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Business about criminal corpses

$250 thousand was earned by pathologist Michael Bejden, trying to achieve the justifying of producer Fila Spektora which was suspected of murder. Bejden was far not the first forensic scientist who has earned glory and considerable money on opening of criminal corpses. Its colleagues become from time to time the present stars as is stronger than other participants of police investigations remind the literary great detectives so favourite by public.

the silent witness
In the beginning of the XX-th century Bernard Spilsberi became the present celebrity. About it wrote newspapers, to it star fees paid, and in its 1923 even have devoted in knights. Spilsberi called to the aid when Skotlend - the Yard was at a deadlock that happened often enough, and newsdealers named its true Sherlock Holmes. However this person at all was not the private detective. It was the pathologist the expert on opening and the expert in an establishment of a cause of death. The glory and success have come to it after several sensational cases, it even began to name the founder of a modern medicolegal investigation. However, hardly probable he merited these monasteries, after all it had rather worthy predecessors.

the Chinese judge Sun Tsy who has written in 1248 the tract under the name " was the first forensic scientist, zadokumentirovavshim the exploits; Meeting of cases of correction of injustice ". Actually it was the textbook on carrying out of investigatory actions, including opening of corpses of victims. The judge wrote: " the Judicial doctor should serious, conscious and very responsible as he should examine personally each corpse and each wounded man... nedolzhno to evade from opening of decomposed bodies from - for aversions of a cadaveric stench ".

Sun Tsy has generalised a private experience, and also experience of the colleagues, having described, in particular, the first known case when the forensic scientist managed to expose the murderer. In 1235 the corpse of the peasant killed by something sharp has been found in one Chinese village. The official who has got down to business, has begun with investigatory experiment: he tested different cutting subjects on hulks of animals, yet has not understood that the wounds which were available on a corpse, the sickle what reap a crop of fig. could leave only Then the investigator has demanded, that peasants have brought the sickles and have laid out them on the area. It was soon found out that one of sickles involves a considerable quantity of flies. The owner of an instrument of labour has not sustained and has confessed in murder.

Europe strongly lagged behind China in business of formation of forensic medicine. The anatomy has started to take the first shy steps only in Renaissance, and knowledges in the field of chemistry and medicine still for a long time lacked precisely to establish a cause of death. Survey of a corpse conducted to capture of the criminal only when the murderer made an obvious miss. So was, for example, in 1784 in English Lancaster when a certain John Toms has been arrested on suspicion in Edward Kalshou`s murder. The victim has been found with a bullet wound in a head, and in a wound it was found out paper pyzh, made of a newspaper scrap. Tomsa have searched and have found in its pocket the newspaper from which that piece which has gone on manufacturing pyzha has been pulled out. The criminal has been denounced.

meanwhile the requirement for the professionals capable with scientific accuracy to specify a cause of death, grew year from a year. In XVII and XVIII centuries many owners of great fortunes have gone to the world other because that their fellow-heirs would like to catch their mammon somewhat quicker. Arsenic, or an inheritance powder as it named sharp fellows of that time was favourite means of murderers from a good society. To establish presence of arsenic at a body deceased it was almost impossible till 1773 when the Swedish chemist Charles Sheele has learnt to find out traces of this poison in stomachs of victims. However the method of Sheele worked only when the poisoner strewed too much poison. So, in 1832 Englishman John Bodl has been accused of a poisoning of own grandfather for the sake of the inheritance. Chemist James Marsh has tried to find out arsenic in a body of the dead but so anything and has not proved. Bodl has been justified, then has safely confessed that poured in coffee to the grandfather strychnine. In England did not judge twice for the same crime so the murderer remained unpunished.

James Marsh took hard defeat and has decided to find a way of exposure of similar murderers by all means. In 1836 he has developed a new method of detection of arsenic which has entered into judiciary practice as March test. It was the present revolution in criminalistics as the new method has given up as a bad job impunity " strihninovyh " poisoners. In 1840 March test has helped the French chemist Mate Orfila to expose poisoner Mari Lafarzh who has done in the husband (see " Business about terrible beauties " " Money " N9, 2012). Business of Lafarzh became, as a matter of fact, to the first in modern history when the scientific approach to studying of remains of victims has helped to expose the murderer. The first and, it is clear, far not the last.

