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Gennady Seleznev: " people of different trades " should form the Concept of public television;

the structure of Advice of public television included 25 persons, in particular, director Karen Shakhnazarov, gymnast Alexey Nemov, doctor Leonid Roshal, and also the former chairman of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev. He has commented on a choice of Public chamber to Andrey Norkinu.
List from 25 persons for whom the Public chamber has voted, on Friday will be already directed the president. Till July, 17th Vladimir Putin should confirm Advice structure definitively. Preliminary the list also included TV presenters Sergey Minaev, Timur Kizjakov and Svjatoslav Belza, a military observer Victor Baranets, the former president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev, hudruk theatre of Chekhov Oleg Tabakov.

Tell, please, your participation in Advice of public television how technologically it has occurred? You as - that have expressed desire or to you were converted?

No, I have expressed desire. Because all - taki I have huge not only political, but also journalistic experience. I see, what our television today, its pluses and minuses. I see, that in it lacks. And the public organisation which I already head 12 years has put forward me, the All-Russian social movement " is called; Russia ". Plus, I am 12 years the chairman organizational telekinoforuma which is called " Together ". It is the big international project. Every year we realise it in Yalta. Last year there were works from 26 countries. This year, in the end of September, I think, there will be a quantity of works not less. Therefore I am connected anyhow with an information field, with television.

Gennady Nikolaevich, nevertheless, there in this Advice if to believe that list, not all have such relation to journalism as you. How to you Advice work sees?

Understand, I the preliminary list, that the Public chamber hung out, read. There a lot of the interesting people. But, you know, we should not trust television, the television, only to professionals, people who have vocational education itself is direct, have television experience. They, as they say, executors. A TV schedule, the television concept, everything that it would be desirable see on the public channel, of course, the people having life experience, people of different trades should to form. We should not think that the television is necessary only for politicians who sit for days on end at the PR - services and otsmatrivajut as they have been beautifully shown by that or other channel. Therefore it, I consider, correctly.

I think that when us will collect, I do not know, a leah there will be I in this list, probably, there will be a question on concept preparation. Is which - what bastings, is which - what offers. The general will be developed, probably, the approach. When the demand moved, I thought, that would not want to see on this television new. In - the first, I do not want to see blood.

I, to tell the truth, any more do not know, why all channels have gone mad on murders, on display of a pool of blood, on shots, on knifes, on all the rest. I do not want to see " Houses - 2 " platitude, debauchery, here such easy pastime, it is not clear in what language conversation, ostensibly youth sleng. It is simple pohabshchina.

I do not want to see persons of the channel, I mean actors when are painted: you the person " the First channel " you the person " the Second channel " And endlessly to you all will hammer into the head that here they our substitutes, look at them, imitate and be same successful. I do not want to see entertaining consumer goods. I do not want to see division of a society into the - for the power - and strangers. That is as at us: ours - not ours. Here it I do not want to see. I think that, probably, it is a lot of still people will voice, that they would not want to see, then it will be easier to build already a position " and that we would want ".

And tell, please, Gennady Nikolaevich, you now when listed that did not want, on first two points at me a question such: a leah instead of to it it is possible to explain, what from these 25 four persons it is people who professionally prosecute religion subjects?

Probably and for this reason. I, truth, do not know, there representatives of one faith?

no, different. I to you can tell now.

Tell. I, to tell the truth, the list did not see.

protopope Maxim Kozlov, Vladimir Legojda the chairman of synodal information department of Russian Orthodox Church who, by the way, has left Public chamber even, as far as I understand, for the sake of public television. Rafik Muhametshin the rector of the Russian Islamic institute. And the editor-in-chief of a portal " Religion and mass-media " Alexander ShChipkov, here as though too on a religion and journalism joint. As far as I understand, there are no Buddhists, there are no Jews, other all are presented.

you know, the person even, say, representing interests of an orthodox church or representing interests of Islam, it as validly concerns both roman catholics, and to Buddhists, and to iudaistam, and so on, and so on. That is, probably, it is not necessary to select specially representatives of the most different faiths, it is simple if there are representatives of the church, whatever it was, means, they bear the vision of processes defined, as they say, the sight at morals, the sight at good and harm, here at them divergences big will not be.

they will be as - to influence that the concept of public television?

If to speak about 10 biblical precepts, that, I think that whom you do not take, even the person not votserkovlennogo, he will tell " yes, as at me children grow, I would like, that all were guided by these principles ".

And you are not afraid, what such television will be boring for the modern spectator?

there will be no it boring. But the most important thing that it will not be " razvlekalovkoj ". Here it is a nightmare. It seems to me, already, I do not know as, at all, as they say, have hammered in heads, especially that gets up to NTV with these gossips when we only and see that there at Kirkorov was born.

in the same place explain all it is a rating: if there is no entertaining content, nobody will look.

you know, no. The rating is made by people, people too have the life experience, people know, whom it to select that they participated in polls. It is all it is very artificial. Because conversations that there will be no this everything then there will be no advertising then there will be no money then, means, all will fall asleep also to nobody of anything it will be interesting. I would like to see the country, I do not see today Russia from Kuriles to Kaliningrad, there are no such programs which to me would tell how there live, there, Eskimos as someone lives still.

give we so we will agree, actually, as you have told: At first you are defined together with colleagues, and will decide then that you want.

Yes. And then to pleasure we will talk.