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Estimation with plus

Next renking the largest estimated companies has shown: the total receipts of its participants following the results of 2011 have made almost 10 mlrd rbl., having increased for a year by 23 %. A favorable conjuncture in the market of crediting and transactions with the property, and also realisation of the large consulting projects connected with development of business, have generated a new wave of demand for services of appraisers.

forecasts come true
For the last year volumes of estimated works have grown. According to the companies participants renkinga, the total of their reports by an estimation has increased for a year at least by 32 thousand, having made about 155 thousand almost all participants renkinga from among interrogated among the basic drivers of development have noted activity of the markets of merges and absorbings, a mortgage and mortgaging crediting, and also transition of the Russian business on MSFO and the become frequent attraction of appraisers as experts in legal proceedings. The tendency coincides with forecasts of the previous release renkinga in which the initial stage of activization of the market and #150 was marked; annual dynamics has made 14 %, having changed on 10 percentage points (see " the Estimation grows in the price " in " Money " N29 for 2011). Among factors of the future growth then were marked activity of investment processes, a mortgage and the customer in the name of the state. The basic demand in 2011 has been concentrated to an estimation connected with current functioning of business (crediting, insurance, rent), and also with transactions with actives (purchase and sale, merges and absorbings). According to data on structure of a gain of participants renkinga, following the results of 2011 the share of these segments has made accordingly 42 % and 23 %.

the Greatest part of a gain of participants renkinga, received from projects with a view of crediting, insurance and rent, was brought by a real estate estimation (the detail information about volumes of the gain received from an estimation in various branches, in an interactive map on a site www. raexpert. ru).

Appraisers mark regular receipt of orders from clients of banks on an estimation of own property passed on the security for maintenance of the credit. According to Daniel Slutsky, general directors of Open Company " the Estimation of business and consulting " (OBIKS), demand for an estimation on - former is warmed up by active crediting of business as the companies feel requirement for financial resources for expansion of activity or realisation before the suspended investment projects. The similar opinion was voiced also by the general director of Open Company " ABN - Konsalt " Maxim Bobyrev, it believes that " One of the basic sources of demand for estimated services still have definition of a market project cost of pledge. The crediting increase conducts to directly proportional growth of volume of demand for an estimation ".

Activity in the crediting market does sector of financial institutions by the most capacious under the income for appraisers. On orders from banks, the insurance and investment companies participants renkinga have earned last year 1,194 mlrd rbl., or 12 % of total volume of a gain. In turn, banks, aspiring to minimise the risks, even more often hold competitions (accreditations) for selection of estimated firms that, certainly, is the positive factor. According to the assistant to the general director of Open Company " Active business - consultations " Olga Astafevoj, accreditations at banks do not suppose the unfair companies to an estimation and as a whole raise organisation of the market.

Besides the purposes of current functioning the estimation has been rather claimed and at purchase and sale transactions, merges and absorbings. The maximum volumes of a gain of participants renkinga in this target segment also had on a real estate and business estimation: 674,7 million rbl. and 662,4 million rbl. accordingly. Plus of 209,2 million rbl. was made by a gain from an equipment and transport estimation in profile sphere. The growing requirement for services of appraisers is connected with increase in quantity of transactions on business integration, on merges and absorbings of the domestic and foreign companies. According to the project " Merges. ru / Merges and absorbings in Russia " the quantity of complete transactions for 2011 has increased in comparison with the previous period by 20 % to 1070, and their cumulative cost on 64 %, to $90,3 mlrd that should be reflected in amounts of works of appraisers.

Except the specified factors volumes and growth of incomes in estimated business are connected with scale and complex orders from the large companies where the estimation of objects is quite often accompanied by consultation financial, technical, and also examination, business - planning, the FEASIBILITY REPORT, due diligence and etc. " all also contributes in market Growth realisation of the complex projects containing detailed study legal, marketing, technical and technological parametres " the chief executive of consulting group " speaks; NEO the Center " Dionis Vasilev.

the Working moments
the Most dynamical growth of a gain of appraisers in 2011 was observed on two directions: an estimation of business and securities and a real estate estimation. Under the comparable data for 2011 and 2010, a gain of participants renkinga in these segments has grown on 33 % and 22 % accordingly. " Many long years demand for estimated services has been concentrated on an estimation of business (securities) and a real estate estimation as these kinds of actives are base in any fields of activity " the first deputy of the general director of Open Company " explains; the Center of an independent expert appraisal of the property " (TSNES) Cyril Kulakov. The significant contribution to development of this segment of an estimation as figurants of the list believe, the large domestic companies selling actives, shares and share holdings, and also some foreign banks declaring sale of the Russian actives bring.

