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Perfect senseless construction

Santiago Kalatrava the architect, no doubt, ingenious, though and not too favourite by modern criticism. It is too beautiful, that it could love today when the modern art has cancelled a beauty category as something not quite decent when it too gets out, it seems to all that there was any awkwardness. But, though also the Hermitage exhibition is improbably beautiful, as breadboard models of Kalatravy it something an average between installation both a jeweller masterpiece, nevertheless architectural exhibitions so are arranged that show not products, and design materials to them. I have decided to go to Valencia to look at one of the main products of Kalatravy a science and art City in nature. And, should tell, I did not have for a long time so waste status, as after that travel.

it is very big complex, the size, say, about the airport " Domodedovo " which consists of four elements the Palace of arts of the queen of Sofia, the Museum of sciences of prince Phillip, a building under the name " Seven-sphere " and the Oceanarium which is made under the project of other architect, Felix Kandely. Three buildings of Kalatravy these are architectural miracles. The palace of arts, actually opera theatre, represents a building which sometimes compare to a mollusc (in sense that it has bowl and different internal hollows), but it has seemed to me more similar to a difficult knightly helmet what liked to do during an epoch of baroque know, when all moves, removed and thus kruglitsja, as the metal safe developing on a romantic wind. Very strange building, and (or bowls) at it on soft places also palm trees grow in helmet apertures. " seven-sphere " It, in general - that, the big eye floating in pool, and at it is an external cover which rises, as an eyelid, and inside a round white pupil. Terribly effective construction which you all time considers, a little meditsinski - surrealistic on poetics. At last, a museum of prince Phillip this thing can be compared to the picked skeleton of the big fish, but it has more reminded me a piece of a huge Gothic cathedral with huge arkbutanami and buttresses which make the main beauty of a gothic style for the people who have been carried away by designs. Felix Kandelu to what do not compare because it it is interesting to whom to compare any Kandelu when a number of Kalatrava.

From these descriptions and all who describes this complex, do it approximately in the same expressions it is clear that these buildings, frankly to tell, on what are not similar, more correctly, less all is similar to buildings. They are beautiful, but it is specific enough beauty. Would be most correct than it to name beauty ekorshe (a human body with the removed skin) when all muscles and bones are visible that is very convenient for anatomy studying. Artists while they still were able to draw, instead of were engaged in what now, often drew ekorshe for the best explanation of a human plasticity, and in it there was a beauty, though and a little perversivnogo properties. Boris Akunina has a novel " the Set dresser " narrating about Jack Potroshitele as the Russian citizen, and so there the hero, having cut the victim, started to stack bodies as - that on - new, in more perfect order, partly the composition of Kalatravy reminds this image: separately a skeleton, separately an eye, separately a head with partially opened skull. It is interesting that Akunin used a word " the set dresser " though it is a question not of body dressing external krasivostjami, but about admiration of perfection of its internal device. Kalatravu too it is accepted to reproach with decorative effect Charles Dzhenks, the great critic and the theorist of modern architecture, has carried it for it totally. And it too decorates nothing, and admires more likely, as muscles, a skeleton, sheaves and covers successfully work. I will notice, however, that the architect here to a lesser degree the maniac, than it seems at first sight. The architecture on a broader scale can to all to these admire. Remember, how Mandelshtam Has got hoarse described a gothic style? "... Joyful and the first, / / As is no time Adam, spreading nerves, / / Plays muscles krestovyj the easy arch " and further: " I studied thy monstrous edges ". Edges are located as - that aside from muscles and nerves which also independently strain, it is joyful poigryvaja itself. Reminds a meat number in the market, where with bones and #150 a little; on 300 roubles, and pulp on 450.

But the most amazing another here is. Means, so. The opera does not work. It both have opened last year, and have closed on completion. " seven-sphere " too does not work. More correctly, it should work as a planetarium but while there only show spherical cinema and as on it go it too do not show a little. The museum of prince Phillip works only.

it is a science museum. When two years ago at us the history with reconstruction of the Polytechnical museum has begun, president Dmitry Medvedev was expressed in the sense that well of it to make a science museum. It is the first and unique case when I absolutely sincerely was glad that Vladimir Putin has returned also all has managed. Because more idiotic invention it is impossible to imagine.