Konan Dojl and doctor Watson
During a XIX-th century detectives gradually learnt to examine carefully a scene of crime, noticing and describing even the most insignificant details. Meanwhile the corpse remained one of the main proofs, to interpret which without special knowledge it was impossible. The police had often own doctors who have spent openings. Quite often it were prison doctors with qualification low level so in especially difficult cases involved experts from outside. So arrived, in particular, the police of Scotland which quite often invited to spend Joseph Bell`s openings the known surgeon teaching at the Edinburgh university. In the British judicial system there was a special institute of professional witnesses, that is the experts drawing the conclusion on the basis of the qualification, and Bell quite often acted in court as that.

Joseph Bell was the authoritative expert in the field of surgery and even executed honorary duties of the personal surgeon of queen Victoria when that abided in territory of Scotland. Besides it was not ordinary person. Bell amazed students, showing a method of deduction which allowed to do amazingly exact conclusions on the basis of insignificant details. Bell could define the birthplace of the person on its reprimand, to name a trade under the form of callosities and cuts on hands. It could to reveal, for example, the sailor on characteristic gait, and then still to tell, in what seas that floated, having thrown a sight at its tattoos. Thus Bell possessed remembered appearance: it was high, suhopar, had an aquiline nose, carried a raincoat - krylatku and a kepi with a double peak. One of its students whom called Arthur Conan Doyle, has been so fascinated in this image that later has vested the Sherlock Holmes with many lines of the Edinburgh professor. Too it was pleasant to Bell Konan Dojl, so in 1877 40 - the summer professor took 18 - the summer student to itself in laboratorians.

in 1878 to Joseph Bell interesting business has turned up. In one of private schools of Edinburgh the French emigrant Ezhen Shantrel taught. In due time it has tempted the schoolgirl by name of Elizabeth and has been urged to marry it after she has become pregnant. In the course of time Shantrel has started to drink and is frequent with the wife was rough, that even wanted to divorce from it. In 1877 Shantrel has insured life of the spouse on £ 1 thousand, and on January, 1st, 1878 Elizabeth felt badly. In the house leak of lighting gas so illness have written off on a corresponding poisoning was found out. Soon Elizabeth has run in whom has died. The doctor who has testified death, has told that the death, most likely, has come not from gas, and from any drug. The investigation which has concluded was began that the gas pipeline has been spoilt specially. It was necessary to prove only that Elizabeth`s death was violent, and Joseph Bell has fine coped with a problem. It has defined that the woman has been poisoned by opium. Last words of Shantrelja told on a scaffold, have been converted to the prison doctor: " Pass Joe Bell`s my congratulations. It has well worked to send me on the gallows ".

the History with Ezhenom Shantrelem has received the big publicity and, undoubtedly, has sunk down in soul of young Konana Dojlja. But, perhaps, sensational case from all over which could work Joseph Bell, has been opened in 1893 when Sherlock Holmes`s glory already rattled across all British Empire. This time Bell was assisted by the doctor on a surname Watson.

in 1890 somebody Alfred Monson was employed to give lessons to the rich young man by name of Sesil Hambro. In 1893 Monson has insured life of the pupil on £ 2 thousand also has carried it to go for a drive on a boat. In the bottom the leak was found out, the boat began to sink, but the young man by miracle has by swimming reached coast. On following put the teacher and its companion Sesila on hunting from which it has not returned any more have moved. According to Monsona, the boy has casually shot to itself at a head from a gun. Joseph Bell and the expert in ballistics doctor Watson for good reason undertook. Together experts have proved to court that the young man physically could not kill itself as lengths of his hands obviously did not suffice to put a gun to a head and to pull the trigger. The murder fact has been proved, but to denounce Monsona it was not possible, as there were no proofs what exactly it has made a fatal shot.