as before, the business estimation is claimed from borrowers and financial institutions at crediting and other forms of attraction of financial resources. According to the general director of Open Company " LL - Konsalt " Paul Lazareva, growth of demand for an estimation of shares in limited liability companies for a notarial certification, including at the initiative of the banks considering such shares as additional maintenance under credits is observed.

last year the real estate estimation has brought to participants renkinga the greatest volume of a gain 3,8 mlrd rbl., 110 549 reports (including 808 and #150 here have been made; according to large objects with balance cost more than 1 mlrd rbl. and 6176 according to objects of a state sector and VPK). " On - former services in an estimation of commercial real estate (office centres and floor spaces), and also services in an estimation of the rent rate for the same objects " use a great demand; the general director of Joint-Stock Company AK " specifies; the Business profile " Vladislav Slom.

development of an estimation of real estate is contributed also by the mortgage loans actively advanced by banks and the state. According to Andrey Vozdvizhensky, the commercial director of the company " New time " the mortgage stimulates interest of citizens to habitation acquisition, the quantity of transactions with real estate grows, so, the quantity of inquiries about its estimation grows also. Besides, according to Cyril Kulakova, on - former the estimation of rates of a rent and market cost for privatisation of objects of the real estate which is in state property is claimed.

other segments of estimated services an estimation with a view of MSFO, an estimation of the equipment and vehicles, an estimation of investment projects, an estimation of non-material actives and intellectual property while develop not so dynamically.

the gain of a gain from performance of works by an estimation with a view of transition on MSFO has made 10 %. In this segment the general director of Open Company " Space - audit " Anna Zvorono allocates services of revaluation of the basic means, estimations of non-material actives, estimations for the purpose of reflexion of financial investments and an estimation of the objects used for the investment purposes. However, under the statement of the assistant to the general director according to Open Company " Bejker Tilli Rusaudit " Alexander Klimov, the firms, capable to perform this work with appropriate quality and necessary level of validity of reports, not so it is a lot of: " For example, service becomes complicated, when non-material actives or when it is necessary to analyse competently on adequate profitableness, calculation of cost of biological actives " get to work area;.

According to Alexander Zhiglo, the president of the company " Russian service of an estimation " introduction of principles MSFO in the Russian standards, and also the general improvement of a situation in the markets will lead to activization of demand for an estimation and under standard IFRS - 1 To estimation of fair cost of the basic means of the organisation for the first time making the reporting on MSFO. Besides it, according to Cyril Kulakova, demand for an estimation in this segment will become stronger occurrence of Russia in the WTO and increase in this connection quantities of the enterprises which are setting as an object attraction of foreign investments, including at the expense of an exit on IPO.

Under the comparable data, dynamics of incomes in a segment of an estimation of non-material actives and intellectual property has appeared by results of last year the lowest a minus of 10 %. But it does not do profile services cheap: according to figurants of the list, average cost of one project (report) makes 250 thousand rbl.; similar work in a segment of an estimation of the equipment will manage vpjatero more cheaply, and in a segment of an estimation of real estate vsemero.

in this segment appraisers consider Reduction in demand not system, stability here, in their opinion, will raise thanks to commercialisation of the intellectual property which has begun in the country. So, the general director of the consulting company " NBK - groups " Albert Ajginin is assured that services in revealing and an estimation of results of intellectual activity are necessary for the objective account of the saved up mental potential, and also for licence contracts, attraction of investments, development of new directions. As he said, except involving of results of intellectual activity in economy the growth driver in an estimation of these actives is the venture business, after all one of key conditions of success for the project such is the objective estimation of its non-material component. " In present conditions appraisers first of all depend on the market of crediting, attraction of means through additional issues, and also realisations of investment projects " Alexey Baskakov, the head of department of an estimation of Open Company " marks; Financial examination ".

" In the long term the increase in demand at estimated services can be predicted in connection with changes of the legislation of the Russian Federation in sphere of state purchases " the general director of consulting group LAIR Alexander Smirnov considers. It is obvious that it is a question of the bill of federal contract system: it is planned that it will replace the scheme of state purchases defined FZ N94. If the new law comes into force, appraisers for certain will get a rise in incomes of services to the state. It is meant that selection of contractors will be focused to a lesser degree on the price of works, and in bolshej on criterion of quality. Besides, the initial price of competitions will be established according to the branch agreement which contains a technique of definition of the minimum size of payment of works by an estimation.