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Dance, while summer

Still recently dances open-air in park Bitter were capital news. Now open - ejry, or, speaking on - scientific, social dances, — a new fashion in the Russian cities. How dance in Voronezh, the correspondent " tells; the Spark "

the Argentina tango here dance directly under regional administration windows. No call here is present the place convenient and beautiful is simple. Only once the administration left the security guard and has asked to make music more silently at the governor meeting.

a tango of mature feeling
" Has placed " voronezhtsev on a tango the former electrician, the manager and the pilot, and nowadays the designer, the journalist and traveller Dmitry Baklashov. Having hurt a foot on the next travel, he has decided to be engaged in dances. Limping and leaning against a stick, has gone together with the wife on clubs dance chose to liking. Have stopped on the Argentina tango Dance as Dmitry speaks, mature feelings. Having collected friends, has gone to park " the Eaglet " there has put on asphalt the old tape recorder, has connected to it small, the size with match boxes, mp3 - the player and has muffled a pop-music playing park the Argentina rhythms.

since then began to pass free street milongi. Yes - yes, earlier it patriarchally was called " dances in a recreation park " there was then a rigid term " a disco " and now here a lovely word " milonga ". That means: both you dance, and you study simultaneously. At first spouses went on the master - classes to Moscow, and then have already started also others to train, have created club " Don Milongero ". At first, if danced three pairs, there was already a feast. Militia silently observed from outside. To the people became more and more, and here in search of a convenient platform fans of a tango have moved under administration windows. Left, have included music, have danced, and suddenly whence - that an applause from above was distributed: it has appeared, workers on a roof observed all this time.

as it has appeared, not only workers. Last summer " the municipal employee " as Ekaterina Nesmachko was presented, passed by. Has become interested. " in general, villages on a shop are closer, has looked and has understood I want to dance. And if has not seen in the street, probably, has not learnt that there is such happiness ".

For couple of years the Argentina tango in Voronezh became local place of interest. " to us at first concerned as city madwomen. We with the wife minutes of despair even thought: and can, throw all? And then few times heard: " Voronezh? Yes, we know. There a tango in streets dance ". As - that the Muscovite has called: " I on business trip where at you here dance? " how after that you will throw? We became a part of a city landscape ".

Street dances it not business, on them still nobody has earned, Dmitry tells. at us people exhaust in apartments, parks becomes ever less build up. But even the youth speaks: " Has bothered behind a computer ". Now people spend time in sotssetjah or shopping centres. And we call people to communicate, on streets. We with the wife very much love Kharkov, more often there we go. There, preparing for the European championship on football, have constructed at the same time and a platform for dances in the form of a sea cockleshell. And now every Friday there dance a tango. I there didzheil so it is healthy!

where to be thrust
Cuban salsu to Voronezh have delivered only this year. Sergey Kafka at first danced it in Peter, and then in Volgograd, and Darya Lazareva in Moscow. There were they in Voronezh it has arrived to work, it has returned to a native city after five years` study have exchanged glances: " How? Here there are no social dances? " both run on street to search for the socket.

that for theatre a hanger, for social dance the socket. It in Moscow or Peter where the people have already joined the street dances, everyone goes with the generator, and in Voronezh while in the old manner search where to be thrust. To children the Admiralty area on quay at once has attracted: a beautiful, open place. Here when - that there was a German large village Peter I built the ships first in Russia. The main thing the socket to find, owners of electropoints have first concerned dances cool. Therefore there was an alternative strategy: to adjust the car, to cut music, to open doors and ajda to establish social relations!

for salsy Kafka and Lazareva have found the first dancers in " Don Milongero " have asked to them " under a wing " also began to conduct lessons in the same hall. Summer looked forward faster on street. Salsa, by the way, it also a version of sauce from a mix of vegetables and fruit with pepper addition chilli. perchinkoj eight students - black friars whom, having found out became such that in a city there were admirers of the Latin American dance, have there and then adjoined them and have shown local that such present bachata dance of Dominican republic.

Sergey speaks: " For guys football and beer already it is not fashionable. In the street many gapers always gather. The general attention urges on. " ah, what I well done " here feeling which conducts the dancer ".

In nation language
Having roamed five years on back streets, this year an underground on fresh air left " nation " women. There would be money, maybe, sat in the rented hall. Actually, trajbl (" breeding dances " with American) in Voronezh it is Lena Panevina and more from tens girls.

for dances and - lja flamencos and Indian choli sew Magnificent skirts or reserve. On a broader scale, trajbl a direction for those who does not like restrictions, here all is possible. Any suits, any movements, and it is possible to dance though, conditionally speaking, under hammer knock. The main thing to improvise. It is possible to dance in any city. And do: at own expense rent the car and go to the next Lipetsk to dance on birthday of local nations, which here whole two: venedy (when - that such nation really existed) and arabesques. And then venedy go to Voronezh, but already by the bus, in Lipetsk breeding dances exist longer, and there it is more than people.

it is necessary to prepare For improvisation carefully without serious trainings not to manage. " two hours do not suffice us. We do high-grade training: warm-up, an extension, rhythmics, scenic exercises " Lena Panevina opens improvisation secrets.

" Dances in the street it is healthy! it continues. same therapy: liberation, disposal of fear ". But to get rid of fear it is possible not to all. One of dancers works in state structure and is afraid to dance publicly: the chief does not countenance, she to it even has forbidden to go by a bicycle.

wedding dance
All without an exception street dancers complain on two misfortunes: sockets and shpana with beer. The first no, the second it is too much.

that who has mastered for a long time city space, as " Don Milongero " already it would be desirable bolshego a good platform, light, music. Meanwhile light they are ministered by street lanterns and placed on all perimetre of a dance floor small candles.

main trajbolist Lena Panevina and trainers on salse nurse hope that the authorities will pay to them attention After all, when people dance, they any more will not do bad affairs. " and to involve weights, the good sound, so, expensive equipment is necessary. It is necessary, that was where to sit, Lena speaks. we - that and so we leave to dance. But such, as we, it is a little ". Lena during employment runs from the girl to the girl with the small column attached to a chest that everyone heard music.

" go to us! " invite admirers salsy passers-by. But to Lena and Sergey, apparently, nobody is necessary to a newly-married couple: on quay they study wedding dance. Dance, kiss, kiss and dance. " both of us since the childhood are engaged in dances and on wedding have decided to show not a banal waltz, and something unusual ".

Already four dancing pairs this year play weddings. All of them have prepared the numbers for a feast. " we have on a visit got acquainted, then it me " In contact " Has found, has written that with the girlfriend will go on a tango and there is a superfluous ticket, remembers, how the novel with the future wife Olej, 24 - summer neurosurgeon Oleg Tsokalo has twirled. and I since the childhood dreamt to dance the Argentina tango, but to one to go was as - that awkwardly, all - taki the adult person. Therefore, of course, at once has agreed. Has come, has risen with it in pair. In a tango it is necessary the partner to change, and we did not do it. So one and a half year also have danced ".

Dancing in Voronezh becomes more and more. This year on streets there was a set of young men which are engaged in contact improvisation. One passers-by speak: " children " Play the fool;. And while only the few know that this art to be together.