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Yury Budanov killed for " group "

Yesterday the main investigatory management SKR across Moscow has finished the basic investigatory actions on a sensational case about murder eks - colonel Yury Budanov. Charge in definitive edition has been shown the native of the Chechen Republic by Jusupu Temirhanovu. According to the investigation, it has finished with the victim because abhored all social group of military men to which mister Budanov belonged. Defenders accused with it do not agree.
According to sources " " yesterday the inspector of GSU SKR across Moscow has taken out two decisions which have actually summed up to investigation of the resonant murder made on June, 10th of last year on the Komsomol prospectus in Moscow.

the first of them has changed till now biographical particulars of the main thing appearing in criminal case and the only thing accused: The native of the Chechen Republic Magomed Sulejmanov has been recognised by a consequence Jusupom Temirhanovym and will go to court with these a name and a surname. Accusation in new and definitive edition has been brought with the second decision to Temirhanovu. According to this document, the Chechen has killed the former colonel " on motives of political, ideological, racial, national or religious hatred or enmity or on motives of hatred or enmity concerning any social group " (item 105 ch. 2 items " l " the criminal code of Russian Federation). Besides, to it incriminated weapon illegal circulation (item 222 UK).

As have explained " " the sources close to investigation, the named motive of murder hatred accused to social group of military men has appeared at a consequence in the course of an establishment of biographical particulars of Temirhanova.

we Will remind that the arrested person in August of last year for Yury Budanov`s murder the Chechen the fault did not recognise and evidence refused, referring on 51 - ju the Constitution article, allowing not to bear against itself. Despite it, the consequence managed to collect the proof of its participation in murder. So, for example, in salon of white Mitsubishi Lancer on which the killer has disappeared from a scene of crime (it tried to burn the car, but fire has faded), besides a pistol sun glasses with potozhirovymi vydelenijami accused and broshjurka skanvordov with a print of its finger on a glossy cover have been found out. The executor have identified and some witnesses, appeared in the afternoon on June, 10th at house N38 under the Komsomol prospectus near which there was a murder. However in a chain of the proofs collected by a consequence until recently there was no main link motive of murder. Accused as it was found out, was not a sign with the future victim, their ways were not crossed neither during operations in the Chechen Republic, nor in Moscow where both lived last years. Primary assumptions of a consequence that the well-founded and authoritative Chechen has agreed on murder by request or " looked doubtful also; to the request of the unstated person " as it officially declared in SKR.

In search of motive the consequence also undertook to check the adjusting data of the Chechen, initially seemed the suspicious. The matter is that the passport addressed to Magomeda Sulejmanova with whom have detained the suspect, has been written out in department of militia of the Chechen city of Arguna in 1997. During operations all initial data under this document has been lost, therefore to define its authenticity it was not possible. Accordingly, also the person of the most accused until recently remained undecided. To meet this lack, participants operatively - an investigation team of GSU SKR of Moscow and Moscow criminal investigation department some times left in business trips to the Chechen Republic.

as a result searches have resulted rassledovatelej in village Geldagen of Kurchaloevsky area where prospective relatives accused and #150, according to the investigation, lived; mother, the brother and the uncle. There were However, they not Sulejmanovymi, and Temirhanovymi.

Policemen planned to meet them, to take samples of DNA and to carry out the corresponding analysis, however to make it it was not possible. Detectives have found only the empty house of a family in which samples of a biomaterial and #150 have collected; hair from combs, clothes with traces potozhirovyh vydeleny and so forth After comparison brought from the Chechen Republic " veshchdokov " with the biotests taken at most accused, the conclusion that it actually Temirhanov, instead of Sulejmanov also has been drawn. Operatively - the investigatory way had been established also other data on the suspect.

Thanks to the spent identification of the person the consequence had also a motive of a crime. As neighbours of Temirhanovyh, the elderly father accused have explained to the sent field investigators even during the first Chechen war has been stirred brutally up by unstated people in the military form it have alive burnt in a building change house. Searches of a tomb killed besides have not given results, however and those actions which managed to be spent, have allowed a consequence to assert that Temirhanov - younger tested since then hatred to all military men. The anger it, obviously, has vented on eks - colonel Budanov who did not have the direct relation to  destruction of the father, but become for Chechens some kind of an embodiment of all crimes made by federal soldiers in the Chechen campaigns. There was it after the commander 160 - go a tank regiment Yury Budanov has been sentenced by Severo - the Caucasian district military court to a ten years` imprisonment term for murder of Chechen girl Elzy Kungaevoj which he considered snajpershej the Chechen insurgents.

in the near future SKR officially declares an end of the investigation on a sensational case then accused and its protection will start acquaintance with business materials. With business will be acquainted both victims the widow and Yury Budanov`s son. While they abstain from comments.

defenders of accused Temirhanova with conclusions of the investigation do not agree, believing that the put forward motive of murder of Yury Budanov is unpersuasive. " to draw such conclusions, it is necessary to possess uncommon imagination and imagination " lawyer Temirhanova Valentine Varkentin has noted. When business will be passed in court, defenders plan to declare the petition for its consideration with participation of jurymen.