Joseph Bell was, perhaps, the first forensic scientist who has achieved wide popularity and social recognition, but he has been obliged by it to not so much own merits, how much Sherlock Holmes`s glory. The British public of that time greedy got a grasp of the criminal chronicle and with delight accepted everything that has been connected with the glorified method of deduction. To Bell flattered that its former student has written from it the ingenious detective, however he complained to friends that Konan Dojl, seemingly, has not noticed its positive fig. Unlike Holmes Bell was the open and sociable person, but to Holmes public was expensive such what it was described by sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

the corpse of the bride
literary Holmes`s Example and real Bell has appeared infectious. In 1910 in the French Lyons the young doctor and criminalist Edmon Lokar has at own risk based first-ever kriminalisticheskuju laboratory. Lokar was Sherlock Holmes`s hot admirer and itself, apparently, became a prototype of other great detective: in 1920 of lecture of Lokara the future founder of commissioner Megre George Simenon visited. Hero Simenona even superficially resembled Lokara.

Edmon Lokar has developed a major principle of all criminalists which says: any contact leaves a trace. The fingerprints, the fallen hair, a fiber from clothes all can become the proof exposing the criminal. In 1929 Lokar has based in Switzerland, in Lausanne, the international academy of criminalistics to share the knowledge with colleagues from all Europe. In effect, this universal expert has laid the foundation for modern criminalistics, however it has not got loud glory. But it was got by the narrow expert - the pathologist who has constructed career that explained how this or that person has died.

Bernard Henry Spilsberi was born on May, 16th, 1877 in small town Leamington - Spa (a county of Uorvikshir) in a family of the succeeding chemist. It has received medical education in Oxford, having chosen a speciality of the judicial pathologist new for those times. This path did not promise the big mammons. Having received in 1905 a post of the assistant to the pathologist in one of the London hospitals, Spilsberi began to receive £ 200 in year, plus the award in two guineas (two pounds and two shillings) for each opening. In those days openings were spent seldom enough from - for a low crime rate so it was necessary to wait for awards weeks. All has changed in 1910 when Spilsberi it was possible to play a key role in disentangling of the criminal case which has thundered all over the country.

in 1897 to England from the USA there have arrived spouses Krippen. The doctor Care for Krippen there was the homoeopath, and his wife the Bark, the variety singer, acted in mjuzik - halls under a pseudonym of Bell Elmor. Doctor Krippen looked the classical henpecked both #150; the silent and modest four-eyes, afraid to tell the superfluous word in the presence of the wife. The bark, to the contrary, was the magnificent temperamental brunette close to an ideal of that time of female beauty. While Care for Krippen traded in medicines, his wife conducted bohemian life, changing lovers as gloves. In 1903 Care for Krippen has met the woman of the dream he has fallen in love in Etel of Fields, the typist from a shelter for deaf persons. Since then life with the Bark became for it intolerable.

on January, 31st, 1910 Kora Krippen has disappeared. The doctor said that his wife has returned to America, and has soon informed that she has died and has been cremated in California. Meanwhile familiar Barks started to come to a conclusion that it, should be, has left England naked as its dresses, furs and jewelry remained in London. Etel Fields has moved to Care for Krippenu and openly wore Bark jewelry that should call suspicions. The police has visited in the house of the doctor and has arranged a search, but has found nothing. On it business could be closed, but Krippen has begun to panic and together with the mistress has run away to Belgium, and therefrom to Canada. Flight was absolutely operetta: Etel has been changed clothes for the boy, but left unpersuasively, and to expose a masquerade it has appeared easy.

in the meantime the police intrigued with disappearance of the doctor, has conducted a repeated search and has found out the human remains dug in not slaked izvest in a cellar. From a corpse there was no almost anything, only a shred of black hair and some fragments of a skin. It was impossible even to establish a floor of a victim. Nevertheless the decision on arrest was accepted Care for Krippena. Inspector Dju has sat down on the fastest steamship of company White Star and has reached Canada before the suspect with the mistress there has reached. Doctor Krippen has been arrested, but to denounce him was uneasy, as remains in a cellar of its house have not been identified. And here on a scene there was Bernard Spilsberi.

the Pathologist has found out on the saved fragment of a skin a characteristic scar from operation which was at Kory Krippen. Besides he has established that the death has come out a poisoning skopolaminom, and Krippen shortly before disappearance of the wife bought this substance. At last, it has been proved that the corpse has got to a cellar already after Krippeny have rented this house. Together with remains the scrap of a pyjamas with a label of the manufacturer has been found out, and it has appeared that such pyjamas have gone on sale not earlier, than Krippeny have driven in the house.