There in huge space are put such, as though to tell, shields, and in them are studied the scientific phenomena but so that to be closer to people. For example, a bicycle wheel and nearby a chair on a turning leg and if to untwist a wheel, and then it to take in hands for an axis and to incline in a horizontal plane it rotates in one party, and you on a chair start to turn in the opposite. But very slowly, because you weigh more wheels. So people comprehend that force of action is equal to force of counteraction. Or there still there is a pavilion where different soft sofas, and in them vshity koltuny and cones and when on them you will sit down or you will lay down on the monitor it is possible to see how the backbone is incorrectly bent. So people in practice comprehend that it is necessary to choose with mind to itself a spring mattress for what I am am called a week by Valentine Dikul on starting page " Yandex ". Still there it is possible to jump up, and thy weight will be fixed at the moment of a landing and then after it, and it will be different. So people in practice comprehend that if much to jump, will weigh more, or I do not know that they wanted to tell this almost unnecessary device.

and all it is made as - that is underlined halturno, quickly, of any cellophane, the plastic, some pavilions are glued by an adhesive tape, and it has come unstuck and has become dusty for a long time already well know its this manner. Which stands from the cut out journal pictures, and such unsightly, type " - where meet; the Science and life " well it is equal as if the visual aid from our office of chemistry which we with the friend the Bear in the childhood glued after lessons for spitting in Anku and Marinku a crumpled paper from a tubule. Directly you go and you think, here after all a grief what. Such big building have constructed and at all do not know what for.

in general if to remember, as an opera neznamo what for have constructed, and " Seven-sphere " too, it becomes absolutely bad. Because all this invention it, in effect, a huge temple complex of modern values, sciences and arts. And temples are constructed, but to fill them there is nothing. And from - for it and temples seem senseless, and on a broader scale anything from value of the present does not remain one huge still-life from prozektorskoj.

And business was so. In 1991 city authorities of Bilbao have concluded the contract from Muzeem Guggenhajma about building there a museum, and architect Frenk Geri has designed it, and by 1997 it have constructed. Money for it the federal government, because gave Bilbao the big city of Baskonii, and Basques such people that they, in - the first, have suffered from Ex, in - the second on a broader scale would like to separate from Spain, and in - the third at them also terrorists. And that all it was not, the government has given them many money, and now it became valid as - that better. But in 1996, after re-elections, the authorities of Valencia have started to take offence very much, in that sense that Valencia too when - that was the separate state, and they not separatnichajut, do not revolt, though could, and here one everything, and another of anything. And to it too distances of money, and they then have solved instead of a television tower which have begun was to project on this place, to construct all it. And as competition on a television tower has won Kalatrava, to all other also the native of Valencia it and has received the new order. But that did not speak then as if Kalatrava as Zurab Tsereteli, takes away to itself all orders, for last part of a complex, the Oceanarium, have called this Kandelu as though Tsereteli with Franguljanom also has turned out. But in Bilbao artful Basques have thought what a little to construct a museum, it is necessary to fill still it with something, and have concluded from Muzeem Guggenhajma the contract on regular replenishment of a museum by contents. And in Valencia about it have forgotten and now do not know what to do.

It is instructive history for all who speaks about effect of Bilbao. About it at us speak much. That in Perm, in Tver in Kaliningrad in Vladikavkaz from time to time there is a desire something such to construct and by that to repeat effect of Bilbao. Valencia the first attempt of repetition of this effect, and on a broader scale - when there it appear, you understand that repetition such is impossible.

Here there is a vital issue. The architect who has constructed absolutely senseless construction can be considered good and ingenious? The different points of view are possible. I consider so.

the Architect this such being which by the nature aspires to create something strange for another`s money because the in such quantity at it do not happen. But it is difficult for making, because buildings have a limited feature set, and absolutely different it is impossible to make them. The house is similar to the house, shop on shop, and office on office. The feast arises when function is not present on a broader scale and then it is possible to construct a building similar to a stub, a skull of a mammoth or a tooth-brush. It not always turns out so beautifully as at Kalatravy, but it is always remembered. But building of a building without function it is a rarity because usually there are any people who start to stick to talent with questions, you that a reptile, do - that? You on what have spent another`s billion euro?

a unique exit for geniuses in this case to deceive any avtokrata from Third World country that he has fallen in love with a mad plan, has considered as its and then already the people sticking to talent with questions, do not arise. Look, say, at Astana it all is built up by such enchanting objects with not clear functions. But I consider that the architect who here so plants the people groaning under a heel avtokraticheskogo of the head, cannot be considered good and ingenious. To the contrary, he should explain avtokratu that it is necessary to make something such useful to people we will tell, to construct cottages for middle class cultivation, courts for independence of justice, well and so on.

But here when to such people as Kalatrava, is possible to dissolve the democratic countries on the same senseless action, using their complexes of tolerance and respect for national minorities, it, I consider, on - to the present is ingenious. In - the first because it is much more difficult. And in - the second because in these democratic countries and so all is under construction on mind, and from - for it such objects are very rare. And a rarity one of the main preconditions of value.

so glory of Kalatrave, and correctly him have invited to do at us an exhibition. As to quite democratic European country such object and #150 is simply necessary for us; in Skolkovo, for example, on island Russian, in the Big Moscow or to the World championship on football.

St.-Petersburg, the State Hermitage, till September, 30th