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In Petersburg and area there will be new streets

In November Byelorussians began to live worse, further forecasts too do not please

The Norwegian archeologists have made the next opening

In the Ulyanovsk region Deputies ZS have confirmed a nominee of the senator

Permjak has beaten the stepson from - for the television panel

In Nizhni Tagil passengers have beaten security guards accompanying an electric train

The guest worker from Tajikistan has raped and nearly the Citizen of Tajikistan Firuz Azimov has not killed the daughter of the employer

Voronezh " the Snow-storm " has lost Chekhovian " to the Hero - 2 "

Radio « Adam » - now in media group « the Center »

In Tolyatti a hand of the two-year girl has tightened in a meat grinder

The embassy of Russia in Estonia asserts that the information on its refusal to take part in a reinterment of the Soviet soldiers does not represent the facts

The funeral procession with Alex`s coffin II waits a funeral of him

Krasnoyarsk " the Lump " promise to revive in January of next year

To schoolboys have allowed to disassemble Kalashnikov`s automatic machine

On courses of drivers will type only after inspection at the expert in narcology

« Baikal - Energy » will spend the following game with the command « the Beacon » from Krasnoturyinsk

The church does not hurry up to recognise the imperial remains found near Ekaterinburg

To talented youth of the Chelyabinsk area will hand over awards

In Omsk « Avant-guard » from « Atlanta » forward Dmitry Vlasenkov

As it is marked in the document, the general excess of expenses over republic incomes has made 4 billion 621,8 million catfishes. The deficiency part is covered for the bill grantovyh means for the sum of 1 billion 480,4 million catfishes, another - at the expense of external loans. In 2007 they have made 211,2 million catfishes that below level 2006 - go on 262,3 million catfishes, or for 44,6 percent, is told in the report.

As a whole for 2007 the profitable part of the republican budget is increased on 5 billion 470,8 million catfishes, or by 20,9 percent. Expenses have increased on 4 billion 148,4 million catfishes, or for 12,9 percent.

All in the republican budget has arrived 34 billion 429,7 million catfishes (taking into account special means), or 98,8 percent from the planned. From nedopostupivshih 366,2 million means is a default by budgetary establishments of the forecast on special means, 258 million - not received incomes of sale of actions and state ownership privatisation.

by National bank of the Kirghiz Republic in 2007 it is transferred into the budget of 289,6 million catfishes that more low, than in 2006 - m, on 52,7 million catfishes.

Tax revenues in state incomes have made 74,6 percent - 23 billion 266 million catfishes (the forecast is exceeded for 0,8 percent). Relative density to gross national product was defined at level of 16,6 percent that for 1,4 percent above, than in 2006 - m.

Nenalogovye have made 6 billion 139,8 million catfishes, occupying in structure of aggregate profits of 19,7 percent. In comparison with 2006 - m they have increased by 68,7 percent, or on 2,5 billion catfishes. In structure nenalogovyh over 50 percent occupy special means of the budgetary establishments which volume has reached 3 billion 76,1 million catfishes, or 89,4 percent.  

In the report it is said that overpayment growth under taxes concerning 2006 on 369,4 million catfishes, or for 15,4 percent, made for January, 1st, 2008 of 2 billion 765,3 million catfishes is noted. From this sum on advance payments it is necessary 334,7 million catfishes and on the overpayment not compensated in 2007 under the tax to the added cost - 308,4 million catfishes.  

In the report it is noticed that results of audit by Audit Chamber KR about execution of the republican budget for 2007 have shown that in 2007 - m are not in full executed recommendations of the joint venture by results of audit of the republican budget for 2006 - j.

The main fur-tree of Kuban has gone to growth

In Tver will award exceptional children

In 2008 the Voronezh builders have put into operation twice less houses, than have planned

" gas Cost increases every year. If at first it made $45, then $100 in 2008 we bought it already on $145. Now, probably, the price will make $280 for 1 thousand cubic metre " - Iljas Davidov has told, having added that in the near future the governmental delegation KR will take off for Tashkent for negotiations with the Uzbek colleagues.


the Minister also has reminded that, according to the interstate agreement reached between presidents RUz and KR at summit SHOS, Uzbekistan was obliged to provide uninterrupted delivery in KR 150 tons " blue fuel " in the beginning of 2009.


