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Bonus cross ties

last week the Russian Railway declared start of the program of loyalty for repeat clients. Now passengers can save not only air miles, but also railway kilometres. In such a way the Russian Railway will try to replace the clients from cars with reserved seats in the compartment.

last week affiliated company of the Russian Railway the Federal passenger company (FPK), has started the program of loyalty for passengers of distant following " the Russian Railway - a bonus ". To participants of the program bonus points for the trips made in cars of company FPK will be charged. To be mistaken with a train choice difficult: on share FPK 95 % of all passenger transportations in trains of distant following of the Russian Railway are necessary almost. Passengers " do not fall under action of the program; Sapsana " " transklassservisa " (a Volga region direction) and " the Grandee of the Express train " (a direction Moscow St.-Petersburg).

the Quantity of the added points depends on type of the car, range of a trip and type of a bonus map (base or gold). Points are charged to passengers of cars of reserved seats, a compartment, SV and soft. Distances are divided into five zones: to 500 km, to 1250 km, to 2500 km, to 5000 km and to 10 000 km. So, for example, at a trip on distance to 500 km in a car with reserved seats to the passenger 100 points will be added, at a trip to a soft seated carriage 1000; at a trip on distance from 5 to 10 thousand in km in a car with reserved seats 1000 points, in the car a suite 10 thousand points. To spend points it is possible on acquisition of tickets in compartment cars, SV or soft. Reserved seat and sedentary places to get for points it is impossible. At registration of the bonus ticket the participant pays insurance gathering, bed-clothes cost, and also 1 % from tariff cost.

to become the participant of the program, it is necessary for client to be registered on a site rzd - bonus. ru and to fill the questionnaire. At check in through a site the participant receives a salutatory bonus at a rate of 500 points. For accumulation of points it is necessary to specify map number at purchase of tickets in cash desks or on a Russian Railway site. At first the map is issued in a virtual kind, but after three trips the termless base plastic card is by mail sent to the participant of the program. To receive " gold " a map it is possible, having typed 50 thousand points or having made 50 trips a class not below a compartment on any distance within a year.

as have explained in FPK, to enter the program of encouragement of clients of a monopolist the developed market situation has urged. The matter is that today in structure of passenger transportations about 70 % the quantity reserved seat and compartment cars approximately equally is necessary on reserved seat places and only 30 % on a compartment, though in park. But the most important thing cost of reserved seat tickets is regulated by the state. Actually tickets are on sale below cost, and the difference is compensated by the state. Volume of dropping out incomes for last year FPK has estimated in 36 mlrd rbl., and the state compensated not all.

before the Russian Railway compensated unprofitable passenger transportations by the profitable cargo. However two years ago as a result of reforms freight traffic has been allocated in the separate company. Following the results of last year FPK has received taking into account state grants of all 108 million rbl. of profit. Besides, a market share gradually " eat off " and air carriers, especially on short routes with distance 500 - 1000 km.

on a broader scale, FPK recently seriously is engaged in stimulation of demand for a compartment: now the company offers 50 - percentage discounts for the top regiments in a compartment and 20 - percentage discounts for places in old structures. Besides, one month ago FPK together with bank " East credit " began to sell tickets account. For the first month almost 500 persons have used this service in total it has been sold more than 1200 tickets.

the program of loyalty with accumulation of points " became following step; the Russian Railway - a bonus ". Free of charge to go, for example, to St.-Petersburg in a compartment, it is necessary to make ten times this trip for the money in cars of the same class. Thus points are stored only two years. So the program is calculated on often travelling passengers. From many similar aviaprograms " the Russian Railway - a bonus " differs simplicity of the mechanism of charge of points. For example, at " Aeroflot - a bonus " and " Privileges " (the program " transaero ") There is a considerable quantity of correction factors within the limits of each class of flight. So at flight in ekonomklasse can be added both 100 % of all put bonuses, and 0 % if the ticket has been bought under the special tariff. In a grid " the Russian Railway - a bonus " there is only a division into reserved seats, a compartment, SV and soft.