protection struggled desperately, but Spilsberi has appeared also the brilliant judicial speaker and the skilful polemist. He has managed to insist on the, and doctor Krippen has gone on the gallows. In many years Etel of Fields has confirmed justice of a sentence. She has told that Krippen has killed the wife, having learnt that that is sick of a syphilis.

after execution Care for Krippena of business Bernard Spilsberi have gone uphill. Him have started to invite as the expert to the most difficult investigations, and fees for openings have considerably grown. In 1915 it managed the next sensational case which has lifted its reputation on inaccessible height. In January, 1915 the letter has come to police from the house owner from Blackpool. The house owner has read in the newspaper a note about death Margaret Lloyd which has sunk in a bath in the London apartment. The body was found out by her husband John Lloyd. The vigilant house owner has remembered that in 1913 just the same case has occurred in its house. Then in a bath has sunk Elis Smith, and the body was found by her husband George Smith. Coincidence seemed suspicious, and the inspector of police Arthur Nejl has decided to check up both incidents.

it has soon appeared that Margaret Lloyd three hours prior to death has made zaveshchanie, otpisav all to the loving husband. The insurance on her death case in size £ was due to it; 700. Elis Smith also shortly before death bequeathed to the husband all savings and has insured the life. Inspector Nejl has started to search both enriched widowers and has soon established that it is the same person.

George Joseph Smith was the skilled polygamist and the swindler. With 1908 for 1914 Smith was married seven times and each time to two women simultaneously. Usually it robed the wives and disappeared. The inspector did not doubt that this time Smith of the wives has drowned to catch the insurance and all their property, but it was necessary to prove it still.

Bernard Spilsberi who has begun that has measured both baths and both corpses was connected to business. It was quite obvious that women were too tall to sink in small baths, but one common sense for jurymen was insufficiently. And here it was found out that in 1910 in Dorset has in the same way died certain Bessi Williams. Her husband Henry Williams, certainly, has appeared all the same George Smith. Shortly before  destruction of the woman the speculator complained to the doctor that at that have ostensibly begun epilepticheskie attacks, therefore death have written off on an epilepsy.

under English laws it was possible to judge Smith only for one murder, and charge, on an insisting of Spilsberi, has decided to show it the oldest episode with  destruction Bessi Williams. On court Spilsberi has told that epileptichesky the attack consists of several stages. On the first the body strains and is as though extended. If at Bessi the attack has begun, it would fall a head to a bath side, but her head would not appear under water as its growth exceeded length of a bath. At the second stage spasms begin, and extremities should overhang on either side of a bath that also has not occurred. In a word, the attack could be excluded.

As Bessi, in that case, has died? The juryman had been showed the investigatory experiment conceived by Spilsberi. Inspector Nejl has employed several women approximately the same komplektsii, as at Bessi, and has started to heat by turns them in a bath. As though he tried to thrust experimental under water, they showed resistance so, struggle traces would be inevitable. Then the inspector unexpectedly pulled them feet then their heads appeared at once under water. It was simply impossible to resist to this reception. Demonstration has appeared so convincing that jurymen have sent Smith on the gallows.

business about drowned women was widely shined in a press and has been named by journalists business about brides in baths. Spilsberi became the man of the hour, and it was far not last time.

operation " Forcemeat "
New business has thundered in 1922 when provincial lawyer Herbert Armstrong has decided to get rid of the competitor. All has begun that in 1921 at Armstrong living in small town Kasop - Dingl on border of England and the Wales, has died the wife. Illness Kitti Armstrong was enough strange: the woman that felt badly recovered, and last days the life practically could not move. Mrs. Armstrong was not too pleasant person, adored to quarrel with neighbours and publicly to humiliate the husband so nobody regretted for her death.

soon after that in the next small town suit concerning a large estate and title inheritance has begun, and Herbert Armstrong hoped to win process for the client. However in a city there was one more lawyer, Osvald Martin who has appeared a tough nut. One fine day Armstrong has invited the competitor to a cup of tea and has treated with its rolls with butter. After that Martin hard was ill and hardly has not died. Among Martin`s relatives there was a chemist who has assumed that in rolls there was an arsenic. Besides it has appeared that some days before that in Martin`s house someone had been sent a box of the sweets containing this poison. Martin has declared in police, and investigation has begun. In the meantime nothing the suspecting Armstrong continued to invite Martin on tea with rolls, but that every time refused the kind invitation under a specious excuse.

