabited microdistricts both low, and many-storeyed building. Liquidity of such projects will depend first of all on type of real estate and a settlement class " Ekaterina Lobanova speaks.

The one who goes on Moscow suburbs, observes an urbanization with open years not only on the Kaluga highway. With ward to Moscow Sergey Sobjanina and its command the basic activity of builders was displaced in Moscow suburbs. All to whom it was possible to talk " to Money " designate the urbanistic future of territory between Moscow and " The first betonkoj " (30 - 50 km from MKAD) in the long term 10 - 15 years.

experts already mark the raised demand for the earth outside of 60 km from MKAD, and on a number of directions further 90 km from MKAD. The defining factor of demand is here the ecology, wood and reservoir presence. As to the south, the north, the east or the West unpopular country directions, according to analysts, are not present today.

Buyers at a choice of a place for house building frequently start with subjective appraisal (it is pleasant it is not pleasant). The price is defined by set of parametres, first of all presence or absence of communications. " the basic tendency in the market which only amplifies recently, intention to get only ready product, that is a site with all communications " Shishkin`s Anna speaks. Absolutely differently affairs are with the offer of such earths in the organised new settlements. On Ilya Terentyev`s supervision, the project head zemer. ru, presence of communications is declared everywhere. But at the best they are at 15 - 20 % of the projects presented in the market.

at Ekaterina Lobanovoj other data: the electricity is brought in 80 % of settlements, gas is in 55 - 60 %, the centralised water supply from poselkovoj chinks at half of objects in the market. Anyway, connection of communications, as she said, can demand from 30 % to 150 % of cost of the site. For example, in cottage settlement " the Wood landscape " located in 30 km from MKAD between the Kiev and Kaluga highway, with sites for 1,4 million rbl. (seven hundred parts) the builder undertakes to connect water, the water drain, an electricity, the main gas for 500 thousand rbl. (approximately 35 % of cost of a site).

As to new settlements which grow as mushrooms after a rain, risk not to see the promised communications it is great enough, and, judging by the demand, all have already well understood it. " it is necessary to mean that, having bought a site at an early stage of sales, it is possible to wait for communications one - two years, and really to live in settlement it will be possible only years through five. The basic lack of settlements with sites without podrjada is absence of the organised building, both on styles, and on terms. Even in very expensive prestigious areas such projects are all the same conceived as Shanghai " the senior adviser of department of consulting, analytics and researches of company Blackwood Elena Rzhavsky speaks. Alternatively it is possible to consider land buying in country fellowship or village. Rzhavsky sees in such variant of essentially less risks from the point of view as communications, and long-term construction around: " Frequently in such settlements already there is an infrastructure, and also transport availability and #150 is better; especially in old housing estates ".

In forecasts concerning dynamics of the prices for the earth in Moscow suburbs experts show rare solidarity: the stagnation, any sharp movements as a whole on the market. In their opinion, in many cottage settlements (by different estimations, in Moscow suburbs cannot find the buyer of an order 40 - 50 % of ready cottages) threat to the prices do not represent absence of sales. Though in the market there are such offers, as at the company " the Vector of Investments ": within the limits of the project " the Istrinsky valley " it is possible to buy a site (about eight hundred parts) with already constructed house (59 sq.) for 1,1 million rbl. (64 km from MKAD on the New Riga, Volokolamsk or Pjatnitsky highway).

the Unique segment where analysts do not exclude movement of the prices both in that, and in other party The earths which have got to the list of territories of New Moscow. " in an elite segment price updating and outflow of buyers on adjacent country directions is already felt. Privacy, silence, and the main, predicted environment in a priority at target audience of habitation of the given level " Ekaterina Lobanova marks.

How much is the earth in Moscow suburbs

the Source: Blackwood