Later in interview news agency " 24. kg " Iljas Davidov has underlined that about at what cost Uzbekistan will sell gas to Kyrgyzstan, to speak early. " the Price will be formed during our negotiations in Tashkent, but I think that in connection with fall   oil costs in the world markets the price for gas too not much more, but will decrease " - the minister has added.

The Don militia has established a name of the person who has blown up the house in settlement Sholohovsky

The mourning train with a body of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia has arrived to the Bogojavlensky cathedral

In Astrakhan sold poor-quality pelmeni

Young Kuzbass families can get habitation

In Prikamye for bad repair of roads have fined 70 persons

In Ekaterinburg will choose most « New Year`s » office

Light-emitting diode nested dolls please kuzbassovtsev

Candidates for the Rostov militiamen will be checked on the lie detector

The Rostov farmer has begun hunger-strike near the Government of the Russian Federation

Inhabitants of Krasnoglinsky area warn about " telephone " swindlers

the Official, sounding preliminary results of investigation of the tragedy which have occurred on August, 24th, 2008, has underlined that leading of results is tightened from - for failure in airborne recorders - there is no record of last 13 seconds of fatal flight " the Boeing - 737 ". But besides it, Alexander Astionov, to the data " has noted; black boxes " according to the standard rules, documents are applied, and each recorder needs the separate sample. Errors which can arise at decoding " in detail undersign for them manufacturer; a black box ".

But as Alexander Astionov has told, during the investigation of the air crash reasons " the Boeing - 737 " the companies " Itek ejr " it was found out that necessary documents to airborne recorders have not appeared. More precisely, similar papers were, but did not approach to concrete " to black boxes ". " We so believe that these documents at " the Boeing - 737 " it was not primary " - Alexander Astionov has noticed.

As a result, the head of Department of civil aircraft summarised, the Kirghiz party is urged to be converted to liner manufacturer into the USA for carrying out of so-called mathematical modelling of flight notorious " the Boeing - 737 ". The given procedure, according to Alexander Astionova, has begun only last week, on December, 5th.

Here the official has reminded that monthly term during which the commission of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) in Moscow should present the results of investigation on December, 15th comes to an end. In America the authorised representative of National bureau of investigations of the USA Robert Venson is engaged in finding-out of the reasons of the given tragedy.

we Will remind that the plane " the Boeing - 737 " belonging to airline " Itek ejr " carried out flight of the Iranian airline " Asseman ejr " on a route Bishkek - Teheran on August, 24th, 2008. In some minutes after soar the crew has requested a crash landing, but has not reached a landing strip of the airport " Manas ". The liner has failed near to village Dzhany - Dzher and has lighted up. Onboard there were 90 persons - 83 passengers and seven crewmen. 67 persons - citizens KR, Iran, Kazakhstan, China and Canada - were lost.

Nikolay Vinnichenko is appointed by the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Uralsk federal district

Almost for a year of the price in the Volgograd region have grown up on 11 %

" SHinnik " fans " have fined on 265 thousand roubles

In Pyatigorsk survey public toilets

The complaint of the denounced OMON FIGHTERS will consider on Kuban

The Novokuznetsk mine is fined for infringements

« the Ural airlines » have sent tourists to Dubai on faulty They be 154

Officials will answer questions ufimtsev

Vsevolod Chaplin: Metropolitan Cyril did not faint at burial-service of the patriarch

Novosibirsk GAI officers have rescued a family from a fire

The Tver regional officials have reported about the done work

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II is buried in the Bogojavlensky cathedral

In Samara have closed a street site It is new - Garden

In Tula will pass a children`s regional film festival

In Irkutsk have found out the reason of constant disconnect of light in private houses