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Our person will not take offence

the State Duma has deprived yesterday of parliamentary immunity of communist Vladimir Bessonov, having allowed investigatory committee to bring against the deputy criminal case for " application of violence concerning the representative of the power ". The consent to it was given by fractions " an United Russia " and LDPR. Communists and spravorossy have hardened in the view that the power leaves for legal frameworks, instituting criminal proceedings deputies " for realisation of political deputy activity ".
to Petition for deprivation of deputy immunity before members of parliament the State Office of Public Prosecutor has the right only. Therefore the essence of the request to Duma members was stated yesterday zamgenprokurora by Alexander Buksman. As he said, on December, 2nd, 2011 in Rostov-on-Don communist Vladimir Bessons who then was the deputy of regional parliament and the candidate of the State Duma, has appeared among organizers of unapproved meeting and has shown resistance to workers of police, when those tried to stop the action (see " " from June, 19th and 20). Moreover, as explained zamgenprokurora, resisting serially two policemen both #150; to Oleg Misheninu and Anton Grachev, the deputy it " has struck blow to the person " having hurt thus " a uniform status ". As a result, as mister Buksman, " has informed; at workers of police physical injuries with easy frustration of health that is regarded as a tresspass to health " have been ascertained;. Mister Buksman has concluded that they specify in presence of signs of the crime provided by article 318 UK " Application of violence concerning the representative of the power ". And that inspectors could spend " remedial actions " with the deputy, the public prosecutor also has asked Duma members to deprive of Vladimir Bessonov`s parliamentary immunity.

in turn, the communist has told to chamber that on December, 2nd there passed at all meeting, and a meeting of deputies with voters. The meeting on the square of Advice originally prepared, but goradministratsija has refused to satisfy the demand, having informed that the area is already occupied by a certain citizen who has made an application already on November, 8th (to submit the notification message are possible for 10 - 15 days).

Communists have considered the demand lawful. On December, 2nd they have come on the area of Advice, but it has been fenced " an iron fence behind which fur-trees " ostensibly were on sale;. Therefore it has been solved through road from the area to arrange a meeting of deputies with voters at office of plenipotentiary representation of the president. Two deputies of the State Duma, four deputies of the Rostov parliament participated in a meeting and " 17 candidates of the State Duma from five parties ". Action, according to mister Bessonov, " approached end when workers of law enforcement bodies have broken to zvukousilivajushchej to equipment, have started to pull out wires ". Has caused a stir in it " colonel Grachev, having incited voters against itself ". Mister Bessons has been urged " to constrain a mutual pressure from outside pravoohranitelej and from outside rostovchan ". Any " harm to health " for colonel Grachev it has not turned back. Communist Bessons asserts that on December, 10th has met mister Grachev on " the March not consent " and, having found out in it " the black eye, has taken an interest, what`s happened ". That has explained that is engaged " hand-to-hand fight also was traumatised in sports hall ". In summary the deputy has warned that colleagues " are witnesses of prosecution of the deputy for its political activity ".

However, for the Duma committee on regulations arguments of the deputy have not seemed the convincing. The head of committee United Russia party member Ildar Gabdrahmanov has recommended to chamber " to agree to inviolability deprivation, but only regarding criminal case excitation ". It, according to mister Gabdrahmanova, on the one hand, " will allow to make detailed investigation, and on the other hand, will create for deputy Bessonov possibility in full to protect the rights ". To such decision the committee has come after has familiarised with conclusions of working deputy group, which has gone to Rostov-on-Don to understand with incident (see " " from July, 5th). Having familiarised with video data, the working group, in particular, has fixed only " a wave of a hand of Bessonov " without having found out shots with blows which were put by the deputy.

" On that video record it is obviously visible, as blows to police officers are struck, but to Vladimir Bessonov it is the direct relation has no " the head of working group United Russia party member Vladimir Vasilev has told to Duma members. According to the deputy - communist Yury Sinelshchikova (it is included also into working group), Anton Grachev in the official report has reported on December, 2nd on the heads: " At suppression of illegal actions the unknown man with the almuce which has been put on a head, has caused physical injuries ". Besides, the communist has informed that in the medical inquiry which was received on December, 2nd by victim Grachev, is specified: " according to the patient it is beaten by unknown persons ". But already on December, 5th Anton Grachev has written the new application in which informs: " I could not understand at once, who struck to me blows. However has then remembered that blow in area of the person has put me Bessons ". Yury Sinelnikov has declared that " There is no the sufficient data specifying in signs of a crime in actions of Bessonov ". Therefore he is assured that " it is impossible to agree to excitation of criminal case concerning deputy Bessonov ".

And the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has told to the communist: " we Love, we remember, we grieve ". Were solidary with communists and spravorossy. " the Farce needs to be stopped and on it to finish " Svetlana Gorjacheva has advised. And Elena Mizulina has noticed that from law enforcement bodies in Rostov " counteraction attempt just to deputies " is carried out;. But vitse - the speaker from " an United Russia " Sergey Zheleznjak has reminded deputies that voters " have entrusted them very important function to pass laws ". Therefore Duma members as the mister considers Iron ore, " should be legislative ".

For deprivation of immunity of the communist 281 deputy and #150 has voted; Fractions " an United Russia " and LDPR. Mister Bessons still was the day before confident that " for " United Russia party members and that not all will vote only. Under its data, some United Russia party members were ready to vote against, and " the question could not receive a necessary minimum in 226 voices " but under Andrey Sintsova`s offer from LDPR voting was opened.

to conduct a search in apartment or office of the deputy, to arrest him, and also to pass criminal case in court law enforcement bodies on - former have no right. And how to behave in the relation " calls on interrogation " mister Bessons intends to solve after consultations of party fellows. " to run for inspectors and to prove that I not a camel I do not gather " has declared " " the deputy. " an United Russia " and LDPR, according to the communist, recognising as proved " the forged materials " Which were prepared by a consequence, has given a signal to law-enforcement system: " If with the deputy of the State Duma it is possible so to arrive, with the simple person and for a long time ".