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" If you knew, that want from life, in 90 - e it it was possible to reach "

it is Always important to remain individuality, to be to correct ideals. Thus it is important to have examples of real people and their stories in life. Within the limits of the special project " Heroes of our time. Talk with giants " Stanislav Kucher and Alexey Nemov have talked to Michael Shatsem - the TV presenter, the showman and the public figure.
With. K: Hello, on air " the Hero of our time ". In studio Alexey Nemov. Lesh, greetings!

And. N: Hi, Stas.

with. K: Stanislav Kucher, and the main visitor of a today`s aether Michael Shats. Misha, greetings.

And. N: Greetings, Michael.

M. SH: Good afternoon.

With. K: I before an aether asked it, as it is better to present, he speaks, yes represent somehow, has modestly told what enough to present simply Michael Shats. But actually, I am all the same obliged to tell that the reason, why we with Michael " on you " it is not my propensity to familiarity, and we very familiar for a long time, from the middle 90 - h when it still was absolutely to anybody unknown person, I even would tell, to nobody the necessary TV presenter in the program " the SMALLPOX - studio ". But they already were together with Tanej, and on a broader scale, very much has early started to show the propensity to a policy. That is, showed that sooner or later with it there will be something that as a result now does by its not only superpopular leader, but also the person who is included, as far as I understand, into League of voters, is one of its founders, founders.

M. SH: Give I at once I will clear up certain. In - the first, concerning League of voters, I am not the founder, I am the husband of the founder of League of voters. Because Tatyana was included into League of voters as one of founders, and it was realised our choice. On a broader scale the League included people who are really moral authorities. Here it was the selection major principle.

And. N: And why Tanja, instead of you?

M. SH: I consider that Tatjanin moral authority masshtabnee, than mine. Therefore we have decided that it will be Tatyana.

With. K: Give at once then and how you here sat down together and defined depth and scale of authority moral?

M. SH: it is not necessary to sit down for this purpose. We as you have correctly noticed, already from the middle 90 - h together, therefore it, in general, it is obvious to us.

With. K: The program by which we do, simply at once I will explain its problem, you the person known enough, about you many things can be read on the Internet, in different glossy magazines. Both a problem not simply to tell that is known, but to all of us together, with thy help, to give to people a charge of a certain optimism, energy that even if they have any serious complexities at movement on life, they understood that depends on them, in their forces these complexities to overcome, jerk further, to make a step forward even if now they are in a deep precipice.

M. SH: the Keyword in the huge paragraph which I have just heard this movement. I to young men recommend to move. Because as soon as they will open doors behind a door on a broader scale is, or round the corner what at them will be a profile.

And. N: Misha, and there were such moments when at you hands fell? And it would be desirable to do nothing and nothing it turned out? Tell, how you with it consulted?

M. SH: On a broader scale, life I can not name problem. Grew in an intelligent family of the teacher, the teacher and the doctor and did not test, in general, any special problems. So, usual children`s problems. Perhaps, a bicycle " Kama " to me have not bought in due time. Studied at good school with profound studying of English language. At the same school, by the way, later 13 years Xenia Anatolevna Sobchak studied. And when I have come to school and have come into Elvira Nikolaevny`s office which was the director during my time, she to me basically told about problems with Xenia Anatolevnoj. Why - that she has chosen me for this purpose. Said all time that it big had problems with mathematics.

With. K: And there now there is a tablet any " Xenia Anatolevna Sobchak " here studied;?

M. SH: Time will show, what tablets there will be. While there is no tablet. While there it is simple 185 - I high school.

With. K: You know, all of us is equal our visitors periodically we plant on memoirs on complexities. Here what remarkable childhood would not be. We simply try to understand more often in this program in what pledge of this movement why one people on life go and, even stumbling, continue to go further, and others do not go, stop, then stand in a bog and how at BG, frighten each other of a wave?

