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To the head of a regional Pension fund have given term for swindle

From - for bad roads the traffic

What claims are at Office of Public Prosecutor to gorodskimvlastjam?


On a status roads

street of Kirov

all line in hollows , with kolah and cracks. On some sites it is almost impossible to drive. There is marking proezzhej no part. On road of 20 years there were no capital repairs, to go on it dangerously. Date of carrying out of capital repairs is not defined till now.

at l. Volhovstroja

on proezzhej crack parts. On road holes on 1 - 2 metres , to 40 sm at width. Their depth to 7 sm . After a rain water there accumulates. Date of carrying out of capital repairs is not defined .

the prospectus the Queen

the Road up and down is covered by cracks in which after a rain water gathers. Capital repairs date is not defined. On repair on preliminary estimations it is necessary 33 million 213 tys roubles.

at l. Volhovstroja

to Drive along the street it is very difficult from - for holes and crevices. Capital repairs date is not defined. On repair it is necessary nearby 5 million 600 tys roubles

Frunze the bridge

on proezzhej parts of the bridge are not present a marking. All sfalt in cracks, pipes for water drainage are shorter, than it is necessary and have rusted

On quality of repair

Dmitriev`s street, pr - t Marx, territory of educational centre VDV on street Cheljuskintsev

recently laid borders " have gone " every which way. The reason - technology non-observance at packing. Stones needed to be established in a concrete holder and zalimvat seams between them a solution from cement and sand. Instead builders " splashed " borders directly in a ground also strengthened asfaltobetonom.

Overestimate by contractors of cost of works

At check it was found out that DRSU has overestimated cost works almost on 3 million 490 tys roubles

On publicity boards and to designs

the Leningrad prospectus

distance between boards are lengthways expensive less 50 metres . It is forbidden from - for road accident threats

street of 70 years of October

publicity boards hang on support together with traffic signs. It distracts drivers and creates road accident threat

a street crossroads Dianov and - Lukashevich

advertising designs are insufficiently deeply driven in the earth.

a crossroads of street of 70 years of October - - r Architects

the advertising design is on distance less 50 metres from a crossroads, it distracts attention of drivers and creates road accident threat

On traffic signs and traffic lights

60 % of traffic lights in Omsk have worn out . . From - for it there are constant failures in their work. Only 9 traffic lights enter into automatic management system transport streams from 181.

the Kirov district

from 2863 traffic signs of replacement demand 1538. Inscriptions on them are hardly read, and signs were deformed

the Central district

Almost on all traffic signs from - for an old age it is impossible to disassemble inscriptions


Behind a minute of glory Omsk acrobats

" Congratulate the teacher! "

Omichej fed with the delayed beef

Gold saddles for the Moscow prince

The guy has got acquainted with the girl and a baseball bat of its guy

On the Left coast will take down about 9 thousand time garages

In Omsk cafes did cakes and fruitcakes, life-threatening

To refuse omicham from sotspaketa or not?

To a city have brought Henry Moore`s sheep

Rest in village happens different

Underground transition opposite " Arenas - Omsk " there were the reason of a huge stopper

During the period since September, 1st on 25 dekabrjapodpisyvajtes on " also win!

" Avant-guard " has left from last place

" Really the death of the child has set thinking nobody? "

Group " the Reflex " the group " searched for ghosts

The Omsk student have killed in mounts of Kazakhstan

All hostels of Omsk

The love has forced the guy to make undermining on border with Poland

The teenager killed dogs and cats from - for sleeplessnesses

Where in Kaliningrad to sit behind a beer mug

The best children`s resorts

I can not achieve the help neither from the authorities, nor from militia

New competition for men of a city of Omsk " Mr. - Omsk! "

The actress SAMOKHIN`S Anna: It is ready to be given for a meat slice!

In Omsk have passed the fourth competitions on catching on ground tackle under the name " the Great take - 2007 ".

Omichka All militia of Moscow Kalensky area has mined a court building

Explosive halves a kilogramme have found at a search

On October, 1st in Omsk will give heat

In Omsk seriously ill patients children

Omichka tried to deceive militia and firm in which worked

The city has got stuck in the big stopper

The rural head is suspected of bribery

Katya Kryzhanovsky, the heroine of a serial " Thirty-year ": " the Daughter threw in the toy TV when I kissed Phillip "

Leps sings with a crib?

Mortgage. Actually!

Nazarov has forgotten about fight in Omsk

Omsk performances will look 72 countries

On Saturday will block street of 10 years of October

Omichka before death has had time to send to parents SMS

Irina Chashchina:Hochu to participate in show, but yet do not call

More than 40 thousand pensioners will receive side benefits

Addresses of churches, mosques and synagogues

Omichi began to catch a cold is more often

From - for black realtors people froze to death

Has given birth trojnju - receive apartment

" Avant-guard " has beaten the leader of the championship

The next three years will construct 85 athletic fields