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In seven regions of Russia from - for a bad weather there is light

Burjanadze has declared that the present power of Georgia offends the people

Saakashvilis and Kachinsky have fired

The Tver car-building factory has defeated the competition, starting in the spring of 2008

Participants of summit ATES in Peru hold last session

Russia has begun work on Russian - to the Chinese plan

South Ossetia did not attack trains of presidents of Poland and Georgia

In Petersburg will show an opera about the Somali pirates

The Krasnoyarsk citizen has created the instruction how to disappear from court enforcement officers

In Khabarovsk the actions devoted to Day of mother

Dmitry Medvedev has spent in Peru a number of bilateral meetings

Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid were defined with elections

More than 50 percent working novosibirtsev have passed additional prophylactic medical examination

Russia can convince the USA to refuse ABM placing in Europe

Krasnoyarsk citizens will free of charge look at performances of leading ballet dancers

The Amur official has got on the counterfeit diploma

Under their data, despite some decrease in disease by a syphilis on republic: with 32,7 in 2006 to 25,6 in 2007 - m on 100 thousand population, its level remains high. " growth bears to it nejrosifilisa (from 1 case in 1995 to 16 cases in 2007-) and constant check in of a congenital syphilis (22 cases in 2007). Besides, growth of heavy forms dermatozov " is marked; - it is told in the message.


As employees of a clinic mark, Kyrgyzstan belongs to number of the countries with rather high level of disease of infections, sexually transmitted (IPPP), and infectious skin diseases.


For discussion of problems in the given branch and ways of their decision on November, 25th will take place scientifically - practical conference in which clinical interns, dermatovenerologi and experts of groups of family doctors from Chujsky area will take part.  

Nearby 12. 00   the driver of a hatchback of Toyota together with the wife and the mother-in-law went from Wood towards capital of Ural Mountains. The married couple carried the mother-in-law on a train, the woman   wanted to spend holiday at relatives in Belarus. Thus on wet asphalt   the driver went with the put speed. Unexpectedly   the car has sharply incurred in a ditch through the left number. Some times   the foreign car perekuvyrknulas, has flown over a ravine and roads have fallen in wood nearby. As the driver,   has explained; at   cars were punched by the left forward wheel.

Only by a lucky chance in   road accident nobody was lost - all have been fastened by belts, besides have helped and   the worked pillows of security. The driver and his wife sitting on forward seats,   have got off only with a fright, have told in UGIBDD   Ekaterinburg. Traumas has received only 68 - the summer mother-in-law. The woman,   Going on a back seat of a foreign car, has hit a head about back lateral glass.   with concussion of a brain it have taken away in nevjanskuju hospital, whence after rendering of its medical aid   have released home.

Itself   the foreign car has appeared is broken so that to restoration is not subject.

In Moscow the elements

Match BATE - Zenith: on the October area and near the Palace of sports will not show!

As they said, a competition overall objective - search and support of young talents in Kyrgyzstan, strengthening of the international relations through art, and also an establishment of intercultural dialogue between adults and children.


As clubmen mark, children can take part in competition at the age from 6 till 15 years, without dependence from a residence. " competition subjects are wide, simple and eternal: " My family " " My country " and " My future ". Technics and quantity of drawings can be any. Drawings should not be executed at a lesson and cannot be copies already existing. " the sum of prizes depending on a place occupied in competition, will make from 5 to 10 thousand catfishes, and the general prize fund - 402 thousand catfishes. The computer and the printer in cost about 30 thousand catfishes becomes the main prize. Besides, incentive prizes for teachers " are provided; - add in club.


According to representatives of the organisation, the further destiny of the children`s drawings presented on competition is interesting - they will be seen by the whole world: the edition of the book, booklets, cards, calendars is planned; exhibitions in the Museum of Modern Art in Bishkek, in Antalia, Norway, Dubai. Results will be declared from February, 1 till February, 28th, 2009.

At the same time the head of Open Society ascertained that " reduction of the over-expenditure of a limit of current consumption " is observed;. According to Talanta Raimzhanova, " it is not necessary to speak about universal observance of a limit by consumers, but there is an insignificant updating towards consumption reduction ".


As the general director " underlines; Severelektro " " controllers of Open Society almost round the clock work on sites to elicit the facts of autocratic connection of subscribers to system ".


According to Talent of Raimzhanova, " mass autocratic connection is fixed in new buildings of a city of Bishkek ". In this connection Open Society spends spot-checks at night when the number of unapproved connections increases.


According to head " Severelektro " forthcoming week address disconnects of consumers in those areas which do not observe a power consumption limit will proceed.


Meanwhile as informs a press - Open Society service " Power plants " a water level in an alignment Toktogulsky   HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION for the past days has made   856,89 metres, volume for November, 24th, 2008 - 9   billions 69,78   one million cubic metre. During the same period 2007 - go the water volume made 12 billion 665 million cubes, a water level mark - 873,54 metres. Inflow makes 152 cubic metre second, the expense - 339 cubes.


Work of capital thermal power station passes in a regular mode. In work seven coppers and five turbogenerators. Development for days has made 4 million 196 thousand kvtch. At loading 175 MVt.

In Priamure will dismiss almost 500 officials

The goods of 14 Samara enterprises - in " to one hundred best " in Russia

HK " Siberia " has twice suffered defeat on departure

Putin will address to the International conference on questions of the humanitarian right in Peter

In Kozulke the watchman has plundered the shop

In Finland the snow storm has led to breakages of electric mains and problems on transport

In resurrection of Tanja Kozyro has arrived to Belarus

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Russia will answer on offers on the ABM in December

Under wheels legkovushki on a line Tyumen - Ekaterinburg was lost the pedestrian

The transsexual will submit to the European court under human rights on the Latvian state

In children`s homes of the Chelyabinsk area of kids fed from dirty ware

In Tyumen judged tyrants and murderers 14 - the summer schoolgirl

Today Obama declares structure of the « an economic team »

Lawyers of the chief of Sverdlovsk Gosstrojnadzora have appealed against against its arrest

Norway has refused to buy the Swedish fighters Jas Gripen

Omsk « Avant-guard » has exchanged the player with mytishchinskim « Atlantom »

In Estonia " have cleaned " the Tartusky art museum

In the Chelyabinsk area on a fire three children

Sergey Lavrov: Saakashvili`s Bombardment and Kachinsky - provocation at its finest

Light has already appeared in 54 settlements of Kuban

In Khabarovsk plan to replace a majority election system in gordumu on mixed

Voronezh " the Snow-storm " has lost to the Moscow CSKA - 2

In Kletske demand to file criminal charges upon change of shape of the Blagoveshchensk church

" Ural Mountains " wins on thaw - a break in Ufa

Immigration advice of Sweden has developed the test which will help foreigners to obtain citizenship of the country

In Kanavinsky area since November, 25th the traffic scheme

The Ukrainian hierarch: golodomor - the God`s penalty for sins

" we have a water and while in enough, - has noted Arstanbek Davletkeldiev. - But absence of regional approaches, infrastructures increases volumes of its losses. Whereas in the central Asia it is possible to introduce a drop irrigation, to use renewed energy sources ".


the Special accent on water problems of region is done also by the Tadjik party. Representatives RT also underline that, as well as Kyrgyzstan, are anxious by degradation of the earths, preservation of woods, recycling of a household waste and rehabilitation hvostohranilishch.


" We, as well as Kyrgyzstan, are highland, - the chairman of committee on preservation of the environment at the government of Tajikistan has declared Hursandkul Zikirov. - RT and KR - two stokoobrazujushchih the states. Proceeding from it, we are most of all interested in preservation of glaciers and correct use of water ".