M. SH: Funny, I had such cloudless enough childhood. However, problems with excess weight. Here these periodic fights. I remember, I had a kindergarten in which I have spent one day it I had a problem because me named " zhiromjasokombinatom " and I have struck the person from above something, I do not remember, I was large for the age. Me therefrom, that now name, have dismissed. At school I had remarkable absolutely a company. I now try to remember aloud simply. Easy friction any, maybe, have begun. I have not entered the institute at first. Has received the two and year has worked on stand of infectious diseases of the First Leningrad medical institute. I have gone there the laboratory assistant. The basic my work was this year year was uneasy for the Soviet country, secretaries general one after another and #150 died; and I, why - that to me so have carried, all time as the laboratory assistant glued wall newspapers to death at first Leonid Ilicha, then Konstantin Ustinovicha, in general, the hard time has got to me. After that I have entered this institute medical. To that it is very glad, because, actually, happy time has spent there, within 6 years.

With. K: Why medicine?

M. SH: the Choice was enough simple, because my mum the doctor, and the father the teacher. And as I, in general - that, did not search for something such outside of this circle, I have chosen medicine. As - that so it was pleasant to me. The love to all has begun it kapustnikam, because kapustniki in the First Honey it was such, is direct, powerful movement. That is, each course had a cabbage program, so-called. To get to the cabbage program it on a broader scale was simple as on Rublevku now, simply, well, I do not know, how a flasher, is direct, to receive. And then in 1986 KVN was revived. In 1987 in Peter has passed the first KVN - the championship, which our command united the First honey has won, and as the prize was a trip to Moscow on KVN present, us took, to us there has arrived Gusman and Maslyakov. Gusman was very ridiculous already then. He played a role of such person which knows all. Once we too have played it. Because he has told: " Understand, I worked with the big collective of the Azerbaijan amateur performance, He meant the command all Azerbaijan worked for us on our collective, including the first secretary ".

with. K: Heydar Aliyev.

M. SH: Yes, probably. And consequently he has told: " I want to meet responsible people ". And we did not know, what responsible people on it to palm off. For this purpose I have a brother the senior. It is very outwardly similar to the responsible person. Once we have asked it to meet Juliem Solomonovichem, playing a role of the big party boss. Lenja, his name is " Lenja " my brother, has played it ingeniously. It, Julia Solomonovicha, specially on any black " to Volga " have brought where - that to suburb against any private residence, to which Lenja had no relation. He has met him. And Lenja has played ingeniously. He has not told words, is simple because round it July Solomonovich ran, explained structure KvNa. Half an hour, 40 minutes, 45 minutes, and they has left simply friends, and Lenja has told " all of us will make ".

and. N: Michael, tell, please, with medicine when it has been fastened, and it is understood, what it is necessary to do something another?

M. SH: Here I had a sign which to me has let know that it is necessary to bring down, into other door to come already. When I have left to play KVN to Tashkent, already being the doctor. On a broader scale, I have finished internship on anesthesiology and resuscitation. I was the anaesthesiologist and reanimatolog. And besides has mastered an adjacent speciality, I was perfuziolog.

With. K: It is too difficult for us.

M. SH: Now I will explain. The person who works with the device of artificial blood circulation on the big warm operations. I was one such person. I had a teacher such Igor Petrovich. And here we with it worked together on this device of artificial blood circulation. And once what sign at me - that was that I have left on KVN to Tashkent and visors with myself keys from the device of artificial blood circulation. And I have left for 4 days. But be not stirred, all remained are live. Here it was the sign such when has already understood that it is necessary to do and choose something as - that.

With. K: you did not have a moment when thy parents, close people whom you respected, spoke to you: " No, Mish, all - taki what for? This all superfluous. Well, it was played in KVN, there, all fine, yes "

M. SH: You will be surprised, Stas: till now mum sometimes so speaks to me. " what for you have thrown medicine? " here it is direct fairly. It already after education " the SMALLPOX - studios " certainly. I think, after the first successful year " the SMALLPOX " we then remarkably worked on " TV - 6 ". And on a broader scale I " TV - 6 " I remember now, it, of course, was any unique experiment with people. Free there was any soaring.

