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On creation " a hybrid " half a year the Initial material has left has been broken to unrecognizability, the opinion of friends and colleagues was unequivocal: " Hand over in scrap metal "! Boris of sceptics did not begin to listen, instead has got down to business with redoubled zeal. However to embody dream in a reality it has appeared not so - that and is simple.

- the chromeplated details became the biggest problem, - the master tells. - to get them at us in Perm it is almost impossible. Therefore all has borrowed at acquaintances. At somebody the unnecessary piece of iron was overlooked - I rush, I examine, the main thing that rusts on it were not.

details from old " Volg " the enthusiast collected on all area. Bumpers, wings, cowls - all welded it, polished, painted. Car interiors too should be updated rather. A hybrid 31 - j and 21 - j " Volga " has taken away from Boris half a year of time and has managed in 300 thousand roubles. Result of laborious work it has been decided to name " an aria ".

is as cry from the heart, and a word short - to cut not for long, - Boris shares.

the star way has begun in traffic police

At last time for a car in GAI has come to legalise papers, but to make it it has appeared not easier, than to collect the new car. The state traffic inspectorate to put the original car on the account refused: the initial material - the broken GAS - 3110 - has not been registered, as that is demanded by the legislation. However the master was not going to lower a hand, it would not be desirable it, that " an aria " became only a museum piece. Boris has decided to try the luck in an office at the chief of regional traffic police. The main car inspector of Prikamye has appreciated work of the autocouturier, on Boris Golovina`s child have appeared - taki brand new state numbers. Since then has begun at " Arius " and its designer absolutely other - star life.

participation in the Perm exhibition " became the First step to popularity; the Car. Garage. A gaz station " which visitors long guessed, what is this the car. " new " Volga " - told one. " old " the Muscovite " - confirmed others. The third doubted: " Probably, " Victory ". The last were partly right - to Boris participation in this exhibition has brought victory. And he has already decided to take a lath above - to go on the Moscow international automobile show " Autoexotic - 2004 ".

To capital umeltsa has taken own child

to Reach capital it has been solved directly on " Arius ". Having received blessing from a management of regional traffic police, Boris has gone to a way. To reach to Tushinsky airdrome where took place show, spouses Goloviny have sold own " the Zhiguli ". Confidence of that the end justifies the means, krepla with each kilometre.

- all inspectors on road stopped, asked a cowl to open. Will look, a hand will shake, will praise. So we also have reached a place. Any penalty, any problem, everywhere on " hurrah " drove! - Boris remembers.

autoshow has surpassed all expectations of the master

On automobile festival there have arrived more than thousand fans of old cars from all Europe. Perm " Arius " it was necessary to compete to the present masterpieces of autodesign thought. - I personally liked the car " Agate " he completely self-made, all from plastic, and design at it ancient - the beginnings 1900 - h years, - speaks Boris.

however judges has subdued " an aria " why - the author does not know even. The Perm copy has appeared the first in a nomination " the Best replikar ". For the new car made of old materials, to the inventor have handed over a prize. The glory of the winner has not avoided also his wife Elena.

- while the husband went on an exhibition, photographed, I had to answer questions, - Elena tells. - representatives of factory from Nizhni Novgorod approached, asked, admired.

the autobride from Perm was taken away by the groom

Judges of exotic cars at once have become interested in the Perm beauty. Admirers " Arius " could not stop neither absence of some documents on the car, nor distance. For " the Aria " admirers have arrived to Perm. One of them was expressed categorically:

- " an aria " is my bride, and I - its groom. Its purchase that it costed.

So " an aria " Boris Golovina`s automobile opera has left a native city

However on it has not ended. Now in its plans - to design a similar car, only in the extended variant. To be called " a new limousine " will be " an aria - 2 " and to sell its couple of Golovinyh does not gather.

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