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Ebay in Russia it is less, than ebay

One week ago in Russia the representation the Internet - auction eBay &mdash has opened; the Russian market of electronic trade is already enough great, that it to ignore. Ebay it is, seemingly, adjusted seriously, but hardly Russian shopogolikam to buy on it begins as conveniently, as foreign, — customs officers and postmen still will spoil nerves.

Okkupaj eBay
When in February, 2010 eBay has presented a site in Russian, appear, that this first step will be followed quickly by others which will allow the main thing the Internet - to auction on sale of all on light to earn in Russia at the full capacity. Expectations have not justified: Americans have decided to be limited to interface localisation. After two years they have moved further. Also it is a merit Russian shopogolikov.

the Company comScore has counted up that in 2011 the Internet audience in Russia has reached 53 million persons. It already more than no matter where in Europe. In Germany which takes the second place, 51 million Thus Internet penetration grows every year in Russia on 14 % twice faster, than in the most dynamical European countries. And Russians even more often go to the Internet not only behind news, a weather forecast or dialogue (for example, in " Schoolmates ") every year they make online more and more purchases. Two years ago the Russian market of electronic trade estimated in $8 billion Result of last year already $10 billion Forecast on 2015 - j $18 billion Certainly, in the USA the market of electronic trade it almost $200 billion But for Russia where bank cards the majority of citizens on - former use to cash only the salary in day of its delivery, is impressing indicators.

in December of last year these figures discussed at the Moscow conference TechCrunch. On a scene vice-president PayPal has risen (payment system which on an uncontested basis serves auction eBay) Loren Le the Pier to inform: at its company (so, and at eBay to which PayPal belongs) " far-reaching plans for the Russian market one of the most dynamical in the world ".

in the Spring PayPal it was converted into the Central Bank with a package of documents, which are necessary to open in Russia not bank credit organisation. It from the structures which are letting out ecash, is demanded by the law " About national payment system ". Usually on preparation and the coordination of all necessary papers leaves about half a year. On TechCrunch representative PayPal of Loren Le the Pier has noticed: in the Russian market of electronic trade were already generated " accurate and clear rules " the company has studied them and now " knows that to it to do ". Besides, he has mentioned that there are negotiations with a number of the Russian organisations possible partners of payment system and auction. One of them is already known. It " Mail of Russia " which is going to sell the prepaid maps PayPal in 40 thousand branches. At last, in March - April of this year has passed hearing that eBay spends interviews with candidates on a post of the head of the Russian representation of auction. And here last week office eBay (its technical name eBay Marketplaces) in Moscow has headed eks - the head of Russian division Google Vladimir Dolgov. It took a former position within six years (from first day of work of Russian office Google), and before supervised over company Ozon. ru.

While eBay abstains from subject comments. " Vladimir Dolgov will be engaged in the further development of business eBay in Russia, to find new possibilities for maintenance of the highest quality of service of our Russian clients " anything more substantial " to Money " from a press - company service it was not possible to achieve.

to Tell while there is really nothing. While at PayPal there is no permission to transfer money to the Russian bills, high-grade work the Internet - auction in Russia is impossible. The Russian users can buy on eBay since 2006. But not to sell (to receive and cash money from other users clients of the Russian banks have the right basically at a refund for not received goods).

Thus, Russian eBay became only a show-window global, and to buy on it not all is possible many sellers (mainly Americans) refuse to send the goods to Russia. Any plot. Simply corrected auction say that the goods should be delivered the buyer within 30 days from the moment of payment, differently the account of the seller will be blocked. Moreover and the buyer in case of a delay receives the money back even if a parcel to it all - taki will bring.

as eBay is going to solve all these problems while nobody knows. In the end of June the professor of economy of the Harward university Andrey Shlejfer has presented in St.-Petersburg work " the Efficiency of the government measured by means of letters ". The USA here have appeared on the first place (from 159), Russia on the last together with such countries, as Somalia and Myanma. Simple experiment: Andrey Shlejfer and its colleagues from December, 2010 till February 2011 - go have sent on two letters in five largest cities in 159 countries. According to the international agreements, national post services should deliver letters with the addresses written by a Latin, and also return to their sender if the address is specified incorrectly. Economists sent letters with errors and waited, when they will return. Have waited: from the USA for 16 days, from Russia in one and a half year. eBay here it is powerless. The only thing that it can make, to allow to deliver to sellers parcels to Russia for uncertain term, or to give on it more than 30 days.

Numerous intermediaries who help Russians to shop in foreign the Internet - shops, hope that eBay will not be engaged in it at all, and will concentrate in the Russian market: will make a competition of one of the oldest trading platforms of a RuNet the Internet - to auction " the Hammer. ru ".

