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It all under the law

the State Duma has agreed to enter into the Russian legislation concept " foreign agents ". From giving of United Russia party members so will be called NKO which receive foreign grants and conduct " political activity ". After legal experts have threatened six co-authors of amendments with inclusion in " the list Magnitsky " " an United Russia " has made decision to register in authors of the bill all fraction. For amendments 323 deputies and #150 have voted; more than it is necessary for acceptance of the constitutional laws. The party in power was supported by communists and LDPR.
before the Duma has started to consider yesterday in the first reading the amendments toughening the law about NKO, fraction " an United Russia " has decided to subscribe all structure under the bill. So United Russia party members have reacted to the statement of the head of the Moscow Helsinki group (MHG) Lyudmilas Alekseevoj who has declared that will ask the American and European parliaments to add in " the list Magnitsky " authors " anticonstitutional " the bill. " Lyudmila Mihajlovny`s threats about the complaint to the American authorities, about inclusion in " the list Magnitsky " all authors of the bill look ridiculously, has declared " " a deputy head of fraction " an United Russia " Sergey Zheleznjak. we protect interests of our country, it the (at madam Alekseevoj a dual citizenship both #150; the Russian Federation and the USA. " " ). If she thought that its informer will stop someone, she strongly was mistaken. To disseminate its errors, we have decided to join authors, and now it should spend more time for telegraphy to America ".

And the head of the Duma committee of security Irina Jarovaja who was one of initial authors of amendments, was not kept and has responded " on blackmail, threats and statements of the citizen of the United States of America " already during bill discussion. " we represent interests of Russia " has explained the deputy. Interests NKO which the Moscow Helsinki group, in its representation others concerns also: " Those who upon are NKO, carrying out functions " the foreign agent " they do not challenge that they those are. They do not like the name because it gives accuracy of representation and understanding for citizens ". That " as co-authors almost all members of fraction " have acted; an United Russia " and some deputies from other fractions " as she said, says that the State Duma " to the full protects national interests ". Among podpisantov there were three deputies from LDPR (Maxim Shingarkin, Dmitry Savelyev and Jan Zelinsky) and four deputies who are included formally into fraction " Fair Russia " (Alexey Mitrofanov, Igor Zotov, Nikolay Lakutin and Dzhamaldin Gasanov).

Lyudmila Alekseeva has explained mass signing by United Russia party members of the bill " " that the party tries " to wash away fault of these six deputies ": " Means, all of them - taki are touched also with the international moral condemnation, and impossibility of departure abroad. If the list is accepted, madams Summer and the others will be urged to spend the holidays a maximum in Sochi, instead of in French riviera ". Legal experts understand that " all fraction, the majority of parliament the biggest on country light to bring in not eligible to travel abroad it is unreal ". Therefore madam Alekseeva will be limited only to original authors, and names of the others suggests to publish by name on the Internet, that " then they were tormented by conscience ".

In the State Duma at " an United Russia " which has the majority and could approve of the amendment by own strength (236 deputies), were many allies. Three deputies excluded from fraction " have voted for the bill 55 of 56 deputies from the LDPR; Fair Russia " and 29 from 92 communists. Among them there was party leader Gennady Zyuganov and its first deputy, the first vitse - speaker Ivan Melnikov. Head jursluzhby Vadim Solovev (it too voted for) has explained the Communist Party of the Russian Federation " " that the decision on voting was not rigid, besides communists understand that " the law concept disputable " and it should be changed to the second reading.

at the session on behalf of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation the inconvenient remark has sounded only from Oleg Smolina. It has taken an interest, a leah should declare itself foreign agents of the organisation who spend " a round table on the problems connected with the law on protection of the social rights of invalids ". According to the text of amendments, " political activity " will be considered even " public opinion formation " which can influence the decision of state bodies.

as a whole the fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is disturbed by memoirs on that, " as disorganised our great power, Soviet Union " and revolutions in the Near East about what deputy Vladimir Kashin has told. " for these years to Russia many public organisations have gushed, which do everything to take root into authorities that in hour iks to operate according to instructions which receive from those who finances them " he has declared. Mister Kashin has laid down the aim " to preserve Russia ". " We should work most seriously over strengthening of our state " the communist summarised.

to criticise the bill have dared only in " Fair Russia ". " the Foreign agent sounds as the foreign spy, deputy Ilya Ponomarev has noted. it turns out that any person who participates in any NKO which at least has received one rouble from - for a boundary, from Ukraine, from Kazakhstan, from Azerbaijan, it too the foreign agent, the spy. The one who has written it, not only the candidate in " the list Magnitsky " it gets at once under slander! " mister Ponomarev has estimated links of United Russia party members to the American experience critically: legislation change was required in the USA " in the middle of 30 - h years when it was necessary to struggle with a nazi agency when it was necessary to struggle with communists during a McCarthyism epoch ". In turn, Gennady Gudkov has taken an interest: " And that the Presidential Council under human rights and Public chamber seriously objected to amendments it is normal? All, as they say, the God`s dew? " the head of committee of affairs of public associations Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) has responded that the documents which have arrived from experts were " are overflowed by emotions ".

As a result from 450 deputies for the bill 323 deputies have voted. One has refrained, and more four have voted against spravorossy Dmitry and Gennady Gudkovy, Ivan Grachev and Gennady Nosovko. The others did not participate in voting.

to approve the bill definitively deputies plan till the end of session, that is within a week. Head of the Presidential Council of development of a civil society and human rights Michael Fedotov has declared " " that " while the law is not accepted, to speak about the reference to the president (about veto imposing. " " ) it is premature ". Legal experts will try to convince deputies " to improve " it to the second reading. However, when the amendments toughening the law on meetings were considered, to make it it was not possible.