With. K: As you fine know, in zero years it became extremely fashionable 90 - e to abuse, name years in which, practically at all there was nothing positive as all was bad, all collapsed. And only thanks to efforts of the known politician, in the beginning of zero years all became good, gradually it became better, better, better to become. And as a result has come to that status of unbounded happiness in which we, actually, all abide now. How much has already passed - 12 years? You tried, looking back back, for yourself to understand, what it were for years, what it was in time?

M. SH: It was absolutely different time, everyone has spent it on - to a miscellaneous, in it I can agree with the known politician. By the way, its this time too has taken out on the top, it is necessary to tell, this time. There there was a possibility to get in that, maybe, the social lift, it worked irregularly, something there broke.

With. K: Fell sometimes.

M. SH: Yes. But worked. Here it is truth. Everyone had a possibility any to realise the dream. If you had a dream and if you knew that you want from life, basically, in 90 - h, probably, it it was possible to reach. I understand that, maybe, by the own words I can offend thousand, hundred thousand people which could not make it in 90 - e. But I do not doubt minutes that possibility was.

With. K: Now such possibility is or not? You speak, it was, and now it where - a leah that has got to that?

M. SH: Now this lift works on - to another. It is necessary to tell certain proper words to certain necessary people and then it will start potihonechku to lift you. And it is abomination, in my opinion.

With. K: Wait sekundochku. And then unless the necessary people and acquaintances to the necessary people had no value?

M. SH: Basically, of course, had. Always communications of people play a main role. I understand, about what you speak. Now that you has lifted where - that, you should recant from something, something to offer, as though it not all will lift you.

With. K: That is it does not accept you what you are that it will be necessary superfluous to get rid of something.

M. SH: Yes. It is necessary to get rid of something. And then, with what we were, such we there have got, and, thank God, the family to me people such and remained.

With. K: You, when reconsider any numbers " the SMALLPOX - studios " or the KVNOVSKY beginnings - the middle 90 - h, you have a sensation that: " Fur-trees - sticks, what is it was? Yes it at all humour, it not that, yes I now would make all absolutely on - to another "? Representation about professionalism with reference to itself and insistence: have increased, have not increased? And, can, to the contrary, you know, how other poet sits in 60 years and thinks: " My God, what I wrote things in 25 ".

M. SH: Changes, of course, undoubtedly. And on a broader scale the humour changes, and representation that as it is told, in what sequence, what words, what movements changes, accordingly. I had recently a birthday, to me children have presented the ending of that Leningrad KVNa 1988 or 1987. You even cannot imagine that it on a broader scale was such. That is: the huge hall, the Leningrad palace of youth, the ending, and here leaves our command and starts to speak any zaum, and a hall so " Ua! " that is such satire directly backhand. There it was not necessary even to speak ridiculously anything, it was necessary to mention simply the CPSU, reorganisation, and all so - " Ua! " the hall inhaled it, it needed it. Here and so was. At us an absolute rule, not only at me, at Tani too, and at those people with whom we work: we do only that is pleasant to us, we laugh only that is ridiculous to us. Here this our key rule. And experience shows, how often we are beaten by life when we transpass through here this golden rule. I think, it is correct for on a broader scale all professionals.

With. K: And what is pleasant to you, has changed for 15 - 20 years?

M. SH: Yes about what you speak - 15 - 20 years? For 6 months has changed so much that on a broader scale even it is terrible to think. Absolutely, yes. You understand that me now disturbs not in humour even, and in entertaining television, in humour I on a broader scale as though not undertake at all discuss, it is a heavy, ungrateful subject, here concerning entertaining television terrible things occur, because zapolonennost absolutely empty pastime. Here the purpose of entertaining television, on the one hand, is clear, yes, that is to entertain the person as - that. But so it is all primitively. Here I now began to feel: any murder of time occurs. That is here absolutely empty, stupid pastime at the TV basically, here at this entertaining cud terrible.