Nakrutka for Russians
the Majority of the intermediary companies which earn on delivery to Russia of the goods with eBay and other global trading platforms, have appeared for some years before whales of electronic trade have paid attention to the Russian market. Bay. ru, eBay Today, eBay World, eBay Club and other services (a word eBay in the name use almost all) now perfectly feel and hope that demand for their services will grow only, what there has thought up the Russian office the Internet - auction. By the way, many of these companies are billeted not in Russia, and in the USA or Europe.

service Bay. ru, one of the largest, expects to increase for this year a turn six times to 1,2 mlrd rbl. At it 200 thousand registered users, 45 thousand unique visitors a day. The average check a little more than 12 thousand rbl. financial indicators do not open Other services only quantity of users. At the largest Russian intermediary service eBay Today them more than 700 thousand By data comScore, the world audience eBay in February of this year has made 237,3 million unique visitors (plus of 12 % for a year). In Russia the audience eBay for a year was reduced to 8 %, to 3,19 million unique visitors. And their considerable part behind purchase as a result goes on a site of one of intermediaries.

" has no value, will earn the Russian representation or not The basic problem which we successfully solve, consists that foreign sellers refuse to send the goods to Russia from - for impossibility to guarantee delivery terms as, however, and the fact of delivery, the director for development eBay Today Maxim Popov speaks. the majority of separate sellers and even the Internet - shops send the goods only within the country. We accept them on the warehouse abroad, we unite with other goods of the client and we send to Russia ".

the Base commission at the majority of intermediaries about 10 % of cost of a parcel. Not too it is not enough, but several years ago intermediaries, or dropshippery, asked much more. For example, service Bay. ru only one year ago has lowered the base commission from 44 % to 9 %. Thus to clients persistently recommend to buy one of four value added services. The most expensive dopusluga, " the Package the VIP " it is plus of 28 % to parcel cost. What does the client receive? He does not need to search for the goods most it is enough to inform that he wants and for what about the price. In the course of a choice of the goods on the client will consult. If to it all - taki will send not that he wanted, the company will return money. Plus the insurance on a case of damage of the goods on delivery or on a theft case. It is possible to pay only the insurance it will manage in 5 % of cost of a parcel.

representatives of the largest dropshipperskih services recognise that they do not differ almost from each other. Perhaps, the main thing here a leah is the intermediary the official partner eBay. If is, it is authorised to it to show on own site all prizes the Internet - auction in a real time mode. If is not, the user should run from one site on another that, however, not too inconveniently. Thus claims to all dropshipperam same. Thematic forums are hammered by negative responses, as if written under a carbon paper: Have broken delivery terms, have brought not that, refuse to pay the insurance.

Dropshipperov unites still which - that: responding about prospects " big eBay " in a RuNet indulgently, they, however, have already got " spare airdromes ". That Bay. ru that eBay Today or eBay World all work not only with eBay, but also with other platforms. For example, on Bay. ru the share of the goods with eBay makes approximately 50 % (that in money that in pieces). The rest give Amazon and a number of other shops. The head of Russian representative office Bay. ru Maxim Andrjuhin tells about plans to connect also the Chinese analogue eBay TaoBao (in a RuNet have already appeared dropshippery which specialise on this service); also there is an intention to agree about cooperation with a number of large and small American sellers. A strategic target to present on the site of the offer of the maximum quantity of platforms.

the Platform is closer to the house
Now the Russian audience eBay approximately is equal to number of users the Internet - auction " the Hammer. ru " at Chinese TaoBao twice it is less. " The most of all appears, the faster we to something will come, the head of the company " speaks; the Hammer. ru " Igor Tarasenko. In the USA the market of electronic trade is consolidated on 60 - 70 %, and at all of us large platforms these are less than 10 %. All other this 30 thousand Internet - shops. Therefore occurrence of any large player means development. Besides, appears PayPal. Without struggle will be nothing it is business dialectics ".

the Interlocutor " Money " it is assured that on business of its company (in 2011 its turn has made 3,7 mlrd rbl.) eBay will not strike. To many Russian sellers presented on " the Hammer. ru " on international scene there is nothing. " Coming on eBay, you receive the global trading offer: for example, having exposed there iPhone, I cannot compete to the seller from any Nju - Mexico City which is ready to sell the same on 30 % more cheaply, Igor Tarasenko speaks. Thus collectors and sellers of antiques (corresponding commodity categories make 50 % of business " the Hammer. ru ". " money " ) us will not leave at least because the current legislation limits export abroad that, than they trade ". However, that in such categories, as electronics and clothes, " the Hammer. ru " nevertheless will give, its head agrees.

There are some more arguments in favour of that eBay it is necessary to co-exist with the Russian platform. For example, not it is pleasant to all sellers PayPal. " When - that PayPal has put a basis American e - commerce, having suggested to cover risks of the buyer at the expense of the commission which the seller, and #150 pays; the director for marketing of East Europe payment system PayU Alexander Kulebjakin notices. In the Russian market this model hardly will be so is popular. Our sellers like the commission for transaction to shift on the buyer. However, if PayPal will offer here the same business - model, as in other markets, and sellers will conceive it, it can become a turning-point for all market ". One of ambries which eBay will be difficult for winning at " the Hammer. ru " it is trade between capital and a province: Muscovites and pitertsy buy conditional ajpedy in the USA or in Europe, inhabitants of regions in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

than all it has ended, Igor Tarasenko of the rights that struggle will do the market good. The competition has forced dropshipperov to reduce the commissions in times. Occurrence on arena " big eBay " perhaps, will force them to make the same.