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Tomorrow in Chelyabinsk will celebrate 40 years of sport school Skoblikovoj

In Bishkek on a city dump daily arrives to 1 thousand tons of garbage

Terrorists demand negotiations with the government

The real volume of sewing manufacture in Kyrgyzstan makes to 20 billion catfishes a year

In Kabardino - Balkarii will construct the Center of preparation of professional football players

Our reserves again thaw

100 women have written the letter to the president

Developers of the Concept divide youth into three conditional target groups of a state policy. The first - independent and socially - an active part of citizens from 14 till 35 years. It, as is supposed, can solve the problems and is ready to participate in managerial processes. The second - independent, but socially - passive group. It, according to developers of the Concept, the most numerous. The third includes group of risk and a vulnerable part of youth, and also the young citizens focused on various kinds of the protest.

the Youth policy of the state as it is supposed, should contribute in formation and development of new generation of active citizens. It is supposed that in Kyrgyzstan the system " will be developed; social lifts " to be carried out support of initiatives on involving young in socially - economic, political and cultural life of societies, to be taken other measures. The youth as it is marked, should feel the state partner.

the Concept, according to its developers, has been initiated not by the state, and " from below " - the young citizens of Kyrgyzstan interested in increase of their role in life of the country and development of the state.  

According to the sounded data, the youth most part lives in southern areas of Kyrgyzstan. However, on supervision of other participants of a meeting, the real situation differs from official figures. In countryside, as they said, the youth practically is not present. The majority of young citizens or have got over in capital of Kyrgyzstan, or have left to Russia or Kazakhstan.


According to developers of the project of the Concept, the state youth policy could not realise to the full the aims laid down for it and problems. Probably, because the youth in it has been presented as object, instead of as the participant of processes. The state, in turn, shows interest in creation of a new policy concerning youth. Moreover, the Concept are already ready to consider in Presidential Administration KR then the document can be countenanced the decree of the head of the state. However it is not excluded that the project will be brought for discussion members of parliament.

Thrown by the girl nizhegorodets six times has struck loved by a knife

To the mayor of Ryazan who has brought down to death of two boys, have brought accusation

the New document assumes that management of the pastures, which area in KR makes almost 9 million hectares, is passed completely to local self-government institutions and citizens - to farmers and cattle breeders. As the head of Ministry of Agriculture KR Arstanbek Nogoev has told, local residents can generate associations pastbishchepolzovatelej (OPP) as which executive office the structure under the name zhajyt committee will act. It will work together with local state administrations, and among its duties - development of five years` and annual plans on use of pastures, and also fund raising for vypas cattle.


By the way, rent of grounds will be carried out under special pasturable tickets which will stand out to citizens for 5 years. The size of payment, according to Arstanbeka Nogoeva, regional self-government institutions together with deputies local keneshej can establish independently depending on a livestock of cattle and from its kind. " we offer them as the base rate nearby 20 - 30 catfishes for one animal " - the minister has added, having underlined that all means will arrive in the local budget and to be used for rehabilitation and improvement of pastures. Here Arstanbek Nogoev has added that foreign donors are ready to allocate to $24 million republic for development of pastures in case of acceptance of the given bill.


As to the citizens already now renting small sites of pastures, that, Arstanbek Nogoev has explained, the right of use selhozugodijami behind them will be saved. The tenant should get the above-named pasturable ticket only. Thus it is forbidden to hand over a pasture in subrent.


Most of all disputes among deputies has called point on granting of pastures of republic in using to foreign citizens. According to the government version, it was offered to allow to inhabitants of the next states to use grounds on the basis of interstate and intergovernmental agreements. However parliamentary committees on regional development and local government and on zemelno - to agrarian questions and ecology have not supported the given offer.


However many deputies have disagreed with a similar variant, having supported the permission to citizens of the near abroad vypasat the cattle on pastures KR in the presence of the corresponding intergovernmental agreements ratified by parliament of the country, and in case of presence of not used grounds.


the Bill " About pastures " with offers of deputies it is sent to completion in committees Zhogorku Kenesha for its subsequent consideration in the second reading.

Samartsy can fly to Moscow new flight

WELL - NANOSECOND: the Coalition agreement is not signed yet

In Ulyanovsk the forum " will open; Career in Russia "

The Tver schoolboys fought a wall on a wall

Four victims in failure on the Tallinn highway were passengers of a minibus

The Uhtinsky student is accused of fulfilment of actions of Antisemitic character

In Kyrgyzstan last years the sharp increase in cases of refusal of parents from children

The head of administration of the Central area Alexander Novikov has got on « recoil »

Inhabitants of Leningrad region the transport tax will pay on - new

Kuban molochniki in shock - milk can cease to be milk

The monument to the great Russian poet in capital of Latvia can become " the hostage "

« Fainu » will release in a week or two

In Voronezh the guy has forgiven the African students who have beaten him

Uljanovets has got to prison for " straw "

The Latvian minister sees in fascists of heroes

About UdGU the guy has snatched with a knife on the passer-by

Nizhegorodets has got drunk to the broken foot

The ring from a finger tverichanki was removed by rescuers

In Sengilee opens new FOK

In Kishinev has opened moldo - the Latvian exhibition

Swimmers from Komi will protect honour of Russia in the European championship

Three hundred Russian students will arrive to Tyumen on a forum

In 2008 in the Ulyanovsk region have revealed 200 corruption crimes

The North Ossetia customs officers have stopped import of illicit Georgian tea

In Kyrgyzstan deputies of parliament of the country have decided to toughen requirements for interested persons to become notaries

The house in Starokonjushennom has failed because of the building company

House matches in a following season " SHinnik " will spend not in Yaroslavl

In the Kirov region the GAI officer suspect of excess of powers

The daughter - in-law has reserved murder of the mother-in-law

In Mines there will be three big sport centres

The author « has died; the Ship of fools » Vitautas Petkjavichjus

Diet of Lithuania there begins the work with deprivation of accreditation of active journalists

The campaign with the child in theatre on New Year`s Eve will manage syktyvkartsam in 120 - 300 roubles

In Tolyatti have illegally constructed a children`s playground

The veterinary surgeon learnt the son on money vetlechebnitsy

In capital Komi it is exceeded epidporog diseases ORVI among children till two years

Next year in Tver will be closed about twenty mini - the markets

In Ekaterinburg has earned « a hot line » for guest workers