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You as for kindly paid off?

while the Moscow businessman Alexander Tsiselskij* has self-denyingly rushed to the aid of rolling, at it have hijacked a jeep in cost of 3 million rbl. the Car have found, but the deposit remained (interview " see; I ask it: does not press? ") .
" I for good do not wait for any gratitude, therefore I do not pay off "

Alexander Lebedev , head of board of directors NRB

Two weeks ago I have rushed to the granny to keep it from falling in a hole. And it has pushed away me so that I have fallen and have broken a hand. I go in plaster. But, fortunately, normal people are arranged so that all of them will equally help, even if it is necessary to pay off for good deeds seriously.

Valentina Petrenko, councillor of federation

Once in militia have taken away. We with the friend sat in park, the couple nearby drank. The gentleman began to beat a passion, and we have interfered. There has arrived militia, the woman has declared that fight was started by us. Fortunately, the militia has understood also us have released.

Valery Goregljad, vice-president of Audit Chamber

I am malicious I do not remember, though is frequent in reply to good receive mistrust, and sometimes and direct harm . When I was 13 years old, one bishop has told to me: " you Want to acquire the enemy do to the person good ". Also it is truth. The people who have not received education, are more inclined to harm, rather than to good. But it is necessary not to despair, and to try to multiply good and to limit harm. This person has arrived nobly and will receive an award both in the sky, and in this life.

Vsevolod Chaplin, head of synodal department of mutual relations of church and a society, the protopope

Fortunately, was not necessary to pay off . And it is a single instance, though also very terrible. It not simply cynicism, people have fallen before bestial position. I have been assured that the car will find. Policemen or people will help, after all if each other not to help to what we will come?

Irina Antonova , director of the State museum of Fine Arts of A.S.Pushkin

Serious mucks to me did not do. And to steal the car in such situation extremely meanly, at us in Kazan such it is impossible. I believe in a society, but everywhere there is a nasty sheep. If the car have not found, it would be possible to declare fund raising for the hero.

Ajrat Hajrullin, deputy of the State Duma (" an United Russia ")

Happens, you will give way to someone in turn, and ten friends approach to it. I Stand in the end and I think: what for has conceded? And cars steal even at invalids. But not the society became worse, simply it is more steel speak about problems.

Igor Lozhevsky, main chief executive Deutsche Bank to Russia and the CIS

I for good do not wait for any gratitude, therefore I do not pay off. And Tsiselsky should give a medal for rescue of the rolling. In this history I am disturbed by that the thief has changed clothes at once in trousers Tsiselsky! Probably, at it affairs are absolutely bad. If we had organisations which gave to such people meal, a shelter and clothes, all would be more cheerful!

Alexander Lebedev , head of board of directors NRB

In any way, and from people to wait the thanks it is not necessary. the Christ has healed 12 or 13 leprous, and only one has returned to tell thanks. The history with Tsiselsky depresses, but I do not think that, having learnt it, people will cease to rescue others. The desire to be good is put initially or imparted in the childhood and anywhere will not get to. The person in such situation operates automatically.

George Bakradze , chairman of board of directors financially - building group " TSentrstroj "

Often I pay off, but on trifles. There is an English by-word " Any good deed does not remain unpunished ". And in this history zavihrilis inhuman forces. Perhaps rescuing was so with itself it is happy that the higher forces have decided it to punish. Though bastards are multiplied in a geometrical progression. What at us concentration of swindlers! It is terrible to think.

Edward Uspensky , writer

I was convinced time and again: " do not do good you will not receive harm ". But I continue to help. I am am amazed with indifference of the power and a society. The person has paid for good, and nobody has offered it the help. The power, calling to propagandise good, oligarchs, politicians... And should declare at once that will present the car instead of the stolen. Or people should be thrown off... All of us should respond...

Paul to the Drill , hockey player

Paid off . In 1999 in " Intourist " there was an explosion, it declared mafia dismantling and have accused me, and I have appeared there casually. And with those who has not suffered, I took out wounded men. But nobody has told about it. And in ten years have found customers and executors. Before me nobody has apologised. So I am not surprised the generation ready for the sake of a profit on all has grown.

Anzori Aksentev, businessman

Hundred times for kindly received slaps in the face. And my godson has stood up recently for the woman so shpana it has beaten, has broken a nose. But it has arrived correctly. Many, being good, expect kind reaction and, not always it receiving, break off. But all the same it is necessary to try to be good. It is necessary for our soul.

Yury Shevchyuk, leader of group DDT

Reached threats. We helped people while the family did not rise on feet. And when ceased to help, instead of gratitude received threats to complain where follows.

Elena Alshansky , president of fund " Volunteers for the aid to children - to orphans "

it was necessary to Pay off almost always. At us after all the more you are strict and spiteful, the more you respect. Giving thanks " to effective managers " kindness is conceived as nonsense. And me has not surprised that have dragged off the car, could to give also a kick, and to fine, what not there the jeep has put. To be kind in Russia the strong and rigid person presumes to itself only.

Elena Andreeva, president of holding of the security enterprises " the Bastion "

To me to good always responded good. And the state has helped this person the car after all have found. And is not present, so the society could be thrown off on the new car.

Igor Rudensky , head of committee of the State Duma on ekonompolitike

In any way. And the people who have made heroic actions, it is necessary to encourage. If it has occurred at us, I would give to Alexander a regional award and have presented to the state.

Vladimir Gruzdev , governor of the Tula area


Crisis will be?
if there is a panic and people stick out at banks, means, crisis already is. And there was it from - for measures on improvement of the banks which are engaged in illegal operations.

Evgenie Yasin, the supervisor of studies of the Higher school of economy

it is obvious that is not present. the Situation with banks will undergo through normal procedure of improvement.

Herman Gref, the minister ekonomrazvitija and trade

It is, and is not clear, where will stop. While even in the Central Bank not up to the end understand, what beast they have teased.

Andrey Terekhov, operating director The Carlye Group

If the international creditors and foreign holders of bonds will be frightened, all will sharply worsen. But it it is possible to avoid, if the Central Bank, for example, will give stabilisation credits to banks which can survive.

Alexander Shokhin, the chairman of the supervisory board of group " the Renaissance the Capital "

In the near future nervousness will be overcome. it is simple hearings about crisis have led to panic flight of investors, stops of payments of some banks and conditions forcing. But the macroeconomic reasons for crisis are not present.

Michael Friedman, the head of board of directors of Alpha bank

* are specified in poll moment.