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" As session Are glad it is closed, preschedule parliamentary elections are impossible "

Ukrainian It is glad has refused to accept resignation of speaker Vladimir Litvina. Inclusion of this question in the agenda was supported by any member of parliament. The correspondent of the newspaper " Ukraine " Sergey Sidorenko has told details of leader Xenia Turkovoj.
Litvin has written a resignation after the parliament has approved the scandalous bill of languages. The document assigns to Russian the status regional in areas where it is native for 10 % of the population.

All - taki Supreme Rada regular session has come to the end. It it is declared officially, and now only in September members of parliament there will return. It is valid so?

Yes, have really closed parliament just. The only thing that, is an every prospect, considering a current situation with a parliament management that the parliament will gather for an extraordinary session before September. When it will be, I do not know, but it is obvious that or till the end of this month, or most later in August such session will occur.

and what the opposition does? How it has reacted to news what all - taki session is finished?

in general - that, that session is closed, the opposition expected. The only thing, opposition hoped that resignations will be accepted. It is a question of resignation as Vladimir Litvina, the speaker, and its assistant vitse - speaker Nikolay Tomenko who was the representative of opposition, it is possible even to tell, in a former management Are glad. Both of them have written a resignation after the parliament has passed the law on the status of regional languages. As they confirm, this law has been accepted with regulations infringement. And today both statements on resignation have been rejected, are not rejected more precisely, instead of there is begun consideration by Tomenko, the speaker.

and now, in general - that, a ball in hands of the speaker. The matter is that a problem which caused that and their resignations, that present procedure of resignation of a management of parliament very difficult have not accepted. And the power simply technically cannot spend it without opposition support.

the Power has tried to change this procedure. On Wednesday have passed the corresponding law. And the speaker has besides refused to sign it. And it is now obvious that with the speaker any negotiations are carried on for that he has signed procedure change, and after it is possible to start the new mechanism, the new chairman of parliament will be selected. Accordingly, further all laws will be signed. How much it will be possible to persuade him, it is necessary to wait and look only, it will be possible or not.

What now the variant of succession of events with these resignations is possible? Or Litvin and Tomenko withdraw the resignations, or the parliament then comes back to this question and again considers a question on resignation?

Tomenko garantirovanno will not withdraw the resignation.

yes, he has already declared that he insists on it.

And Vladimir Litvin for the last some days, in general - that, has not made any statements. That is, after he declared resignation, it has left in an information corner where it it is not audible and it is not visible. And the only thing that about its position is audible, it that other members of parliament retell, its press - service. But neither written statements with citations of Litvina, nor its performances in mass-media was not. Therefore it is not clear yet with what it a position will occupy. In the power, including, in Presidential Administration, hope that Litvin will really withdraw the statement, and ostensibly with it negotiations any already were about it spent. But it is obvious that he has not agreed yet. And consequently the unique most real variant is that he signs the law on change of procedure of resignation and purpose of the speaker. After that really the authorities open all ways.

how to try to convince Litvina? Obviously, levers are. Litvin plans to go to the following parliament on majority district, on, it is possible to tell, to the lured district where it worked for a long time, but this feeding up was always carried out by means of the power and, having blocked its work, having blocked its propaganda the next months, the power, in general - that, can prevent it. Probably, on it also will press.

Sergey, preschedule parliamentary elections are possible, what about it speak? After all Victor Yanukovych said that it does not exclude it.

you know, then Yanukovych it has told, but its deputies, that is the parliamentary majority after that, as a matter of fact, have let know that this variant nerealizuem. If the variant of early election was considered seriously, Rade should not close session. And then traditional procedure of dissolution of parliament if the parliament does not gather for the sessions would be started. As session is closed, preschedule parliamentary elections are impossible basically. In general - that, and next at us will occur soon enough, in the end of October, that is there is no place to hurry.

And now what conditions in streets of Kiev?

If we speak about streets of Kiev in plural all these stirrings connected with acceptance of the language law, have not mentioned a great bulk of inhabitants of Kiev. To speak about any revolutionary moods which are universal, it is impossible. It is a question of meeting which really proceeds here already more than three days. He mass enough if to speak even, say, on Russian, to the Moscow measures. It is a question of several thousand which within several days are near the Ukrainian house on the European area, replacing each other. Nevertheless, it not popular uprising. Also that by it to do now, on a broader scale it is absolutely not clear. If It is glad it was closed, against what they protest, for what they stand? Anybody like cannot already make anything. Therefore, I think that this meeting in itself will come to naught, and within the next few days simply oppositionists will are urged to ask to go home the supporters.