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From - for a fog inhabitants of Volgograd of more days have spent at the Moscow airport

On two million roubles the debts on a salary in Komi

Sverdlovsk students ask to lift grants

On Don debts under the salary were reduced in 4,5 times

27 schools of the Novosibirsk region take part in educational experiment

Novosibirsk anti-fascists have beaten on procession in memory of killed lawyer Stanislav Markelov

On a flea market in Irkutsk cars sell for dollars

Police officers of Ingushetia have asked vzyskatelej to restore documents

The budget of forces of defence of Finland will annually grow on 2 %

Ekaterinburzhets has gained term for pornography distribution

The Saratov football club has reduced the doublers

In the Polar region have denounced « black rieltorov »

For a year products have risen in price for 17,7 %

The Kuzbass urologist traded " sick-lists "

Participants of mass riots in the Latvian capital began to surrender polices [video]

In the Chechen Republic the former militiaman

Dmitry Medvedev: Who counts on cheap gas, that sets up a mine under the economy

In elections of the patriarch

The new patriarch. Delegation from Tatarstan already in Moscow

In Petersburg have covered at once two false exchangers

Lermontov`s inhabitant is denounced for robberies

In Minvody have filed criminal charges against the extortioner

The Lithuanian carried in a stomach cocaine kg

In the Ulyanovsk region should appear more than 15 thousand workplaces

The Mingorispolkom has forbidden picket in support of actions of the president

Factory " IzhAvto " in Izhevsk has started to work a week later, than should

The gift call blokadnikam has appeared not such free

Polls about, a leah are considered by citizens of this or that country of happy, were spent by the international research organisations in 79 states of the world. According to the overwhelming majority of respondents, happiness primary factors - quality of social communications (presence of darling, friends, close relations with relatives) and interesting, fascinating activity. To all examinees asked the same simple question: " a leah you Are happy? " with four variants of the answer: " it is very happy " (4 points), " it is happy enough " " it is More likely happy, than it is unhappy " (3 points), " it is not so happy " (2 points) and " it is absolutely unhappy " (1 point).

the Mean score varies approximately from 2,2 in " the most unfortunate " the countries to 3,6 in " the happiest ". By data for 1998-2000 when 70 countries have been surveyed, in the twenty of the happiest the developed countries, such, as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and a number of the West European states prevailed. Besides, the twenty included also some poor countries: Nigeria, Venezuela, El Salvador, Philippines, Colombia. The twenty of the most unfortunate countries almost completely consisted of the former republics USSR and the countries of the collapsed socialist block.

For the past since then decade (by data for 2007-2008, it is surveyed 79 countries) the situation has a little changed. The separate countries were sotslagerja began to feel themselves much more happily, than 10 years ago, and even have overtaken on this indicator some countries of Western Europe. It, in particular, Georgia (3,15 points), Slovenia (3,14), Russia (3,04), Kyrgyzstan (3,04). These states have outstripped on happiness level such West European countries, as Germany (3,03), Italy (2,98) and Greece (2,97).  

Ring " Ural Mountains - Grejta " will sell by auction

The first quarter 2009, under forecasts, will pass without financial shocks - the Minister of Finance of Komi

Petersburgers assort homeless animals

In Kiznere the man sold deteriorated meat the acquaintance

In the Rostov region became more than the unemployed

For awards to the Voronezh militiamen have allocated 85 million roubles

" If the Ministry of Finance, local self-government institutions does not extinguish the debts it will be heaviest to provide heat and electricity giving because in this cold season it is used coal already on 263 thousand tons more than in the past at current level. With Uzbekistan for the present the contract is not signed, and available volumes " blue fuel " are used only for trouble-free operation maintenance teploelektrotsentrali. From - for absence of money we cannot deliver also demanded volumes of black oil " - Iljas Davidov marks.

the First vitse - the prime minister - minister Iskenderbek Ajdaraliev has exclaimed surprise concerning such interrelation: simultaneously with decrease in volumes of commercial and technical losses the debt receivable grows. " here someone philosophises, and we after all simply take and we will disconnect a knife switch " - the first is surprised vitse - the prime minister - the minister. It has given the task to heads of all power companies, to local authorities to increase a collecting of money resources and to disconnect malicious defaulters, and to a management of the ministries of the industry, power and fuel resources and the finance to understand among themselves on debts of the budgetary organisations.

Quota on attraction of foreign labour to the Irkutsk region this year have reduced to 26 %

In Tula will pass molebny on innocent ubiennym in the beginning of the XX-th century to Cossacks

Norway and Russia develop uniform rules of fishery

The director from Petersburg will go on a film festival to Berlin

In one of the Nizhniy Novgorod banks have caught " lottery affairs " masters

In Murmansk will pass ball of students

Ekaterinburzhtsy to protect the children from pedophiles, patrol streets

vitse - the prime minister: Mass reductions in Belarus will not be!

In Apatity starts youth festival the LINE

The judge has unreasonably refused to legal experts complaint acceptance

The Samara command on mini - to football became the owner of the Cup of the President

Ice has got under way: in Sochi the first contracts on the repayment of the earths

The Chelyabinsk teenager has raped the neigbour in a communal flat

Gang of the Ekaterinburg skinheads the girl

In the Polar region will reduce more than 1000 persons