in turn, in FPK assure that the offered variant of the bonus program only the beginning. " the program will actively develop. When we will save up statistics and we will understand inquiries and requirements of our passengers, we will change rules " the head of department of profitableness and the program of loyalty FPK Dmitry Gorbatov speaks. However, essential increase in a volume of passenger traffic from introduction of the bonus program in FPK do not expect. " from the given program we expect concerning small increase in a volume of passenger traffic on 3 - 5 %, and among loyal passengers to 15 %. The Main objective of its start Increase of loyalty of already existing clients. We want to personify relations with our clients, having built further high-grade CRM - system which will allow to form more interesting offers for participants of the program in the future " Dmitry Gorbatov adds.

as he said, " the Russian Railway - a bonus " it is necessary to consider in aggregate with the program of management of profitableness (one more " an aviafind ") Which FPK plans to introduce from the beginning of next year. Its sense is reduced to the following: the earlier you buy the ticket, the it will be cheaper. Meanwhile to buy in advance train tickets there is a sense, only if you want to catch scarce reserved seats or the bottom shelf. Ticket cost does not depend on acquisition date. " we accurately understand that for us one of possibilities it is essential to increase a volume of passenger traffic both our incomes it to sell the same product at the different prices " Dmitry Gorbatov makes comments. The economy of this process is that: against decrease in middle tier of the tariff for 15 %, the volume of passenger traffic increases on 18 %.

the Program of management of profitableness will extend only on tickets of a class of a compartment and above and will be introduced only in those directions where share FPK is not exclusive. Railwaymen could prove FAS that in 12 directions where passengers actively fly or go by buses, their share in the market makes only about 30 %. Basically it is business - directions, the trip by train on which does not exceed 15 - 24 hours (to 1000 km), for example, from Moscow to St.-Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Rostov, Sochi, Ekaterinburg, etc.

Sale of tickets, as well as now, will begin for 45 days. Further, in process of train filling, the tariff will increase in case of a great demand on transportations. " in case of low demand, and also at presence on free sale in the market of lower tariffs of competitors, sale under low tariffs will proceed up to departure date " Dmitry Gorbatov assures. The given algorithm guarantees that, having planned a trip beforehand, the passenger can buy the ticket essentially more cheaply today`s tariffs. In the first days the price for a compartment will be close to cost a reserved seat. For example, today the compartment from Moscow to Samara costs about 3,5 thousand rbl., and in case of introduction of the program of management by profitableness the starting price in the sale opening day will make, say, 1,5 thousand rbl., and in day of departure already 5 - 6 thousand rbl. " And here in this situation participants of the program " the Russian Railway - a bonus " will receive really powerful stimulus for a trip choice in cars of a compartment and ST. After all quantity of the points charged for trips in cars with reserved seats, much more low, than in a compartment, and with our problem was to stimulate the passenger to get more comfortable trip. The difference existing now between tariffs in cars of reserved seats and a compartment does not give possibility it to make. After introduction of technology of dynamic pricing the ticket in a compartment will be not much more expensive a reserved seat, and points will collect much more. And we can adequately compete to the airlines, which cost of tickets frequently happens below cost of tickets in a compartment if to get them for two - three months to a departure " Dmitry Gorbatov speaks.

however, aviaprograms have a big advantage before bonuses of the Russian Railway it kobrendingovye the maps which have been let out together with banks. They allow clients to accumulate points, even without flying anywhere, simply for the purchases made on a map. And in certain cases even for removal of cash in a cash dispense. Calculation at all about the identical: one bonus mile for each 30 rbl. As a result to accumulate points begins easier.

are favourable such kobrendy and to air carriers. Expenses for indemnification of the points saved up in a trading network in this case lay down on shoulders of banks which money monthly transfers for the miles received by clients to airlines. Thus not all clients in these miles use. Besides, at " Aeroflot " for example, is also plans by quantity of the given out maps. If the bank does not carry out this plan, he should pay the considerable penalty estimated, under the informal data, tens thousand dollars.

in FPK plan to start kobrendingovye maps in the beginning of next year. According to Dmitry Gorbatov, it will be the project, joint with leading banks of federal scale. The points thus saved up for purchases will not burn down, if the client at least time in two years pays off with this map in shop. Besides, owners " gold " maps " the Russian Railway - a bonus " can get without restrictions bonus tickets during hot seasons. Air carriers, as a rule, enter such restrictions. To get in the summer the bonus ticket for the saved up points in popular directions it is difficult, and if and it is possible, miles thus are frequently written off in the threefold size (as, for example, at airline S7). However, on base maps of the Russian Railway to enter restrictions on sales into peak seasons nevertheless plans.