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In Kyrgyzstan working groups on working out of long-term Strategy of development

The Tyumen children will tell about mum in drawings and hand-made articles

In Stavropol Territory the new centre of the African plague of pigs

Schoolboys will not receive " a milk Glass "

For violence and mockeries at schoolboys the Tobolsk teenagers will respond before court

As he said, in November the limit at a rate of 176 million watt - is established hours. " it for 24 percent is less, than in 2007 " - has noticed Esen Zhukeshev.


As the deputy director marks, most of all the limit has exceeded October area - for 28 percent. Then May Day, Sverdlovsk and Lenin areas follow. " if this month we will not manage to enter into limits, the over-expenditure is automatically transferred the next month " - has added Esen Zhukeshev.


As he said, for regulation of limits it is necessary to spend dot disconnects. " some variants of disconnects are at present developed at night. After thorough examination by corresponding departments the definitive variant " will be accepted; - Esen Zhukeshev has told.


Besides, as the deputy director, in the beginning of November experts of Open Society " marks; Severelektro " have spent household detour of private houses to learn, how much they were reserved by coal. " It was found out that security coal makes from 38 to 52 percent " - he has added.

The Moldavian suspected of double murder, has been detained

Yesterday in the Tver region there were 7 fires

In Ekaterinburg there will be a uniform centre of record to doctors

Near Tula the kindergarten for children with infringement oporno - the impellent device

Under its data, experts investigated a so-called second New Pokrovsk site of ancient settlement and have found out the first rannesrednevekovyj the archaeological complex dated VII - VIII centuries.


In NAN KR specify that prospecting works proceed since 2004 history and cultural heritage Institute.


As the project head, the research assistant of NAN KR, archeologist Valery Kolchenko has told, at excavation it was found out that the high layer contains the cultural rests (a part of ruins of premises), concerning to XI - to XII centuries. It is remarkable that are more low found naplastovanija, bearing that the site of ancient settlement on the given site did not function as settlement.


During excavation parts 3 - h premises are opened, and on floors are found so-called tjurgeshskie the coins dating these premises by time not earlier than VIII century. Thus many forms of vessels have been found in the Chujsky valley for the first time. Uniqueness of excavation consists that is the first authentic rannesrednevekovyj a complex dated VII - VIII centuries. Among vessels the kitchen ceramics in the form of pots prevails.    


the unique ceramic cup - a vessel on a conic leg (a prototype of modern vessels) Here has been found. Thus, it is the first stratigrafichesky authentic dated coins a complex. According to Valery Kolchenko, the prior researches concerning by this time, basically had character of casual finds and were dated scientists to stylistic signs.


Researches of the New Pokrovsk site of ancient settlement were spent with financial support of the Swiss fund of studying of Eurasia (city of Basel). Phillip took part In expedition doktorant Bonn university Rott.  

Medvedev: Russia has enough means to reduce risk of crisis to a minimum

Supereasy loans have received 100 families of Kuzbas

Today in Tver opens " Decade of the White cane "

Specially for " difficult " teenagers in Ulyanovsk TJUZe there has passed performance

Obama - now also the stamp of clothes

At the Saratov schools of pupils employees of Rospotrebnadzora feed with the delayed products

In Latvia if you will show hatred to Russian, you will win a prize from the authorities

In Nevinnomyssk the gipsy has written a mis-statement about abduction of the daughter

As she said, real figure in 3 - 4 times above. " many people at all do not suspect that are ill, as the diabetes has the first 5 years the latent character. The problem of many people consists that they do not pay attention to symptoms of disease which are shown in the form of an itch, dryness in a mouth, constant thirst, disease of teeth and other factors " - Svetlana Mamutova has noticed.


As the head of Association of family doctors and nurses of KR Sujumzhan Mukeeva marks, a diabetes principal cause is low socially - an economic level of life of the population. " many people eat monotonously, using basically pasta. Besides, the inactive way of life, and also a heredity can affect disease occurrence " - she has added.


According to the professor of stand KRSU Rozy Sultanalievoj, early diagnostics of disease it is capable to prevent such consequences of a diabetes, as physical inability, blindness, a gangrene, strokes, heart attacks and death. " after all treatment sick of a diabetes lays down heavy burden on national economy " - she considers.


According to Svetlana Mamutovoj, security insulin in the country almost absolute. " however shortage tabletizirovannyh preparations is felt. In this connection many patients should get them independently that sharply reduces the family budget " - she has added.

" Real " is not going to buy Arshavina

Large road accidents in Samara at this night

Russian national team has risen on 8 - e a place in rating FIFA

Doctors of three hospitals could not save life of the pregnant woman ekaterinburzhenke

In ekzotariume Tula in a Halloween visitors have tried zharennyh crickets

Estonian businessmen " have thrown " the soloist of the Russian collective " Tea together "

Near Tula the court has fined the deputy for moshenichestvo

The Ulyanovsk teachers have taken part for the first time in the All-Russia seminar - meeting

The Ulyanovsk region prepares for Day of struggle against a diabetes

In Tula will pass a joint concert of an orchestra « the Clear glade » and bayan player Yury Shishkin

Dee - dzhej « Hit FM » has been found dead in the garage

Voronezh " the Snow-storm " again has conceded Petersburg HK " the Navy - 2 "

In Tver, probably, soon there will be a centre " Bases of orthodox culture "

In Ekaterinburg the prices on « fall; vtorichku »

For a year the quantity of cases of furiousness of animals has doubled

Many enterprises of small-scale business in Moldova do not work

The past days in Tver small pilferers

Military bases of the NATO and ODKB will complicate zhisz to Kyrgyzstan

In Novosibirsk the order of assignment of a rank « is confirmed; the Honourable art worker »

The Samara motorists yet do not notice new signs in city centre

Malevich`s picture was sold by auction for 60 million dollars

Medvedev has met « to traditional exporters »

In Estonia do not love women?

Drunk teenagers obokrali native school in Average Ural Mountains

The Don militiaman has refused a bribe

Ministry of Economics - ipeshnikam: the preferential mode comes to an end!

In Voronezh have pronounced a sentence to the murderer of the girl

The young organist goes to Ulyanovsk

Pirates have written to Russia the letter on behalf of crew « Fainy »

The summit Russia - EU will discuss Dmitry Medvedev`s initiatives