I would like, that the program learnt to something or has told, besides, that here there was Maxim Galkin and, means, ridiculously, it is possible to relax, not to think at all about what, simply to look for Maxim, for example. I do not want to look for Maxim on a broader scale, let behind it Alla Borisovna looks. I at all do not want to look, because I understand that he offers me. Absolutely stupid any on a broader scale, simply indigestible cud any on a broader scale, truth. I now at all about one this Maxim poor which under a hand has got to me, am simple 90 % of entertaining television now is based on it, is absolute any wilderness simply. And then telechiefs start to say that: " Children, all of us understand, that you to us predlagaete, simply super, I on a broader scale itself would began to look it, but, understand, my spectator looks absolutely other things " - the telechief speaks to me.

and who nurtures this televiewer?! Explain to me, please. Well, for example, " Cruel games " - I watch here such transmission - I include: dear people quite good, basically, start to chase, them beat hammers rubber, of them get rid in a dirt any, and people speak: " We one command, children, give, children, we " command; the First " forward! " and so on. Same it is simple zapredel already any. It is good to eat here Vanja Urgant, for example, yes, it is possible though as - that to listen to a word live, Garik is. But so it is not enough of it on a broader scale that I do not know. Here I, for example, remember those smelly 90 - e, there there was such choice on a broader scale humour of a miscellaneous.

With. K: Well. Look, you happen often to Tanej in America, their humour is better? It not zombiruet? Their box not zombiruet?

M. SH: It very different.

With. K: There is absolutely accurate stereotype: the American humour as a whole it is absolute sortirnyj. People who never were in States

M. SH: On a broader scale it is wrong.

With. K: and very therefore are patriots of Russia, especially Soviet Union

M. SH: Yes - yes - yes.

With. K: some writers and deputies of the State Duma very actively.

M. SH: If a little. Stas, them much more, unfortunately. It is a lot of them, and they why - that all concentrate in the State Duma basically. I do not know, why they so concern States, maybe, it is such ceremonial any, they, can, swear something when them choose. I do not know why. Because this country, in - the first, huge cultural power, television there - one of columns on which it keeps. Television very different. Absolutely different humour is, absolutely.

and among those named you, for example, the Leah bright representative Dzhej, but it is one of, I do not know, thousand people which are conducted here by these late night show, which absolutely different, they go one after another. If at us was: half an hour of Vanja Urgant, behind it Svetlakov would conduct, then Michael Leontev would conduct the late night show, for example, I hope that it would put much later, not very well. That is as though it is absolutely different people, they tell about how they see the world, it here such genre - they here such.

well, excuse, there there are, for example, Saturday night life, tens years already on the screen, absolutely phenomenal. And there they are not afraid of anything, they speak absolutely openly. At them have chosen Obama, they search at once for the actor who will play at them here these four years, at least, Obama`s role. And they will wet it, they will tell truth about it and they will tell about other people too truth, despite the fact that, who on faith and so on.

With. K: I think that once about you the following will be written: " Veins - there was a doctor. Became the known actor. And has then passed time, and this actor suddenly became the known public figure ".

And. N: Throughout many years you and Tatyana, naturally, entertained, made laugh people, did their happier. Why here there was such change, why a policy?

M. SH: I think, the answer is absolutely clear. At me, on a broader scale, a policy if fairly called disgust. Till on a broader scale most recent time. It and now calls disgust, but all - taki the relation to it has a little bit changed.

With. K: For the time being you were the successful person who considered that it it does not concern on a broader scale in any way.

M. SH. : Yes, yes, certainly. We as - that speak about it with Tanej why so it has turned out and that has occurred much. Any definite answer on it is not present. I fine remember day on September, 24th, I fine remember, where I spent him, and those words in the big company of absolutely brilliant people different. It is all has come not at once. Then as - that this all any snow clod has gone all further and further, and has resulted us till December, 10th on Marsh, for example, and there already on a broader scale all has changed definitively after that. Cargo which presses you, you has fairly told, and at you as - that has gone away at once. And as - that much falls into place. It is not necessary to be afraid, and on a broader scale the fear leaves and as - that on a broader scale all becomes correct, organised. As in a German national team on football.