at police does not remain doubts that Herbert Armstrong has poisoned the wife, and has then decided to finish with the competitor, but to prove the fact of murder without opening it was impossible. Spilsberi has coped with a problem as well as possible. He has not simply found out arsenic in eksgumirovannom a body Kitti Armstrong, but also has managed to prove that the dose which has killed it of poison has been received shortly before death. Protection tried to convince court that deceased itself has casually accepted poison or, having been tired of travails, has committed suicide. But last days it was motionless, so, someone has given poison to it. Herbert Armstrong became the first and last British lawyer who has been hung up for murder.

in 1930 - e years Bernard Spilsberi prospered. He lived now in the big house, has received nobility and was accepted in a good society. The British judicial system has made its public person and a celebrity, after all he not only pored over corpses in prozektorskoj, but also acted in court.

in days of the Second World War of Spilsberi the case has dropped out to serve the native land and the king otherwise. In 1943 allies prepared capture of Sicily, and the British investigation has developed operation on misinformation of the opponent code-named " Operation " Forcemeat " ". Scouts were going to throw for coast of Spain a corpse apparelled in the form of the British officer who would have at itself " classified documents " with plans of intrusion for Sardinia and to Greece. The suitable dead man has been found, for it have picked up the form with majorskimi epaulets. Now it was necessary to force to believe Germans that " the major " has died in sea water of overcooling, and then its body carried some days on waves.

behind consultation were converted to Spilsberi, and that has thought up how to give to the dead man an appropriate kind. " the major " was to take a little in salty water. It it was necessary to deliver to Spain without traces frosts, and the way has been found. A corpse have placed in the steel container together with an artificial ice. The container have fastened to the submarine which delivered a parcel to Spain. During a way an artificial ice, evaporating, has filled the container with carbonic gas which has allowed " to the drowned man " to save appropriate freshness. Operation " Forcemeat " has passed successfully, and Sicily has been grasped minimum loss.

war has brought to Bernard Spilsberi a grief. From three his sons one was lost at the front, and another has died of a tuberculosis right after wars, in 1945. The pathologist, all life worked with another`s death, has run into heavy depression when the death has come to its own house. In 1947 Spilsberi has committed suicide, having inhaled gas in the laboratory.

Spilsberi was not last well-known forensic scientist neither in England, nor in the world. Considerable glory its younger contemporaries and #150, in particular, used; Sydney Smith and Frensis Kemps who wrote popular books about the work, a success of readers.

in the USA after war also there was a fashion on pathologists, and before them career ways opened some. It was possible to go to a science as William Bass who began as the archeologist who was digging out American Indian cemeteries has made, for example. In 1981 Bass has organised " a farm of corpses " the fenced ground where in different conditions bodies of people and animals decayed. " a farm " Ministered range for training of forensic scientists from all country that has brought to Bass the merited reputation of the fundamental researcher.

other way assumed participation in loud processes and transformation into the media person. This way Michael Bejden who is for today, perhaps, the richest pathologist in the world has gone. Bejdenu has had the luck to take part in work of the commission investigating murder of John Kennedy. It was one of the first who has doubted the official version of death of the US president from hands of the murderer - singles. Since then Michael Bejdena`s reputation has risen on unknown height. Him regularly invited to open corpses of the celebrities which have died from overdose of drugs, like frontmena Sex Pistols Sida Vishesa or actor John Belushi. And still it could be employed for money that it has proved that the death has come from the natural reasons. Such was, in particular, in 1995 when Bejdena were employed by Sajentologichesky church which aspired to prove that the clinic belonging to it did not concern death of Lizy Makpeterson. Under Michael Bejdena`s version, 36 - summer Makpeterson has died, being on treatment at sajentologov, but sajentologi here were absolutely at anything: it has convinced court that at Lizy as a result of a trauma the blood clot which has killed her was formed, having got to a lung. And in 2008 Bejden tried to prove that the well-known producer Fil Spektor did not kill to Lane Klarkson, and even has received from accused the fee at a rate of $250 thousand, but Spektor nevertheless has gone to prison.

now Bejden conducts show " Opening " on channel HBO, and also advises channel Fox News concerning criminalistics. In a word, it has become the present film star. And there, where popularity, there is also possibility not bad to earn.