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To the Kirov inspectors have put by sight

Yesterday the chairman of investigatory committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin at session of board of committee in St.-Petersburg has scarified inspectors of the Kirov region, in April stopped criminal case concerning known oppositionist Alexey Navalnogo. According to chief SKR, the Kirov consequence has made it " on the quiet " also it was necessary to report on a management on possible doubts or pressure attempts.
on yesterday`s board of investigatory committee of Russia (SKR) where were summed up for the first half of the year, chairman SKR Alexander Bastrykin has scarified work of the subordinates in the Kirov region. It has lifted the head of investigatory management across the Kirov region Alexander Panova from a place and was converted to it: " you have such person on a surname of Navalnyj. All country speaks, negotiations are published. Concerning it criminal case " is stopped;. The Kirov subordinate has tried to respond something, but without its microphone was badly audible. " have on the quiet stopped criminal case! If there are bases to stop - report, is weak, are afraid, press - report, we will support and we will help " - its Alexander Bastrykin has chided, having added that for the Kirov region " it is last call ".

we Will remind, criminal case investigated in Kirov concerning known blogera and the oppositionist has been stopped on April, 10th and soon it again have renewed. Under the version of the investigation, in 2009 Alexey Navalnyj, being the adviser of the Kirov governor on public principles, has imposed to state enterprise " Kirovles " the unprofitable contract on delivery of wood with the Vjatsky wood company. As a result " Kirovles " has lost 1,3 million rbl. At a stage dosledstvennoj checks which lasted more year, field investigators of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on PFO suspected Alexey Navalnogo of swindle, however as a result of business has been raised on ch. 3 items 165 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" Causing of a property damage by a deceit or breach of confidence in the absence of plunder signs ") . However received materials has put the Kirov investigatory management SKR has not found out in actions blogera a crime. The decision of the Kirov inspector that business is stopped, in the blog Alexey Navalnyj has published, having written that did not hurry it to advertise and wanted to wait moment, when the decision " will resist " in Office of Public Prosecutor and SKR. Together with the decision of the inspector bloger has laid out also own reference to the public prosecutor with the requirement of official apologies for unreasonable criminal prosecution.

soon after that business has been raised again, this time already by the inspector of main investigatory management SKR about what in mass-media the representative of committee Vladimir Markin at once has told. Then criminal case have transferred in control SKR on Privolzhsky federal district where it now and is investigated. Let`s remind also, Alexey Navalnogo`s electronic mail has been cracked and recently in a network have published its correspondence with the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh where they emotionally find out debt problems, and the governor advises to the former adviser most to understand with " cops and feesbeshnikami ". Yesterday it became known that criminal case can take away for investigation in central office SKR.

the Official representative of SOU SK of Russia across the Kirov region Andrey Vasilkov before arrival from St.-Petersburg chief of the department Alexander Panova has refused comments. One of inspectors of the Kirov investigatory management has on the condition of anonymity noticed that at the termination " affairs of Navalnogo " anybody, including the governor, did not render pressure upon a consequence, and qualification of the expert investigating events around " Kirovlesa " sufficient objectively to understand materials. " This business have raised in management SKR on PFO and have passed us. We investigated it and have come to a conclusion that then the crime structure in actions of Navalnogo was not. In my opinion, at that point in time the inspector has made the lawful and well-founded decision on refusal in criminal case excitation. But cancellation of our decision does not mean that the inspector was mistaken or has underfulfilled. There could be new circumstances: for example, someone`s correspondence was opened, there were new facts which should be investigated. Operative work too after all is not necessary on a place " - the inspector has noted. Concerning the yesterday`s sharp criticism of chairman SK of Russia of Alexander Bastrykina of their work the interlocutor “” has noticed that " to a management is, of course, more visible " and employees of the Kirov investigatory management wait for returning from board of the head and situation analysis on a place.

the Initiator of investigation, the former assistant to the governor of the Kirov region Sergey Karnauhov says that all epopee " with closing - opening of criminal cases on "Kirovlesu", change of inspectors and weight of altercations " in itself merits separate criminal case. " main points remained: who instructed on numerous closing of criminal case or who pressed on the inspector? Who gave the commission “to waste on time” operative business on check of criminal activity concerning "Kirovlesa" as a result of which realisation “business of Navalnogo” has been raised notorious? Why so long delay a presentation of charge to figurants - to Peter Ofitserovu and Alexey Navalnomu? Of That are afraid? I can unequivocally assert that the operative business directed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for acquaintance of the minister, behind number 1 / 621 (the signature stamp "Confidentially") was, and in materials of operative working out is enough proofs at least not to stop this manufacture and to direct two accused under court " - mister Karnauhov has informed “”. In its opinion, materials on Navalnomu were necessary for taking away from local level as the Kirov agents of national security will normally not investigate it.

Alexey Navalnyj in the blog named the information extended in a network on abusings " a poppycock " and the Kirov governor White through the senator Svetlana Zhurovu was converted to the public prosecutor with the request to check up stated in correspondence with blogerom data, at the same time having estimated legality of reception and the publication of private letters.