And. N: Mish, I know that you happen very often in States. It would be desirable to remain there?

M. SH: It here is how - that is not included at all into my plans at present time. To explain, why?

With. K: Money is, language is. The understanding of that there children waits for 100 % quieter, at least, safe and even the non-polluting future too is. Why is not present?

M. SH: I do not know. Because on a broader scale answers banal enough and simple because I the citizen of this country, and I want to live here. I do not oblige children to live here, actually, but I want, that they by the time of the realised choice have learnt also that world, and ours. Also have made the choice. That is, we here in this sense with Tanej have unequivocally solved. Stepan at us studies in England the last some years. We as though simply prepare them for that they were absolutely free in this world absolutely different. Fairly, they absolutely responsibly say that they want to live here. Also want, that here something has changed too. And it pleases me personally.

With. K: What are you going to do further? I mean now and professionally, and in that modern history which for you has opened earlier or after September, 24th.

M. SH: Here I said to you already that much to us became boring from this that we did earlier. And something is to be changed. I, from the point of view of professional, now am a producer, on a broader scale I work as the producer on STS, and I try to make there any things which are interesting to me. Thank God, to me it while allow. I do not know, a leah there are they in an aether, but to do to me them at least allow. I there now am a producer of some projects which are interesting to me. From the point of view of personal participation, we now want to make the satirical program about the politician. All of us understand, it is not necessary so to smile. We even know the channel name on which it while can be made. Also it is visible, there and we will do.

I personally very much want it. It seems to me, this genre is so claimed, both it very difficult, and it should be very ridiculous. It is truth. It should be ridiculous. Also it is huge such professional problem, I very much want to participate in its decision. Me will support, actually, as it was very joyful to learn on Facebook, it is a lot of people. That is, it is a lot of them. Certainly, in the forefront, it is our family, but it is a lot of them. It gives any force, confidence that, in general, you are engaged not in any hogwash, and any necessary business. Tatyana first of all supports me, of course, Lesha. We with it change together in this sense, I think that we against each other make huge impact. I can precisely tell, in its absence, as if not it I here already, probably, such would not become.

With. K: And at last all - taki, us is listened by people and for certain among these people who costs in a stopper because Friday, evening, all listen " FM " stand in a stopper. And here there is Shats, such passed enough big and interesting way. Cheerful and witty, the childhood a lung, 90 - e good. Now, yes, of course, protest activity, not all is pleasant, but, nevertheless, the son in England, go for a drive on States, that is, very well. Not clearly what Driver who too, likes the power to criticise, but too like normal all sits. nemov, which champion Olympic repeated and here the different new thinks out projects. That is people, at which, basically, very well sit. And here at me - that in life, I sit in a stopper, at me not very well. And not all become known. And here I now would like to shout on all simply, to jump out, take in hands a breakage, I do not know, to break the next car because it just cut me, what to me to do? Here what you will give advice to me? How to me to go on life further?

M. SH: Such picture apocalyptic any. It is not necessary to go with a breakage on life, in - the first. Surround itself with pleasant, clever, kind people, and this desire to jump out of the car on a broader scale will disappear and to go to destroy around all. Here to me it is good: here like Nemov would sit next - the pleasant person, always called in me admiration, and it is very healthy me with it nearby. Or here, for example, you, Stas, too the person with whom life has reduced already much - many years ago and so on. And always it was pleasant to see each other. Or here " FM " for example, radio station which I listen constantly. It, by the way, not advertising, and a naked truth. I surround myself with with whom it is interesting to me and with whom to me it is good. And as - that, know, it instal in me additional confidence.

With. K: Mish, thanks. As you understand, how you have understood, expensive radio listeners, last paragraph mishinoj speeches, actually, and was the main thing for the sake of what he and has been invited today in our studio. To in total you of the kindest. Be free. Michael Shats in the project " Heroes of our time. Talk with giants " on " FM ".